Friday Five 2.0 – Getting Over a Bad Race

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My topic for today is:  Tips for Getting Over a Bad Race

I just returned from Florida where I ran a half marathon (and no, it wasn’t really a “bad” race.)

We have all had races that didn’t go as planned, what should we do?

  1. Analyze what happened BEFORE the race.

Was it your training?  Were you injured or sick?  Did you walk too much the day before the race?  Was it what you ate?

If you can figure what went wrong before, you can avoid some of these mistakes during the next race. (Though I think I have repeated my mistakes LOL)

13 miles walked the day before = not a good idea

    2. Analyze what went on DURING the race.

Was it your shoes or your outfit (over or under dressed)? Was it the weather? Was it the course? Did you go out too fast?  Did you not hydrate or eat enough?

Some of things cannot be fixed.  But if you can’t control these variables, such as the weather or the course, you should feel better about your race results.

unexplained foot pain and blisters… the whole race

  3. Focus on what was GOOD about the race.

Did you meet some new runners?  Did you race with friends? Was the medal awesome?  Was there amazing post race refreshments?  Was the course scenic?

great medals, fun course, friends…

 4.  Sign up for Another Race.

The quickest way to forget about a bad race is to train for another.

my PR came 2 weeks after one of my worst races.

5. Vent to your Running Friends.

Face to face and virtually.  They can relate.  Your spouse or non-running friends will not understand your disappointment.  But your running friends have all been there and will say the “right” thing.

Happy Running! Any other tips for recovering (mentally) from a bad race? Please Share.




The Older Adult Onset Runner

I say older adult because you are technically an adult when you hit 21.  I did not start running in my 20’s or my 30”s.  Not even in my 40’s.

I was 55 when I started running and almost 60 when I ran my first half marathon.

So how did I become a runner?

In my 40’s, I was going through a really  bad time. I was separated from my husband and a co-worker suggested that we learn to play tennis.

Mind you, I am not athletic.  In fact, I am clumsy and uncoordinated.  In high school, I was a social nerd meaning I liked to read and study but I had lots of friends. The same was true in college.

So my co-worker, Eileen and I took an adult ed class and learned to play tennis.  We were horrible but it was a great distraction from my depressing life at the time.

As with running, I dove into tennis 150%.  I played everyday, joined lots of teams and bought adorable tennis outfits.

group photo at 2.5 Nationals in 2002

The best part of tennis was the friends that I made. And though, I didn’t win often and might have been the worst player on the team, the friendships made during this time turned out to be life long. Plus I met my second husband on the tennis court. (It wasn’t until after we were married that he told me what an awful player I was. Lol)

we even go to Broadway shows together

And then running came into my life.

Ten years later, two of my tennis buddies decided that we should become runners.  My reaction was “Whaaaat? Why?” But I agreed and we signed up for a running class at a local running store. Every Monday, we attended class and afterward, went out for quesadillas and margaritas. Fun. Fun.

with my tennis friends after a race in 2008

As soon as I was able to run a mile, I signed up for a race. And I haven’t stopped since.

Of course at first I wore shorts. I only ran 5ks and but quickly discovered the bond between runners, both virtually and face to face.

After helping a beginning group run their first 5k and seeing them progress to 10k, 15k, 13.1 and 26.2, I decided to (secretly) train for a half marathon.

SRM’ first 5k – 2010

I bought my first skirt and gps watch. The race and the watch were a success but the skirt my hubby remarked made my hips look huge.

check out those loaded pockets

Luckily, I learned about Skirt Sports and haven’t worn any other brand since.

As with tennis, looking good is one of my obsessions.

In addition to the awesome product line, Skirt Sports provides its ambassadors with an amazing supportive network of women runners. I feel so lucky to have been selected as an Ambassador Captain the 4 the year.

Now back to why I run?

  • It’s not to lose weight. I have never had a problem in this area.
  • It’s not to maintain my weight. Even though I am heavier than when I was younger and have gained weight since I started running.
  • It’s not so I can eat more. I still love to eat and I especially have a weakness for pizza and ice cream.
  • It’s not to fill in the void in my life. I work full-time, have a husband and 2 stepsons, and many hobbies.

