Monday running update

20140625-122436-44676505Last Week:

  • Monday - DAY OFF -4 5.5 miles, several walks


post-run walking  in Schroon Lake

post-run walking in Schroon Lake

  • Tuesday -walk at work, rest, tennis
AM walk

AM walk

  • Wednesday - 3 mile run before work, walk at work (too busy), yoga (thunderstorm)

so so humid

  • Thursday – 4 3 mile run before work,  walk at work

refreshing – humidity gone


  • Friday – walksat work, rest, mah jongg

walked to lunch and after though I know we didn’t want off those calories

  • Saturday- 5K race + 2 more miles, boating

5k trail race


  • Sunday -rest

This Week:

  • Monday - work at the bar exam, 4 mile run after
  • Tuesday -work at the bar exam, rest
  • Wednesday – 3 mile run before work, walk at work, yoga
  • Thursday – walk at work, staff picnic, 5 mile run
  • Friday-  tennis. hiking (in CT)
  • Saturday – tennis, swimming, dinner out (in CT)
  • Sunday – 5K race + 3 more miles, boating

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?


Post Race Relaxing

Right from my trail race, I headed up to the lake.  I tried to focus on the positives from the race – I didn’t get hurt, I got an age group award, etc.

My hubby was driving up with friends and hadn’t yet arrived at the marina when I got there.

If I had know, I would have run some more miles at the race location.  It was very scenic.

Even though I had lost my running mojo, I decided not to sit around and wait at the marina but run a little more.

So I headed for the Sagamore hotel.

pretty gardens in front

I ran around a little but was tired so headed back to the marina.

On my way, I spotted some people looking at something so I ran over.


a beautiful waterlily garden

I have been running around the Sagamore for the past 7 summers and had never seen this garden. I was mesmerized and took a lot of pics.  I’ll only bore you with a few.


Yes, I love lilies!!


I managed to squeeze in 2 more miles before we headed on the lake to spend the rest of the day.


The forecast was for clouds and possible showers but it turned out to be a beautiful day.


First we hung out in the bay with friends.


Then we went to another island to barbecue with other friends.


Sadly, eventually it was time to head back to the marina. We didn’t stay overnight since storms were predicted.

Happy Running! How was your weekend?  Do you have a favorite flower?


Turning Point 5k race report


Another new race for me. Besides being new for me, it was moved to a new location. (So no reviews to read up on.)

It took place in Hudson Crossing Park, centered around Champlain Canal Lock 5 Island, just north of Schuylerville, on New York State’s Historic Scenic Byway, Route 4.

I passed by the park after the Bacon Hill 5K (which influenced to me to choose this race.)

photo from the triathlon there in June

I was a little nervous about the trail portion.  I had never run a trail race and my last trail run resulted in a fall.

There also weren’t many runners running this race…Would I be last?

The good news was the perfect weather…sunny and not too warm and no rain (just a little humid.)

The race was about an hour from my house.  I got there plenty early.  I picked up my race packet (another cotton tee shirt to give away) and used the rest room (a real one!)

I walked around a bit..what a pretty location.


part of the one of the trails

The race was called the “turning point” because the battle of Saratoga (nearby) was won by the Americans and was the turning point of the American Revolution. (In case you were wondering.)


me & Elisa before the race

Soon I ran into a running friend, Elisa and then a few others that I knew.


the beginning and end of the race

Soon it was time to begin.  They explained the course which sounded very complicated–Down the road and sharp right onto the trails…to the end, turn around and run the same trail back…run another trail and go over a bridge and turn around and then return on that trail but turn off half way to head to the finish.

It turned out that there were volunteers on the course directing runners and it was very easy to follow.


on the grass

part of the trail – runners going both ways

running past the water stop

the bridge

another part of the trail

The course was not easy for me.

I am very clumsy so my plan was to take it easy and make sure I didn’t trip and fall.

That wasn’t a problem because it is hard to run fast on dirt and rocky turf (at least for me).  It was mostly flat with a few hills.  The tricky part were the downhills.  I slowed right down on those.

