Running While on Vacation

im_backWell, I got back late Wednesday night from my annual TENNIS vacation in Naples Florida.

The schedule was that every morning we played doubles for 1.5 hours and then had a tennis lesson for 1 hour or vice versa. Play started at 8 am and lessons started at 8:30 am.


with our new instructor


Did I run?

Yes! I made it a priority to do so.

In order to run, I had to get up at 6 am and have breakfast and run at 7 am.  Not hard at home but when you are living with 4 other women who are up late chatting and watching TV, it is hard to go to sleep early enough. Then it is hard to get up the next morning.

If I was having a lesson first, I ran and came home to change my clothes.  But if I was playing doubles first, then I either ran in my tennis clothes or played tennis in my running clothes to save time.

Did I run often?

Yes! 4 times.

  • Thursday – 3 miles
  • Saturday – 3.5 miles
  • Monday –  4 miles
  • Wednesday – 3 miles

Were they good runs?

Nope.  None were.

It was very very humid and of course, much warmer than I was used to. It was tough to breathe and run.  My running got to be walking/running and slower and slower.

Did I enjoy them?

Yes. Immensely.

I loved the scenery – the trees, flowers,etc.  I loved the sunshine and even the heat.

During each run I took a different route. I ran around the neighborhoods of World Tennis Center (WTC).  I ran around the pool area and tennis courts.  I ran outside the WTC along the main road in one direction and then another day in the other direction.

What will I do differently next year?

I could get up earlier.  But it’s hard when you go out to dinner late and you are hanging out with friends after that.

I could play tennis less. But I know I would miss being out there with my friends – these are my “tennis” friends.

I could just play tennis and not run but I would be upset with myself for NOT running.

I could run after tennis but I know I would be too tired and would be making others wait for me to go to the beach.

So next year, I will probably do the same thing.

Views from my Naples runs:


one of the bridges along the main road


path at WTC to the tennis courts


another bridge on the main road


in WTC


our villa in WTC


one more bridge along the main road


the main road in the other direction


more views of WTC


thought the SLOW sign was meaningful

Suggestions for running while on vacation:

  • Be prepared.  Bring clothes for all weather conditions.
  • Schedule your runs. If you leave it to chance, it won’t happen.
  • Be flexible.  Sometimes other persons’ needs or desires will come before your running.
  • Find a scenic route.  Pretty views make all the difference.
  • Lower your expectations. Distance & speed goals will probably not happen.
  • Register for a race in the area, if possible. Then you will definitely run.
  • Have fun.

Join the Friday linkup with the DC girls, Courtney, Mar and Cynthia! Their topic is Favorite Summer Fruits and Vegetables.

asparagus, corn, tomatoes, watermelon, cherries

Happy Running! Do you run while on vacation? What are your favorite summer fruits & veggies?


Marathon Relay (Half Marathon #13)

thinking out loud

So I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

May 24, 2015

As I have mentioned, lucky AJH got us accepted in the VCM relay.  I was surprised and excited but not exactly training for this one.

I asked AJH if I could do the first half.  (I would be too nervous to wait around…)

She’s done the first half before:

hope she doesn’t mind borrowing her photo from 2011

So this will be my route:

Since this race was unplanned and I have another half marathon in 3 weeks, I plan to run it for fun – Try to enjoy the experience and scenery without the pressure of a PR.

And I developed a sore foot during my last half  so my training has been not been spectacular.

I have been doing my short week day runs but the weekends…

  • April 18 – 13.1 painful miles
  • April 26 – 5k plus 6 more painful miles = 11
  • May 2 – 10k plus 4 more painful miles = 10.2
  • May 9-10 –  two 5ks in 2 days = 6.2 (should have been 12)
  • May 16-17 –  3 miles in Florida (should have been 8)

Since I skipped my long run last weekend when I was on vacation in Florida, this will be my last long run, as well.

Speaking of last week, spending 8 days with 9 of your closest friends is exhausting – tennis, shopping, beach, restaurants, etc. but it also was fun.