Running makes me happy. That’s it plain and simple.

  • I am happy when I finish a run or race.

  • I am happy when I reach a goal.

a half marathon PR at age 64

  • I am happy when I find a new route or visit a new city.

over the Hutchinson Island Bridge in FL.

  • I am happy when I make a new running friend.

Why has running replaced tennis as my sport Numero Uno?

When you run, you don’t have to worry about the score and disappointing the team or your partner. Running is not about winning and losing. You don’t have to schedule court time and you don’t need 3 other players (at the same ability level) in order to play.

You just get out there and RUN.

Running fits better with my life and as a really adult onset athlete, I am so glad to have started running ten years ago and at age almost 65, I plan to continue for as many more years as my health lets me.

completing half marathon #30 and winning an age group award

Happy Running! When and why did you start to run? Do wear Skirt Sports clothing?

TOTR: Spring Racing Plans

A great topic because I love SPRING and I love RACING.

I race often and hopefully my training miles will be filled with views like below:

in Washington Park

So here are some of the races I am planning to run:

  • 3-25-18 – Shamrock Shuffle (5m) – I’ve done this race several times and it’s a nice local race (with some hills).  I also like the 5 mile distance.

  • 3-31-18 – Ice Breaker Challenge 5K – This race is on the bike path that I often run on so it is familiar territory and that makes it easy to add on miles before or after.

  • 4-14-18 – Code Blue 8K and/or 4-15-18 – Delmar Dash (5m)

I ran Code Blue last year for the first time and enjoyed it but it is the same weekend as Delmar Dash, the race closest to my house.  What should I do??

  • 4-21-18 – Bacon Hill Bonanza 5k and/or 4-22-18 – Sasha’s Super Hero Run 5k

I usually run Bacon Hill because of the refreshments and that you win a pie as an AG award.

But I know the organizer of Sasha’s Super Hero Run so I may run this one instead and even run both.

Image result for sahas superhero run

this would be a fun one to dress up as Wonder Woman

  • 4-28-18 – Spring Run Off 5k /10k and/or 4-29-18 Cherry Blossom 5k

Decisions. Decisions. I hate that these races are on the same weekend.  We have very few 10ks so I like to run them but the Cherry Blossom raises money for ALS.  Not sure if I will run one or both.

  • 5-05-18 – Tropicool 5k (in FL)

I ran this race while on a tennis vacation in Florida last year.  I’d love to do it again.

  • 5-12-18 – Summer Smith Memorial 5k

This 5k is important because it is organized by the mother of a STEM runner who died. I knew her from my first volunteering with STEM.

  • 5-17-18- Workforce Challenge (3.5 m)

This is not really a competitive race but a way to connect with your co-workers.  There are about 10,000 who participate in my area. It was 98 degrees last year so I hope for a cooler day this May.

  • 5-19-18 – Brooklyn Half Marathon

This half marathon has always been on my bucket list and my friend Sue has agreed to run it with me.  With the huge crowd that it attracts, my goal for this half is to finish injury-free on the boardwalk of Coney Island.

Image result for brooklyn half finish

  • 6-02-18 – Freihofer’s Run for Women

As I have mentioned so many times, this race is the only race that I have run every year since I started running (even with injuries.) This will be my 11th FRW.

  • 6-09-18 – OK 5k  or Betar Byway 5k and/or 6-10-18 – Run for Help (volunteer with STEM)

Several years ago, I ran the OK 5k because it was flat and a popular local race.  Then I switched to the Betar Byway 5k because it was more scenic. Even if I run one of those, I may still volunteer in the Run for Help.

  • 6-16-18 – Whipple City 5K

I ran this 5k for the first time last year because of peer pressure.  I was not too impressed so this is only a maybe.

All these races may not happen or they may or I may even decide on different ones.

But I do know is that this spring, there will be a #holottaracing going on.

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Happy Running! Which spring races are you looking forward to?  Please share.


Weekly Wrap for 3.12.18-3.18.17: Leaving on a Jet Plane


Yes, I packed my bags and flew to Florida to visit friends and run a half marathon.

