TOTR: Race Rewind

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Today’s Topic is: Race Rewind. What race do you want a do-over on? Either to train/race differently or to relive the awesome.

My half marathons are the most memorable so I’ll talk about them.

I have THREE races that I would love to Relive the Awesome.

  • Naples Half Marathon

It was my first.  The course was gorgeous and it took place in my favorite city in Florida.  I couldn’t enjoy as much I’d like because I was worried that I wouldn’t finish.  (I hadn’t run any race longer than a 5k at that point.) Plus the time limit was 2:45 and I wanted to be sure to get that medal. I would love to run it again.

  • West Palm Half Marathon

Another beautiful course exactly 4 years after my first and almost 20 minutes faster.  It was my PR until recently. I enjoyed every minute of the race.

  • Ramblefest Half Marathon

This was my most recent half marathon and my current PR.  I loved this course and I would love to re-run it in nicer weather. It was cold and rainy.  Still the foliage and views were awesome.

There are also FIVE Do-Overs where I would like the chance to run them better:

  • Santa Clarita Half Marathon.

I was hoping that this would be a PR.  I trained well. But maybe over-trained? And I flew all the way to California to run it with my friend’s sister.  It rained for 6 miles and then I gave up on it when I realized that I wouldn’t have the time I wanted. I was very disappointed in myself after that race.

  • EAU Palm Beach Half Marathon

Another one where I expected to have a good finish time.  After all, it was a similar course to the West Palm race.  Except that I finished 20 minutes slower. Yup, I’d like a redo.

  • Asbury Park Half Marathon

Running along the Atlantic Ocean.  What could be better?  Except that my feet hurt the WHOLE race.  It was hard to enjoy the views amid the pain.  Do over, please!

  • Love Run

This was my first race-cation with friends.  I was so looking forward to this weekend.  But it rained ALL weekend.  Not just rained but poured…a MONSOON…record rainfall during the race.  I have never seen such mud!!  Philadelphia is a beautiful city.  I want to run this race again and see the sites we ran past.

  • Adirondack Half Marathon

Another race where I signed up with friends.  But I had a strained Achilles over the summer and was unable to train for this fall race.  With my longest run only being 6 miles, I decided to do the race, run the first 7 miles but walk the last 6 miles.  I finished with at 2:45 – my slowest half marathon time. I would love to run it again healthy.

I have run 22 half marathons.  I have not repeated any and I don’t plan to but if I did, the ones mentioned in this post I’d love to run again.

Happy Running! Which races would you like a do-over?


Monday Running Update


Last Week:

  • Monday – The weather really warmed up. It felt like summer not fall.

Usual lunch walk

I returned to the Troy Turkey Training group after a week off.

The hills made this workout tough but I know that these speed drills are important.

  • Tuesday – It was even warmer today – a record high 85 degrees. I had to spend the day inside observing a training.

My view for 7 hours

At least I got in a walk at lunch.

I also played tennis that evening and went out to dinner after, as usual (shared a pizza).

  • Wednesday – We were still enjoying our abnormally warm weather. I was alone today for my run.  Alyssa and Natalie were unavailable and Barbara ran in the am. So I dragged myself through two laps of the campus or 6 miles before my STEM volunteer run. Since I would be busy on the weekend and next week, this could count as my long run.

  • Thursday – A rainy day. No lunch walk. But miraculously the rain stopped and I was able to run with Alyssa. 

Alyssa is that little orange dot. She continued for another UAlbany loop.

Unfortunately I have lost one of my running partners. Barbara fell and chipped a bone in her ankle and is out for 6 weeks.😦

  • Friday – A well earned rest day. At least today I remember to bring an umbrella so I could take a walk at lunch.

I even skipped mah jongg to stay home and pack and relax.

  • Saturday – Today I had a planned day at Ellms Family Farms with my mentee and her two sons.  But the weather did not cooperate.  We postponed it until next Saturday.  Instead I went to the movies with friends. This is one of my all time favorite books and I was very excited when they made it into a movie.
Image result for a man called ove movie

Loved it!!!

 Then after the movie, I had to rush off to run a 5K race. (Luckily I picked up my bib earlier in the day since it was at a different place than the race.) I came sooo close to bailing on this race.  38 degrees. Windy. Pouring rain. But I ran it. And it was not fun!!