AJH has been nice enough to let me stay with her the night before so I don’t have to do the long drive in the morning and can go to the expo.

Will I have enough energy to run?  And my feet?  Will they hurt LESS than my last half!! I hope so and not keep AJH waiting too many hours.

My post ankle injury half marathons have been between 2:35 and 2:09 but none has been really hilly.  And then’s there the foot…  and the lack of long runs.  We’ll see.

So I guess my goal is to finish around 2:30… but if I have to walk a lot, it may be closer to 2:45.

I am hoping that this half will be less painful and more enjoyable than my last one. (Foot, be good, please!!)

Happy Running! Anyone running or have run the VCM?


Monday Running Update

IMG_4595 Last Week: 

  • Monday – walk at work, 4 mile group run with FRW training group


  • Tuesday – walk at workrest, tennis
  • Wednesday – rest, fly to Naples, FL
  • Thursday – Sunday – tennis, running, sunning, having fun

Thurs & Sat





birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant - The Turtle Club

every night

This Week:  

  • Monday -Wednesday – more tennis, running, sunning, having fun
  • Thursday – 4 mile run
  • Friday – rest, mah jongg
  • Saturday – drive to VT, expo
  • Sunday – 13.1 miles (VCM Relay)!!

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?



Go to to read about the awesome ambassador captains

Part of my responsibility of being a Skirts Sports Ambassador Captain is posting every month on a different topic.

Last month, the topic was: (You can click on the links to read my posts.)

This month, the topic is what REALwomenmove means to me:


  • REALwomenmove women are Real bodies.

When I was almost 55, I decided to join a running club and run my first 5K.  I had never done anything athletic until I was in my 40s when I learned to play tennis. Many people may have thought that I was too old and most of the runners in the group were indeed younger. But I quickly got addicted to racing and here I am, 62, and wearing running skirts (even if it shows the cellulite on my thighs.)


  • REALwomenmove women are Real inspiration.

Through reading running blogs, I have met some inspiring women.  Women who in their 60s are competing in triathlons and women who smile while going through their cancer treatments….

before the race

  • A REALwomenmove woman is proud of who she is.

Sometimes when I race, I win an award because I am the only one in my age group.  That’s ok.  I am still proud of my accomplishment.


  • A REALwomenmove woman is confident.

When I first started running, I only ran 5ks. I did that for several years. Then when I had a serious health scare, I decided that life was short and I needed a challenge.  I decided to run a half marathon and I was confident that I could do it (despite my hubby’s fears.)

Half in Naples, Florida

  • A REALwomenmove woman do not judge other women.

Though my running years, I have run with many diverse groups of women – beginning runners, older runners, runners with young kids, slow runners, fast runners… No matter what, we are women and we are runners.  We support each other!!


  • A REALwomenmove woman is comfortable in her own body.

My body has enabled to play tennis and even compete at state and national levels.

Now running has taken precedence over tennis and I have run over 100 races including 12 half marathons.


  • A REALwomenmove woman accepts and loves herself as she is.

Yes, I am still uncoordinated and clumsy.  Hence, a broken ankle and a broken foot.  But I focus on my strengths and accept my weaknesses.


  • To a REALwomenmove woman, an active life is important to her health and happiness.

Every time, I get injured, people ask “are you going to stop running now?”  I say “Hell, no!”

Register for The Biggest Loser RunWalk at

Being active is who I am.  It is important to my life. It makes me happy and it makes me feel healthy.

Be sure to drop by the Skirt Sports website to see how the Ambassadors move!

Happy Running! How do you move?


Gonna Get Me Some Vitamin D

This morning I left for the tennis ladies’ 11th trip together to Naples, Florida. (For some of us, this is our 19th tennis trip – 1 Palm Springs, 5 Las Vegas, 1 Dominican Republic, 1 Delray Beach.)

Naples Fla

There will 10 of us (one newbie) and we are renting 2 villas (from the same lady) in World Tennis Center.