So I didn’t fall but my competitive self was disturbed by my time.  I was tired quickly.  I walked through the first water stop, then walked several times during the next 2 miles. (only one being up a hill.)

Was it the humidity or the trail or what?  How did I do a half marathon 2 weeks ago if I can’t run a 5k without stopping.

Anyway, my friends were waiting at the finish line and I managed to look good sprinting across it at 30:47.

I can’t remember the last time I finished a 5K over 30 minutes!!! (I think it was after I had surgery on my ankle and hadn’t run for 5 months.) I have run faster with a broken foot and a stress fracture.


we all won medals.–2 firsts, a second and I won third

Even so,  I won in my age group…the perks of a small race and being old.

The refreshments were bananas and granola bars.


mile 1 – 9:40
mile 2 – 9:59
mile 3 – 10:09
.14-    8:15

Race Goals:

  • Run the whole thing. NO. Walked 3-4 times.
  • Not fall and get hurt. YES.
  • Not finish last. YES.
  • Finish under 30 minutes. NO but close.

Still I had fun.  Racing is always fun for me.


But with the cotton tee shirt, the food and the distance to drive, this is the first of my NEW races that I may not repeat. The course was very pretty. I would like to come back and run on it for fun.

Happy Running!  Do you like trail races?


Friday Five: Goals


Every Friday, three DC area bloggers Mary at Mar On the Run, Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! and Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC to host the Friday Five linkup.  Anyone can join with their own Friday Five post (yes, it must be a Friday Five!!)  They encourage you to visit other blogs on the linkup, comment, share and engage!

This week, the theme is Goals:

I always have lots of goals, but here are my top five for 2014:

1. Do not get injured. So far, so good.


2.  Run 3-4 times a week ALL YEAR. Yes!


in the freezing cold


in the spring

during my vacation

during my vacation


on the trail in summer

3.  Finish all races (except 15ks & half marathons) at under 10 min. pace per mileAlmost all.

4. Run at least 10 NEW races. YES! 13 already!!

Mayor's 10 Mile Race

Mayor’s 10 Mile Race

First Place - WooHoo!

Betar Byway 5K


first annual Love Run


Mom’s Day 5K

Bacon Hill Bonanza

Bacon Hill 5k


Spring Run Off 10K

Lighthouse 5K

Lighthouse 5K

Rabbit Ramble - April

Rabbit Ramble 4m


Strawberry Fest 5K


Adirondack Distance Run

Cherry Blossom 5K

Cherry Blossom 5K

5. Run a half marathon and a 10 mile race. Yes! 2 of each. The  Love Run and the Saratoga Springs Half Marathons and the Mayor’s Wellness and the Adirondack Distance Run 10 milers.




Mayor’s 10 mile race


Adirondack Distance Run

Happy Running! What are some of your goals?


More races?

Races are what motivates me.

It’s no secret that my training runs suck….I walk and walk and walk some more… so my pace is SLOOOOOOOW!

But in a race, for some strange reason, I run faster and if it’s 5 miles or less, I don’t usually have to stop and walk.

So I run a lot of races. They boost my confidence.

  1. Mayor’s Race & Wellness Festival 10 miler (Palm Springs, CA)
  2. HMRRC Winter Series #3 – 15K
  3.  Polar Cap 4 mi
  4. HMRRC Winter Series #4 – 7K
  5.  Lighthouse 5k (St. Augustine, FL)
  6.  Runnin of the Green 4 mi
  7. LoveRun Half Marathon (Philadelphia, PA)
  8. Delmar Dash 5m
  9.  Bacon Hill Bonanza 5k
  10. Rabbit Ramble 4m
  11. Cherry Blossom 5k
  12.  Spring Run Off 10K
  13. Mom’s Day 5K
  14. Freihofer’s Run for Women
  15. Betar Byway 5K
  16. Strawberry Fest 5K
  17. Adirondack Distance 10m
  18.  Saratoga Half Marathon

Yes, 18 races so far… (10 in March-May)!