At least I won my age group. $25 LL Bean gift card

  • Sunday – Definitely a busy day.  I took the train with my 9 tennis friends to NYC.  We separated because I was having lunch with college friends, the ones whom I spent my junior year in France with. We have reunions every few years to reminisce.

Image result for cafe un deux trois nyc

    Where else would a bunch of French majors have brunch?

Then I met my tennis friends because we had tickets to a Broadway show.

Image result for waitress show

It was terrific!

2 people missing from the top pic and one on the bottom –❤ my friends

17.5 miles done with 4 runs and 3 rest days.

This Week:

  • Monday – travel to NYC for work, squeeze in a run after arriving
  • Tuesday – NYC for work, squeeze in a run after work??
  • Wednesday – NYC for work, squeeze in a run after work?? or maybe a show??
  • Thursday – NYC for work, squeeze in a run after work??
  • Friday – NYC for work, travel home
  • Saturday – day at Ellms Family Farms with mentee
  • Sunday 9 mile run
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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any races?


LL Bean Bright Night 5K Recap

Image result for LL Bean 5k albany

Saturday, October 22, 2016 5 pm in the Crossings

Why in the world did I sign up for this race??

I would be away in NYC Sunday and then Monday-Friday.

But if you read my TOLT post, you know that I suffer from FOMO.

I have run this course several times.  And I have never had a good finish time.  Not sure why.  So I was perfectly happy to run a night race having it be “purely for fun.”

Image result for LL Bean 5k albany

course map

Here’s what the first annual race advertised:

This course is run through the Crossings of Colonie Park.  Finish with piles of glowing jack O lanterns “cheering” you on!

Race Shirts
Everyone who registers for the race will receive a Unisex Brooks Podium T-shirt in the bright Nightlife color. Shirts will be distributed by sizes on a first-come-first-served basis at packet pick up.
Water Bottles
All participants will receive a free reusable water bottle, courtesy of our sponsor Camel Bak.
LED Shoe Light
All participants will receive a free Shoe Lit from Nite Ize. These cool LED lights clip onto the laces of your running shoes
FitBit fitness trackers will be given as awards to the top three male and top three female overall finishers, as well as the top finisher in each age group: 0-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+.  Awards will not be mailed.  You must be present to receive them.
Pretty neat swag.  And for this reason, the race sold out right away at 300.

I was supposed to spend the day with my mentee and her kids at Ellms Family Farms but the weather was too lousy – cold, rainy and windy.  Instead I went to the movies with friends.

Image result for a man called ove

loved the book and the movie did the book justice.

So who would want to run a night race in these weather conditions?

Not me!

But I did sign up.

So I went to the LL Bean store at the mall at noon to pick up my race packet so I didn’t have to rush in the evening.  The race took place at the park about 10 minutes away. I got my short sleeved tech shirt and water bottle.  They didn’t have any LED shoe lights.  (Would have preferred these to the water bottle that I have dozens of.)
It was tough deciding what to wear. I mean it was in the 80s just a few days ago.  But for this nasty weather and for an evening race, I decided on tights under a skirt, several layers, a jacket, gloves and hat. I had to locate my winter running clothes.  UGH!
I wore them to the movie theater and then after the movie, I drove to the race start to find a decent parking spot.
I should mention again that the weather was horrendous.  I kept hoping that the rain would let up but no such luck.  I sat in my car in the parking lot, debating whether I should run the race or go home.
To make things worse, the temperature kept dropping and it was getting windier. But I decided to be tough and run the race.
I stayed in the car until the very last minute and ran to the start line (ditching my rain poncho in the pavilion.)  I recognized a few runners.  Out the 300 who had signed up, less than half came. (The smart one stayed in their warm dry homes.)
Well, this won’t be a very exciting recap.
I didn’t warm up so my legs were stiff at first.  I felt like I was running fast but I was not.  The wind was tough and the rain came down harder and harder as the race went on.  It was very wet.  You had to run around big puddles and be careful that you didn’t slip on the wet leaves. And even with gloves, my hands were numb.
The Crossings is hilly too.  I keep forgetting. The worse part was that it was hard to breathe. I wasn’t running fast and I was out of breath the whole race. Others complained about the same thing.  It must have been the cold.
At least the miles went by quickly.  I am so glad that it was only a 5k.  When I saw the finish line, I ran as fast as I could.  I just wanted to get warm and dry as soon as possible.