Last week – 

  • Monday – With more snow predicted, I decided that I best squeeze in another run.  And I did.

just one UAlbany loop – it was the therapy that I needed after getting some bad news about a friend

  • Tuesday – Yes, we got snow …AGAIN!!!!!.  So I had to resort to the treadmill for a short run before tennis. I love being in town on a Tuesday to catch up with my tennis friends.
  • Wednesday – I was worried that due to the weather, my flight would be cancelled.  Luckily, it was not. So I took an early morning flight to West Palm Beach, FL and then I drove to Delray Beach to stay with a friend (who coincidentally just had knee replacement surgery.) We had a nice day at the pool, at a bird sanctuary and then dinner out.

  • Thursday – Another day in paradise. Started the day with a run, followed by the pool. Then spent the afternoon at the beach. I had dinner with an old friend and ended the day watching the sunset.

  • Friday – I decided to be smart today and rest. I took a leisurely walk and then met my college roommate for brunch. After a few errands, I drove to Vero Beach to pick up my race packet and then to Sebastian where my sister-in-law and her husband live. I carb loaded at an Italian restaurant and then relaxed at their home.

  • Saturday – Race Day!! An early wake up and drive to Vero Beach. No problems and perfect weather. More about the race in my recap but the highlight was meeting a lady who was nervously running her first half marathon and running the whole race chatting and encouraging her.

Afterward I celebrated with drinks and lunch on the water, seeing the sights of Sebastian before heading off to Hobe Sound where I would be spending my final two nights.

  • Sunday –  I felt very fresh so started the day with an easy run. Then we spent the afternoon relaxing on the beach.

I celebrated my last night in Florida with an awesome seafood dinner

This Coming Week

  • Monday  4 miles in Stuart, brunch with a friend, fly home
  • Tuesday rest day, tennis?
  • Wednesday – train to NYC, 4 miles?
  • Thursday 4 miles in NYC
  • Friday – rest day, train home
  • Saturday 4 slow miles
  • SundayShamrock Shuffle 5M Race

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? How are you dealing with winter? Please share.


Friday Five 2.0 – Healthy Activities for a Race-cation

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My topic for today is:  Healthy Activities for a Race-cation

I am currently in Florida and my half marathon is scheduled for tomorrow!!!

During a race-cation, it is tempting to just eat, drink and sit on the beach.  (Yes, very tempting…) But there are many other activities that I recommend, as well:

  1. Visiting a Museum.

Why is this healthy?  Walking and lots of it.  I especially like museums that have outdoor gardens.

at the Ringling Brothers Museum

    2. Swimming.

In the hotel pool or if you are lucky in a lake or the gulf or the ocean.  I prefer the ocean!!!! (You get a lot of exercise fighting the waves and the undertow.)


in the Gulf of Mexico

  3. Walking

The best way to take in the sights and to get in your steps is to go for a walk.  I love to walk on the golf course (which you can do usually before 8 am). I also love to walk on the beach and at nature sanctuaries.


on the golf course

beautiful even on a cloudy day

 4.  Hiking or Stair Climbing

Check out the area to see if there is anywhere to go for a hike.  If not, try climbing to the top of a lighthouse.

in Palm Springs

in FL

5. Biking

Many places allow you to rent a bike.  It’s great exercise and another good way to get around, avoid traffic and see the sights. I especially enjoy riding along the boardwalk.

our rental in Naples has bikes 🙂

and of course – Running Leisurely

Obviously, you are either tapering for the big race or recovering from the big race. So when you put on those running shoes, take it slow. Just enjoy your surroundings.

And there are even more….find a gym and exercise, take a yoga class, etc.

Happy Running! Any other tips for healthy activities on race-vacations? Please Share.



TOTR: I Feel Lucky!

Do I feel LUCKY to be a RUNNER?

Hell, yeah!

And of course, there are the obvious health benefits.  I feel stronger, fitter, younger, more confident, etc.

I’m not Irish but I always pretend to be for those St Patrick’s Day races

But today, I am going to focus on how else I feel lucky to be runner.

  • I’ve Seen New Places

The non-runner me, when I traveled for work, hung out in my hotel room and watched TV in the evenings.

As a runner, I search out places to run.  No matter how tired I am after work, I RUN!