Here’s how the rest of the summer is shaping up:

  • 7-26-14 - Turning Point 5K – a new one and a trail race
  • 8-03-14 – Care for Kids 5K  - a new one near where I stayed last weekend
  • 8-09-14 - Camp Chingachgook 10k – a hilly 10k along Lake George which I ran in 2012 as my 1st 10K
  • 8-16-14 - Jailhouse Rock 5k – a small local 5K that I have run in 2009, 2010, 2012
  • 9-06-14 – MBPK 5k – another local 5k that I have run in 2012 and 2013
  • 9-14-14 – Biggest Loser 10k – a new 10k at the Great Escape park near Lake George

I never PR in the summer.  I am usually injured or recovering from an injury.  This summer, I am healthy!! So you never know…

I haven’t run with any speed in the last 6 weeks due to training for the 10 miler and half marathon.

But this Saturday, I have a RACE! A 5k!


A new race at a new location (It used to held in Saratoga State park.) Now it takes place in Hudson Crossing Park, centered around Champlain Canal Lock 5 Island, just north of Schuylerville, on New York State’s Historic Scenic Byway, Route 4.

I passed by this park after the Bacon Hill 5K in April (which influenced to me to choose this race.)

this was the Hudson R in the spring near the park

I am a little nervous about the trail portion.  I have never run a trail race and my last trail run resulted in a fall.

photo from the triathlon there in June

So I am moving outside my comfort zone.

Race Goals:

  • Run the whole thing.
  • Not fall and get hurt.
  • Not finish last.
  • Finish under 30 minutes or close to 30 minutes.
  • Have fun!

Happy Running!  Have you ever run a trail race?



Parrotsheads, tennis friends, and the Adirondacks

Back on February 14, I ordered my hubby & I tickets to a concert on our Bucket List:


July 19, 2014 at Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Mass

And the day finally arrived.

Of course, it was beautiful boating weather and the same weekend as a tennis weekend on Schroon River.

Plus, our friends were had planned to go, backed out and my  hubby and I were going solo to Xfinity Center, Mass (2h40m away.)

I started the day, of course, with a run.  I decided that even though it wasn’t a long run, I would go to the bike path.  I got to see a lot of familiar faces and it was very relaxing…no pressure…not training for anything.


At the last minute, I decided to book a room at a nearby hotel for the night. That way we could enjoy the concert fully.

We left around noon, checked into our hotel and then headed to the concert lot where all the tailgaters were.  Most of them had been there since 11 am and the concert didn’t start until 8 pm!!

Since we didn’t arrive until 4 pm, we were in lot 13 (out of 13) but still we met lots of people and had a blast.


yes, may tailgaters had elaborate displays


one even had a DJ


this guy made his truck into a sailboat


me & the hubby


these ladies were next to us

Eventually it was time to head to our seats.  We had seats but not inside.  Well, the concert didn’t disappoint.


started with a double rainbow – no rain :)


The sound was great and everyone stood & danced & sang to every song for almost 3 hours.

Best concert ever!

Our hotel was not nice but convenient.  We crashed around midnight and got up and left at 7 am.

Even though I had little sleep, I headed north to Chestertown (on the Schroon River) to be with my tennis friends (our Tues tennis group). Everyone had been there since yesterday and some had even left already.


They had just finished playing tennis by the time I got there.


But I had lunch with them and hung out by the river for the rest of the day.


Since I had just arrived today, when everyone left, I decided to stay overnight.  I had taken Monday off from work.

The first thing I did was go for a walk – a 2 mile loop.



I had dinner in Bolton Landing with friends at our marina, took a walk to the Sagamore and then slept at my friend’s house on Schroon River.


sunset on Lake George

I was very excited the next morning to go for a run.  I do it every year and I love running in this area.


breakfast on the Schroon River

Unfortunately I left my Garmin home and the battery was low on my iPhone.  So I decided to do my safe 5 mile loop to Brant Lake and back.