those are pumpkins cheering on the finishers

I don’t think anyone cared but there was NO food after the race.  Just some cups of water.  You got your results texted to you and were able to get your award quickly if you won.
They gave out $25 gift cards to L.L. Bean to first place in each 10-year age group.  (They had advertised that you got a FitBit.) And I won!!  (I didn’t need a FitBit anyway.)
I got my award and then I grabbed my poncho and headed home to my fireplace and some HOT soup.

such an attractive look

Race Splits:
mile 1: 9:21
mile 2: 9:21
mile 3: 9:24
        .1: 8:00
Can I say that I am glad that I ran this race and that I had fun?  Absolutely not!  (Maybe it’s because I am still thawing out LOL)
Happy Running! Ever run a race that you should have skipped?

Friday Five 2.0

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1. It’s Friday!  Such a long week… Ever have one those work weeks that drag on….?

Image result for TGIF

2.  It was 85 degrees two days ago.  Now they are saying 40 degrees and maybe snowflakes for tomorrow.  I am not ready!!! Are you also having this schizophrenic fall weather?

3.  I have a 5k race tomorrow night.  What do I wear?  I forgot how to dress for cooler weather.  Anyone else have this problem?

4.  I have such a busy weekend planned that I did my long run on Wednesday after work.  8 miles during the week.  This rarely happens.


5.  I will be in NYC for 5 days next week for work.  All I can think about is where can I run? And when? My hotel (on 6th & 26th) is one mile from the Hudson River and one mile from the East River. If anyone lives in NYC and can give me advice, please do!


6.  Cuz I couldn’t stop at 5.  I put my name in for the NYC Half Marathon lottery AGAIN!  I’ll keep trying but if I wait 2 more years, I can qualify with a time of 2:12:00.  There are perks to getting older.

Image result for nyc half marathon 2017

March 19, 2017 – 2 weeks after my Treasure Coast Half

Happy Running! Have a great weekend!







thinking out loud

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Here’s what I’m thinking about today:

Image result for FOMO

This how the dictionary defines FOMO:

anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.

Substitute race for event and I think I have this disease.


Yeah, I’ve got it.

I ran 40 races last year and I’m on track to do the same this year.

I mentioned to my coach on Monday that I needed a support group for this addiction.  And he replied that I had one and the problem is that they encourage it.

The other runners at races or the people that I run with are my “support group.”

Here’s how the conversation goes:

  • What are you doing next weekend?

  • Nothing.  I need to do a long run.

  • I’m running X race.  I ran it last year and it was awesome.

  • I don’t know… I am training for a half. I shouldn’t run it.

  • Come on. Do it! They have great post race refreshments and I bet you win an age group award.

  • Well, maybe…

  • X, Y, Z are also running it.  It’ll be fun.

  • Oh, ok. I’ll sign up when I get home.

Guess what I am doing this Saturday?

Image result for LL Bean 5k albany

5 pm at the Crossings in Albany

Do I want to cure this disease? Do I need to?

Not sure.

Right now, I am focusing on YOLO. It’s more fun.

Image result for FOMO
So while I am healthy, I’m going to do whatever I can to live life to the fullest.  Even if it means giving into FOMO and racing every weekend.

Happy Running! Do you suffer from running FOMO?


TOTR: 2016 Goals

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Today’s Topic is: Remaining Goals for 2016

Well, for the first time in my running career, I didn’t set any goals.

I just listed some hopes (and dreams) for 2016:

  • To improve my running

I believe that I am a stronger and more confident runner.  I have run a lot of races both long and short.  And I have even attempted new ones and some hilly ones. Plus, I achieved a half marathon PR (bear with me if I keep repeating this…)


the hilliest course I’ve ever run

What is left is to have more quality training runs.  Fewer garbage miles – you know the ones where you just walk/run/take photos and get it done. And to continue running well in races – not necessarily PRs but just decent finish times.

10k PR??

  • To run with others

I have improved in this department too. I ran with the Freihofer Training group in the spring and signed up with the Turkey Trot group recently.  With my schedule, it is easier to run solo.  But running with others is more fun.  Alyssa has become my new weekly partner.  I am lucky that Barbara has continued to accept my invitations.


In the future, when there are no training groups, I should look for other opportunities to run with others such as Fleet Feet, ARE, etc.

