Freihofer Run for Women Training Challenge

I have mentioned before that I enjoyed the Turkey Trot Training group so much that I signed up for the Freihofer one.

The Turkey Trot training was for a 10K race and this one is for a 5K.

I am in the Advanced group with a lot of the same women as for the Turkey Trot Training Group.

The group meets 3 times on Monday (1:30, 5:00, 6:30), once on Wednesday (6:00) and then once on Saturday (8:30).


5 pm group

I always go to the 5 pm group on Mondays but skip the others. I run on my own on Wednesdays and either run long or have a race on Saturdays.

The group always starts out with a motivational talk by the leaders.


Patrick is greeting everyone

Then we split into our groups and do our thing.


pre-run selfie from a radio DJ (I’m in the front of the left)

We usually begin with some dynamic stretching followed by a run.

The day before, we get an email with the plan in case you can’t come to the training session.


Even though we are one “Advanced” group, we split up into the fast ones, the middle speeds and the slow pokes.  Depending on what I’ve run the day before, I fall into a different group each week but tend to hang with the middle to slow ones.

Afterwards, we stretch.  Sometimes, there is a health-related talk (especially on Saturdays.)

Being that I run by myself most of the time, I look forward to running with this group of women.  We chat while we run (about running, of course.)


3 of my partners in crime – Gina, Joanne & Holly

The drills are something that I should do but don’t do on my own.

The other perks are a tech shirt, discount coupons for Freihofer’s bread and sometimes even a loaf of bread.


It’s great to see so many women who are starting to run for the first time.  This year’s race on May 30 is going to be really exciting.

Happy Raining! Have you ever joined a training group?


Friday Five: Brands to Love


Every Friday, three DC area bloggers Mary at Mar On the Run, Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! and Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC to host the Friday Five linkup.  Anyone can join with their own Friday Five post (yes, it must be a Friday Five!!)  They encourage you to visit other blogs on the linkup, comment, share and engage!

This week, the theme is Brands to Love

Here are the 5 Brands that I Love:

1. Mizuno for shoes


Running shoe brands…I’ve tried them all and at one time or another have loved them.  Currently I love Mizuno.


2RunningSkirts and SkirtSports for skirts


my latest RunningSkirts skirt


another one

I only run in skirts and wear quite a few different brands… I usually buy what’s on sale. If I had a choice,  I would buy them from Runningskirts and SkirtSports. I love the length of their skirts and the 2 pockets.


my newest SkirtSports capris


and SkirtSports skirt

3. ProCompression for socks

Stockadeathon - November

My ankles love compression socks.  I also wear different brands but ProCompression has lots of colors and they are often on sale. (Yes, price does matter.) And they are tight enough to work but not impossible to put on.


4.  Champion for running clothes

Thank you Target for carrying this brand.  I have their hats, socks, jackets, shirts, skirts, tights…. You can’t beat them for the price.

love this jacket, hat, skirt and tights – all Champion

Turning Point - July

love this tank, skirt and hat

5.  GU for fuel

Fuel is as important as clothes in running a race.  GU has gotten me through all my long runs and long races.  It gives me energy. They have a variety of flavors and some without caffeine.  They don’t upset my stomach.

my favorite flavors

Happy Running! What brands do you love??


How has running changed you?

Thursdays are for thinking… so I am linking up with Running With Spoons

Thanks to ChocolateJudyRuns for posing the question: “How has running changed you?”

As she says, many started running to lose weight.  But in the end, it is so much more to us.


I did not start running to lose weight.

As you may be able to tell, I gained weight once I started running.

First of all, I am eating more before and after. Secondly and more importantly, age puts on weight (esp. menopause.)

I no longer wear shorts.  The shorts in that photo don’t come close to fitting.  I now wear skirts.  They are more comfortable and they hide more (those cottage cheese thighs).

I’ve stopped ruining my shirts by pinning bibs on them.  (I now wear tech shirts.  The one in the photo is cotton.) And I have a running belt that carries my cell phone and I can attach my bib to it.

I spend more money on my running shoes than my regular shoes.  I plan my vacations around races. I plan my social calendar around my running. I read running magazines from cover to cover.