Schroon River



Brant Lake


love waterlilies…Monet in my former life


On the way back, I was so distracted by the scenery that I missed a turn and wound up in the middle of nowhere (with no GPS).  I asked someone who was driving by and he assured me that I would eventually end up back if I followed the road I was on and turned right.


found a small park on the way

I was pretty nervous but I did end up back coming from the opposite direction.  Not sure how far out of the way I ran/walked but at least 1/2 mile.

After my run, I packed up and headed for my day on the lakes.


Schroon Lake

There are several lakes and I decided to visit a few starting with Schroon Lake because there is a great creperie where I wanted to have lunch.

IT CLOSED!!!! So I ate lunch at a coffee shop instead.


it was good but it was a poor substitute for those delicious crepes

I walked around town for a while and then headed back and stopped at Loon Lake.


I stopped and read by the water until I finished my book (Orange is the New Black).

Then I went into town (Chestertown) where I bought a baby gift and a pair of sandals on sale.



My day was complete when it ended with a root beer float (with maple soft ice cream.)

Happy Running! Ever get lost while running?





Tuesdays on the Run: Fitting in running on vacation

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week’s topic is: Fitting in Running on Vacation

I ALWAYS make sure I run when I am on vacation.  It’s kinda a priority for me.  I would have fun if I didn’t run but running makes it an even better vacation for me.

In this post I’ll talk about my last vacation - my annual TENNIS vacation in Naples Florida.

The schedule was that every morning we play doubles for 1.5 hours and then have a tennis lesson for 1.5 hours.


our group with our instructor

Did I run?

Yes! I made it a priority to do so.

In order to run, I would skip part of the doubles play and run.  After my run, I would change my clothes and join them to play. After playing we would have our lesson.

After the first 2 days, I realized that it was faster to run in my tennis clothes and have someone bring my racket & shoes to the court.


Yes! 5 times.

  • Thursday before tennis that got rained out – 3 miles halted by rain in the middle
  • Friday before tennis – 3 miles again
  • Saturday before tennis – 3 miles barely
  • Monday before tennis – 2.5 miles
  • Tuesday before tennis – 2 miles

I did not run Sunday since we were going to Longboat Key to visit friends and play tennis. I did not run on Wednesday since we moved our tennis lesson to an earlier time.

Were they good runs?

Nope.  None were.

It was very humid on the first few runs and of course, much warmer than I was used to.  Then it got even warmer.  It was tough to breathe and run.  My running got to be walking/running and slower and slower.

I also found for the first time that I was missing tennis.  Everyone else was playing tennis. I wanted to be with them And I wanted to be warmed up before our lesson.

So my runs got shorter.

Did I enjoy them?

Yes. Immensely.

I loved the scenery – the trees, flowers,etc.  I loved the sunshine and even the heat.

During each run I took a different route. I ran around the neighborhoods of World Tennis Center (WTC).  I ran around the pool area and tennis courts.  I ran outside the WTC along the main road in one direction and then another day in the other direction.

What will I do differently next year?

I could get up earlier.  But it’s hard when you go out to dinner late and you are hanging out with friends after that.

I could  run every other day. But you never know in Florida when it will rain. You have to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

I could  just play tennis but I would have been upset with myself for NOT running.

I could run after tennis but I know I would have been too tired and would be making others wait for me to go to the beach.

So next year, I will probably do nothing different from this year.

Views from my Naples runs:


one of the bridges along themain road


path at WTC to the tennis courts


another bridge on the main road


in WTC


our villa in WTC


one more bridge along the main road


the main road in the other direction


more views of WTC


thought the SLOW sign was meaningful

Suggestions for running on vacation:

  • Be prepared.  Bring clothes for all weather conditions.
  • Schedule your runs. If you leave it to chance, it won’t happen.
  • Be flexible.  Sometimes other persons’ needs or desires will come before your running.
  • Find a scenic route.  Pretty views make all the difference.
  • Lower your expectations. Distance & speed goals will probably not happen.
  • Register for a race in the area, if possible. Then you will definitely run.
  • Have fun.