  • To volunteer and give back

I volunteered with GOTR last spring and again, it failed to offer any satisfaction.  But running with the STEM clients is one that is so rewarding that I plan to volunteer with them each season.  


I get to do this again on Nov 19.

My special needs buddy is still awesome. I need to post more often on FB to  connect with him more.  And to make time to see my mentee Amanda & her kids more often. I’ve been delinquent there.


I haven’t seen them since May but I am planning a day together this Sat. It’s tough because she works on Sundays and some Saturdays.

  • To eat healthier

I am still addicted to carbs and sweets.  I can justify the carbs for running but I need to substitute more fruits and veggies into my diet. I do eat a banana almost every day and an apple for an evening snack.  But the problem is when I am out of the house  NO SELF CONTROL!


And I rarely drink any water.  I use the water bottle on my desk to water my plants My Bad!!

  • To get physically on track

I still do not weigh myself but I know for a fact that the excess pounds have moved to an ugly place (my waist & butt).  My excuses have been that it is an age thing (Sorry, the meni pot is a fact.) But I think it is important for me to exercise (not just run and play tennis).  Sit less, walk more? Gym time? Planks? Yoga? Whatever it takes to look better.


the last time I went to the gym was in July

I walked more during my last job because I had more time and a walking buddy.  I also had started going to the gym but I need to resume that.

  • To spend quality time with family and friends

Rather than skipping a run, I have been squeezing them in but there will be skipping involved soon.  And I realize that it’s ok.  Running is important but not more important than those I care about.  


a run before cocktails

Happy Running! Any more goals for 2016 that you are still working on?


Monday Running Update


Last Week:

  • Monday – Day off from work. Whoo Hoo!! But my hubby had to work so I drove up to Bolton Landing and went for a solo hike.  The weather was perfect.  Cool and Sunny. I couldn’t believe that my legs weren’t even tired as I climbed 1 mile up to the top of a mountain.

After my climb, I visited our marina and then walked around town for a while. I resisted stopping at the outlets and instead came home and made chili.  I almost went to my Turkey Trot training group run.  But the route is hilly and speed drills were scheduled.  I decided to play it safe and not overdo.  (The new me!!)

  • Tuesday – Just work with a short walk at lunch and a short run before tennis in the evening with dinner out after.

I drove to the Colonie Bike Path because it is near where I play tennis. Wardrobe fail. Tennis skirt has no pocket for phone or car key.

  • Wednesday -I met up with Barbara for a run before my STEM volunteering. (Alyssa was sick.)

It wasn’t our best effort. We were both sluggish but we got it done

STEM group is doing the Couch to 5k walk/run and they’re up to 8 minutes running/walking.

it may be week 5 – I’ve lost track but those 2 new younger runners are back and they are great

Afterward, I met my BFF for our bi-monthly mall walk.

  • Thursday – My lunch walk got rained out but the rain stopped so I was able to run after work. My legs were tired. I don’t usually run 3 days in a row, especially after a half. 

drove home to run on the rail trail – haven’t run there in a while

I was supposed to go out with a friend but decided to stay home for a change. I never watch TV but since the hubby was out playing tennis, I watched one episode of This is Us (anyone watch this new show?) and Grey’s Anatomy.

  • Friday – A well needed rest day but at least I walked my usual path at lunch. The weather has turned cooler but it was sunny. (It was in the 30s in the am!!)

  • Saturday – I ran one of my favorite 10k races.  I had a course PR on a very chilly morning.

walked up the hills the 2nd half so had to settle for 57:22 (my 2nd best 10K)

After the race, I drove up to our marina and we spent a perfect last day on the lake.


we had a picnic on one of the islands with some friends

  • Sunday – I spectated at a Duathlon.  I do it every year to watch AJH.

While AJH does the bike leg, I always do the run course which is 2 miles.

18.2 miles done with 4 runs and 3 rest days.

This Week:

  • Monday –  Turkey Trot Training group run (4 miles)
  • Tuesday – rest, tennis
  • Wednesday5 mile run with friends+ volunteering with STEM group
  • Thursday – 3 mile run
  • Friday – rest
  • Saturday – Day at Ellms Family Farm with mentee & 2 kids, 5K race (at 5 pm)
  • Sunday – College reunion lunch in NYC and Broadway show with tennis friends
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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any races?