This is my second trip to Florida this year. (Remember, my big PR half marathon in West Palm Beach in January).  The purpose of this trip is to play tennis and do some female-bonding. (There are no races this time of year in Florida :( )

May - tennnis vacation in Florida

this year, however, our favorite tennis instructor will not be there :(

We will be playing tennis everyday from 8-11 am.


and then we will be busy the rest of the day with a variety of fun/relaxing activities.


lots of these views


and these

I am bringing my running clothes. Will I run??? I certainly hope so!!


these were my enthusiastic friends in 2008 – will I be able to get them to run with me??? Doubt it.

I need to run since I have a half marathon when I return. But at the same time, I want to rest my foot.


view from one of my runs last year

I won’t have a computer so no posting for 8 days!!! (I will have my iPad & iPhone so I will be following your blogs and updating my FB status.)

I will post pics when I return.

Happy Running! I will miss you all! Stay healthy!

Tuesdays on the Run: Running Hacks

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life!

This week’s topic is: Running Hacks

Many of these are obvious and you probably do them….

  • Cut the Tangents – why run a longer race distance than you have to

  • Make your own arm sleeves – go to the dollar store or Target and buy a pair of knee socks. Then cut off the foot.  If you don’t need them during a run, just toss them.



  • How do you wear those cute running skirts when it is cold?  Wear tights or capris under them.


  • Sick of putting safety pins through your tech shirts? Attach your bib to your race belt. I bought one that had bib holdes that were removable and I add them to my SpiBelt.  Love it!



  • Sore feet?  Put a tennis ball in the freezer and then roll the bottom of your foot on it. Being a tennis player, I have plenty of tennis balls.

  • Want to ave money on running shoes? Buy an older model.  Especially if you actually prefer the older model.

$49 rather than $115

  • Bored on the treadmill? Watch your favorite show while on the treadmill.  It’s still painful but just less so.


  • Lay out your clothes the night before your run or race.  That way you can sleep longer and you are less likely to forget something important.


  • Make the most of your free time and fit your runs in – before work, during your lunch break, after work…

during my lunch break

  • Run with a friend.  It makes the miles easier.


  • If you’re doing an out-and-back run on a cold, windy day, run the first half into the wind and come back with it.  Otherwise, you’ll be running the second half sweaty and into the wind.


  • Don’t run on empty. Eat before and during.  Otherwise, you will be tempted to cut your runs short.

  • If you are flying to a race, pack your running stuff in your carry on.  Don’t risk having it in your lost luggage.


Happy Running?  Any other hacks that you can share?


Monday Running Update and Giveaway Winner

IMG_4595 Last Week: 

  • Monday – walk at work, 4 3 mile group run with FRW training group, mall walk my BFF



  • Tuesday – 3 2 mile run at lunch, tennis

on the track

  • Wednesday – walk at work, rest, birthday dinner out

a delicious dinner including creme brulee for dessert

  • Thursday – walk at work, 5K race

29:16 – far from my best effort but no foot pain at least

  • Friday- walk at work, rest, mah jongg


Saturday –  15 5K race, Tulip Fest, dinner out for my birthday

29:14 – 2nd in my AG – tripped and fell – only hurt my pride


  • Sunday –  GOTR 5K, dinner out for Mother’s Day my birthday

a slow 30:16 but got 3rd in my AG


dinner with my hubby and a view of Lake George

This Week:  

  • Monday – 3 mile group run with FRW training group??
  • Tuesday – 3 mile run at work??, rest, tennis
  • Wednesday – rest, fly to Naples, FL
  • Thursday – Sunday – tennis, running, sunning, having fun

A BASIC LEVEL entry to the Skirt 13er/10k/5K Local or Virtual Giveaway which includes:

  • $50 gift certificate
  • Race #
  • Finisher’s Skirt (Don’t Sweat It Collection pull over skirt)
  • Sponsor swag


Congrats Jamie!!

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?