Happy Running! How do you fit in your running on vacation?



Monday running update

20140625-122436-44676505Last Week:

  • Monday – walk at work, rest, dinner out with a former co-worker

AM work

PM walk

Hot PM walk to the PO

  • Tuesday -2 walks at work, rest, tennis (cancelled -rain), mall walk with BFF

AM walk


PM walk


  • Wednesday - 3.5 mile run before after work , walk at work, yoga
AM walk

AM walk

PM walk

PM walk

in the park

in the park

  • Thursday - 3 2.5 mile run before during lunch, walk at work, hair appt

AM walk


intervals – alternating 400m jog, 400m sprint on the track – 10 laps

  • Friday -walk at work, rest,  mah jongg

PM walk

  • Saturday- 4.5 mile run, concert


best convert evaah

best concert evaah

  • Sunday- rest, tennis party on Schroon River, 2 walks after everyone left

20140722-111147-40307611.jpg 20140722-111148-40308008.jpg


This Week:

  • Monday - DAY OFF -4 miles
  • Tuesday -walk at work, rest, tennis
  • Wednesday – 3 mile run before work , walk at work, yoga
  • Thursday – walk at work, 4 mile run
  • Friday -walk at work, rest, mah jongg
  • Saturday- 5K race
  • Sunday -rest, boating

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?


Let it go….

It’s funny how some distance
Makes everything seem small
And the fears that once controlled me
Can’t get to me at all!

Everyone loves this song, right?

I know you can all relate to my situation –

You have a hard/bad race and you play it over and over again in your head.  You wonder what you could have done differently. Should you have trained harder or should you have tapered more? Did you eat enough or did you eat the wrong things? Did you hydrate enough or too much? Was it the weather? Are you too old for this distance?  Should you stick to 5ks? Etc. Etc. Etc.

And then after a few days, you LET IT GO.


it’s over…I survived and I will do another, right?

Then you start to look for another half marathon.

Yes, I will surely run another.  I am just not sure when.

In a perfect world, with no friend/family obligations and lots of money, I would run every scenic flat half in the US (and maybe around the world).

But realistically, here are a few that I may run in the next few years:

in Fla in mid January

in Fla in mid January

in Fla in early Feb.

in mid March

in NH in early May – on my birthday in 2015

in RI in mid September

in Boston in late September

in NH in early October

in NJ in early October

in RI in mid October

Oh so many races and so little time…

But I am open to suggestions, if anyone wants to offer me a place to stay or wants to share a hotel room…. I may take you up on it.

Happy Running! What is you favorite half marathon ?


Friday Five: Favorites


Every Friday, three DC area bloggers Mary at Mar On the Run, Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! and Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC to host the Friday Five linkup.  Anyone can join with their own Friday Five post (yes, it must be a Friday Five!!)  They encourage you to visit other blogs on the linkup, comment, share and engage!

This week, the theme is Friday Favorites:

Here are my five of my running-related favorites:

1. Favorite Race - Freihofer’s Run for Women – it is ALL women (more than 4000)– all ages, all sizes, veterans, newbies, elites, walkers.  When I ran it the first year that I started running (2008), it made feel like a “real” runner. Finishing it after suffering a serious injury (2012) helped me believe that I could be a runner again. And then in 2013, completing it with a broken foot showed me how strong (or maybe stubborn) I was.


2012 – in newspaper

2010 – in the newspaper

2. Favorite Apparel - My running skirts from – they are really comfortable and not too short and have a pocket on each side to hold either fuel or car key. I only wish I afford more…


3. Favorite Shoes -  it used to be Brooks Adrenalines but lately I am liking my new New Balance running shoes.  They have a wide toe box and are light yet offer stability.


4. Favorite Fuel - GU- it seems to agree with my stomach so I am not messing with things… especially during a race or long run.

my current favorite flavor is salted caramel

5. Favorite Place to Run - any place where there is water

…along the river

…along the lake

…along the ocean

Happy Running! What are your 5 favorites?