Those changes, however, are superficial.

How has running changed me?

I feel accomplished, strong, and capable.

I feel happy after I run.

I feel healthier and more alive.

I feel more confident.

I feel younger.

I have made some amazing friends from running.

Happy Running! Has running changed your life? If so, how?






261 Fearless

Each month, one of my responsibilities as a Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain is to post on a particular topic.

This month it’s:

  • “261” and honoring the anniversary of Kathrine Switzer; the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon


  • Women conquering barriers

I wrote a post recently about women conquering barriers HERE – AGE being the barrier.

I can’t tell you how many times, I have heard women say:

  • I’m too old to run.
  • I used to run when I was younger…
  • I can’t run fast, I’m too old.
  • A half marathon at my age?
  • I don’t want to wreck my knees.
  • I don’t want to wind up needing a hip replaced.
  • Won’t you get arthritis?
  • Etc. etc etc

If you run, you know that none of this is true. There are so many runners at my age and older. Some are still fast and some are not.  It doesn’t matter. They are out there running and enjoying life.

I met Joan Benoit Samuelson several years ago.  She is no nice. She is still running marathons and she is still fast.

Kathrine Switzer is “fearless”ly still running at almost 70 years old.

You can read more about 261 Fearless on her site here.

So everyone be “FEARLESS” and run until …..

Don’t let your age be a barrier to fitness.

Happy Running!


Half Marathon #12

In case you are a new reader of my blog, here is a summary of my previous 11 half marathons:

1. My first and BEST was the Naples Half Marathon in January of 2011.  My goal was just to finish and I did in 2:28:27  (gun time, no chip timing).

2. I immediately registered for the 1st annual Lake George Half Marathon in April of that year.  Unfortunately, I had to run in sleet & freezing rain for 13.1 miles & without my Garmin. My time was 2:22:39 (gun time, no chip timing) and a PR until this year.

3. Out with strained Achilles for 6 weeks during the summer of 2011 delayed my training for the Adirondack Half Marathon  (so I walked the 2nd half of the race.) I finished in 2:44:59. It was still fun because I was running it with lots of friends.

I see the finish line!

4. Again impulsively, I decided to sign up for the inaugural Fall Foliage Half Marathon as a training run.  This was my hilliest half but I finished in 2:32:50.

my 4th Half Marathon 10-23-11

5. My goal race of that year was the Santa Clarita Half Marathon that I was running with a friend in California.  This time it only poured for half the race and I finished with a disappointing 2:30:12.

After 5 half marathons in 2011, there were NONE in 2012.

6. My next Half Marathon, the First Watch Half Marathon in Sarasota, Fla came in 2013 16 months after serious ankle surgery and 5 months after a foot stress fracture.  I was just glad to be running again. The course was beautiful, my friends were waiting at the end and I was happy with my 2:33:59 time.

Sarasota Half Marathon

7. The Mohawk-Hudson Half Marathon in the fall of 2013 was supposed to be the one where I would be seriously training and hopefully get a PR. Then I broke my foot. With a late start to my training and my weekly miles not what I would have liked, again this half marathon was just “I’ll be happy to finish.” So I did in 2:24:14. I enjoyed it since it was my first half where I slept in my own bed the night before.

Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon

8. For the Love Run Half Marathon in the Spring of 2014, I was injury-free for the whole training but I trained during an awfully cold, snowy winter.  Despite running in monsoon rains, I managed to PR at 2:22:35. I made new running friends and we had fun during our weekend in “wet” Philly.


9. Last summer, after running a 10 mile race, I impulsively registered for the Saratoga Springs Half Marathon.  This taught me to never run one in the summer.  It was very humid & I felt sick so I struggled to a 2:26:00 finish.


10. Impromptu and free. I registered for the Hangover Half Marathon and ran it as a training run on a cold, windy, lonely, boring course. And it was my fastest at 2:18:33.  Go figure?


11.  Training in frigid temps and running in Florida I thought would give me problems but the stars were aligned and I had the BEST.HALF.EVER in West Palm Beach. Beautiful weather, awesome scenery, a big PR and age group win. I sprinted to a 2:09:40 finish.