Liverpool, NY (Onondaga Lake)

  • I’ve Participated in Healthy Activities While on Vacation

The non-runner me, when I went on vacation, visited museums, sat on the beach and basically relaxed.

As a runner, I RUN and I search out a RACE and sign up.

5k during my tennis vacation in Naples, FL

  • I’ve Won Awards.

The non-runner me would never win an award for an athletic event.  Even when I played tennis, I was far from the top player and rarely won my matches.

As I runner, I have won so many AGE GROUP AWARDS!!! And yes, due to my advanced age, it is mostly luck.

  •  I’ve Gotten to Try New Products.

Thanks to several companies and ambassadorships, as a runner, I’ve had the opportunity to test new products. Sometimes for free and other times with a discount. Almost of all them, I’ve continued to use.

  • I’ve Inspired/Helped Others.

Even as a non-runner, I’ve always felt it was important to give back.  I’ve adopted families at holiday times and mentored a young mother.

But as a runner, there have been so many more opportunities.  I’ve tried to take advantage of many of them.

starting the Strong Running Mamas (their first 5k in 2010)

  • I’ve Met Some Awesome Inspiring People.

It is amazing how great runners are.  They are encouraging, selfless, strong, forgiving, supportive… I could go on and on. And I couldn’t possibility put photos of all those that I’ve become friends with – both virtually and in person.

now known as the Wineglass ladies

having a #holottafun in Panama Beach and then in Las Vegas

So it seems fitting to end with an edited version of the Irish Blessing:

May the road rise to meet you
May the wind always be at your back,
May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home face,
And may the hand of a friend always be near.

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Happy Running! How does running make YOU feel lucky? Please share.


Weekly Wrap for 3.5.18-3.11.18: Back in the Big Apple


New York, New York. It’s my kind of town…

Lots of lights and places to run…

Last week – 

  • Monday – Again I was scheduled to work in Queens. So after I set up and got back to Manhattan, I went for a short run.  I decided to run on the High Line because I actually had enough daylight before it closed.

A short run because I had tickets for a pro tennis tournament in Madison Square Garden.

8 players played 10 pt tie breakers and the winner took all in the end. Pretty fun.

  • Tuesday – Today after work, I wanted to get one more run in before the storm so I ran along the Hudson River until it got dark and then through the city.

I ran in the opposite direction (uptown)

  • Wednesday – My new Skirt Sports ambassador buddy, Elizabeth, recommended that I attend this event with her.

the author is a runner herself.

But the event got cancelled due the snowstorm. I was totally bummed. So I made the best of the evening and took on a Broadway show.

I bought last row tix but because of the weather, there were a lot of no-shows so I was able to move down to the 3rd row. I even got a beach ball souvenir.

  • Thursday – Finally Elizabeth and I were supposed to run together.  But the weather again messed up our plans. Her Tuesday running class got rescheduled for today. So we planned to meet up the next I am here. and I took the subway to Central Park and ran solo.

More daylight and more runners in the park (many guys in shorts!?) I was more adventuresome and ran some different paths.

Afterward, I stumbled upon the Underground Market – amazing eateries near the Columbus Circle subway station.

  • Friday – No time to run since I had to take the time home after work.  I needed a rest anyway.
  • Saturday – Last long run before the big one. Because the paths at the Crossings were plowed last week, I encouraged the Wineglass ladies to join me for a run there. Jeri & Heidi ran/walked together and Christian & Sherry ran together.  Barbara was a good sport and ran 8 miles with me. Then we all met up for brunch.

cold and WINDY! I am so ready to leave this climate.

  • Sunday –  Rest and time to pack for my upcoming vacation!!!

This Coming Week

  • Monday  4 miles
  • Tuesday – 2 miles before tennis
  • Wednesday – rest day, fly to West Palm Beach, FL, drive to Delray Beach
  • Thursday 3 miles in Delray and visiting 3 different friends
  • Friday – rest day, drive to Vero Beach, packet pick up  and meet up with some more friends
  • SaturdayBrew 2 Brew Half Marathon, drive to Sebastian (to visit my sister-in-law) and then Hobe Sound
  • Sunday – rest day in Hobe Sound visiting friends

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