Now for #12. This winter was the coldest I’ve ever run in…sub-zero day after sub-zero day. Not ideal for training in addition to quite a few short March races and a trip to California which interfered with my long runs.

Nevertheless, I am super excited for this race.


here we are in October when I visited her for a race..

I will be visiting my college buddy, Andrea who lives about an hour north. (This time unfortunately she will have just had shoulder surgery so it won’t the best time to visit.)

The Daily Burn, an online fitness training web site just named the best half marathons across the country. In New Jersey that designation goes to the Asbury Park Half Marathon.

According to Emily Faherty, the article’s author describing the Asbury Park Half, “This flat and fast race is in the land of Bruce Springsteen, with local icon Tillie as its funny-faced mascot. You’ll run through the small area beach towns, along the historic boardwalk and finish with the “RunAPalooza” post-race party.”

view during most of the race

This race should be scenic and a good time. Fingers crossed for NO rain!

Here are my lofty goals:


A. PR (finish under 2:09:40)

B. Win an Age Group Award 

C. Finish Faster than my previous PR (under 2:18:33 )

E. Finish under 2 1/2 hours

F. Finish happy & uninjured :) and wearing this medal:

And what will I wear?


SkirtSports skirt, the top will either be a tank, short or long sleeve (depending on the temps), procompression socks, Mizuno shoes

Happy Running! Anyone else running this race?


Tuesdays on the Run: Spring Training Update

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life!

This week’s topic is: Spring Training Update

My training this Spring is going to be pretty informal:

  • Mondays – FRW training group run – usually 3 miles with some speed work mixed in
  • Tuesdays – tennis
  • Wednesdays and/or Thursday – 3-4 easy miles
  • Fridays – gym – upper body machines
  • Saturday or Sunday – a race with some extra miles for a longish run

I am currently tapering for my half marathon on Saturday!!


half #12 – along the ocean – yay & a visit to a college friend in NJ

Then I have a recovery 5K before I start ramping up the miles for another half marathon.

enjoyed this one last year too – hopefully there will be cherry blossoms this year

The training begins with a 15K along the river.


yes, that’s me on the website – I ran the 10K last year – this year I signed up for the 15K

This is a weekday training run and a 5k.


May 7, 2015 6:30 pm…wasn’t planning on this but a FB friend started a team for this 5k and…

I continue my training with another 15K on my birthday.


May 9, 2015 – running the 15K, a new race for me

then a fun 5K to celebrate Mother’s Day.


GOTR event – I am volunteering in this program and will be doing it with my new buddy – otherwise I would run this for the 2nd time

Hopefully, my legs will be ready for this hilly half. I am excited to visit Burlington, VT.

May 24, 2015 – I am doing the relay with AJH – my 13th half

I will be recovering with my favorite 5K


This is the only race that I have never missed – so this will be my 8th time.

And finally another half marathon about 1 1/2 hours south.

Half Marathon – June 13, 2105 – my 14th half – get to see the new bridge over the Hudson

I will be traveling to Denver, CO for a conference and get back the night before for this hilly 10 mile race.

June 20, 2015 – my 2nd year – loved it last year – this year I will be jetlagged.

Happy Running?  How’s your spring training going?  Which race(s) are you training for?


Monday Running Update

IMG_4595 Last Week: (AP Half Marathon Training week #11 – TAPER TIME )

  • Monday – 4 3 mile group run with FRW training group + a few more miles


  • Tuesday – rest, tennis
  • Wednesday – 4 mile run

chilly & rainy

  • Thursday – 4 mile run 


  • Friday- rest, gym, mah jongg
  • Saturday –  5K race + 5 more miles (too cold & windy)
28:01 - 1st in my AG

28:01 – 1st in my AG

  • Sunday –  rest 5.5 miles


This Week:  (AP Half Marathon Training week #12 – RACE WEEK)

  • Monday – 4 mile group run with FRW training group + a few more miles
  • Tuesday – rest, tennis
  • Wednesday – 3 mile run at lunch, movie
  • Thursday -rest
  • Friday- rest, drive to NJ
  • Saturday –  13.1 miles!!
  • Sunday –  rest, Broadway show in NYC

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?