TOLT: Skirt Sports

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thinking out loud

Here’s what I’m thinking about today:

Skirt Sports!!

You know that I almost exclusively wear their skirts in all seasons.

Well, there are exciting things happening this month.

  • #31DaysofSkirtSports Challenge

This challenge has been going on all month and it’s not too late to participate.  There’s a theme each day and you just post a photo to Instagram showing your interpretation.  It’s lots of fun to see what others post.

  • New Patterns

This is Romance but there is also Fly Away, Love Triangle and more to come.

It’s that time of year when the new skirt patterns for the Fall season arrive.  And I love them all and don’t know how long I can refrain from purchasing anything.

  • I am featured on the title page of the website!! Psyched to be chosen!!

So if you want to buy a new skirt, check out the Sale page or use this code for a 20% discount: FWC20

Happy Running!  Do you wear Skirt Sports?  What are you thinking about today?


TOTR: Summer Running – Love it or Hate it?

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This week’s Topic is: What do you love/hate about summer running?


  • Less Layers

My running bag seems practically empty.  I can get changed in minutes.

I ran after work with just shoes, tank, skirt, cap. Easy Peasy.

  • Sunshine

I love the SUN!! It motivates me to get outside and get my dose of Vitamin D!!

  • Longer Days.

As a working runner, this is especially important to me.  It is no fun running in the dark after work.  When it is dark, it limits the places where I can run.

no lights on the rail trail so I can only run here after work in the summer.

  • More Racing Ops.

In the winter, there are very few if any races scheduled for the weekend. In the summer, there are many.  I can choose by distance, location, type of course, etc.  I am in my glory as a runner who loves to race.

Silks & Satins 5K -my next race on 7/22

  • No Training Runs

I run my half marathons in the other three seasons.  So in the summer, I can just relax.  I run when and where I what.  I run whatever distance I want.

I could meet Judy for a run, run at her pace and not worry. Or I could have run a faster 3 miles. Running for fun is the BEST.


  • Mosquitos/Ticks/Black Flies

I am very susceptible to insect bites so I need to always apply insect repellent.  Sometimes I am lax and I pay the price with lots of itchy bites.

  • Humidity

Dry heat is great but when it is humid, it is tough to get the miles in and the speed.

this was a tough run

  • More Laundry

Less layers but they are sweaty.  That means that I can’t wear items more than once like I do in the other seasons.

  • Competing Activities

In the summer, there’s hiking, tennis, boating, outdoor music and plays. It’s hard to fit it all in and sometimes, I just skip the run in favor of a summer-only activity.

can only go on our boat in the summer

So I think I LOVE summer running more than I hate it. 

Does that mean I should move to a warmer, sunnier climate?

Happy Running! What do you love and/or hate about running?

Running Update – 7.10.17-7.16.17


Last Week:

  • Monday – Though I ran on Sunday, I wasn’t sure if I would get any more runs in for the rest of the week so I ran from work, around UAlbany and back before meeting an old friend for dinner and drinks.

Humidity returned ugh!! The A must be for (u)Albany.

  • Tuesday Off to Rochester for work (4 hr drive). I didn’t think I’d have time to run. But when there’s a will, there’s a way. I asked around the hotel and found my way to the Erie Canal. Loved the run. Wish I had more time but had to meet someone for dinner.

3 miles along the Erie Canal

  • Wednesday – Worked all day and then drove home (in the rain). A tiring rest day.
  • Thursday – Another rainy day. I went to the gym after work. When I was finished, it had stopped raining so I went for a quick run before it started raining again.

  • Friday – Of course, the day started out raining but it was a scheduled rest day.  Played mah jongg in the evening.

Good bye party for one friend moving south.

  • Saturday – Decided to get in a run on my way up to (Chestertown) Schroon River to spend the weekend with my tennis friends.

It was warm and humid but dry. But it rained in Chestertown. So my friends hadn’t played yet and I arrived there in time to play tennis with them.

Had a great day of eating, hiking, sightseeing, etc.

  • Sunday – Some of the tennis ladies left and others arrived. We had another great day of tennis and hanging out by the river.

17.5 miles done with 4 runs and 3 rest days

This Week:

  • Monday – 3 mile run, hiking
  • Tuesday – rest, visit to Chihully exhibit at NYBG
  • Wednesday 4 mile run with Alyssa
  • Thursday 4 mile run
  • Friday – rest, mah jongg
  • Saturday – 5k race + more miles, party
  • Sunday – rest, maj jongg party at Schroon River

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This week’s guest host is Christine @ Into the Glimmer

Happy Running! How is your running going?


Friday Five 2.0 – The Working Runner

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My topic for today is: Five Ways to Be a Runner and also Work Full-Time

I know that if you are a stay at home mom, you are plenty busy and if you are retired, you also still have many responsibilities but this is for all you out there who have full-time job and are also runners:

1. Run Fewer Times During the Week

Let’s face. Your time is limited.  You have hours where you have to be at work.

You probably don’t have the time to run more than 3 times a week.  Maybe not more than twice.  There may be busy weeks that you only get out to run on the weekend.

It really annoys me when it is sunny during my work day and then it is raining when I finish.  I wish I could just run whenever the weather permits.

in between busy work weeks – squeezing in a run on Sunday

So make your runs quality runs and don’t be guilty about missed runs.  You can try to make them up the following week.

2. Be Flexible.

We really don’t want to skip our runs. So it often takes some creativity to figure it out.

I work near UAlbany and I have run over and then returned to change my clothes and go out or go back to work.

You can run before work, after work, during lunch.  You may have to run on the treadmill.

Whatever it takes to get it done.

3. Increase Your Hours of Sleep at Night

Working 8 hours a day is tiring….stressful.  Then there’s running which tires us out, as well.

It would be nice if when we were tired, we could sneak in a nap during the day.

Since that can’t happen (at least not at my job), you need to ideally get 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Image result for getting a good night's sleep runner

4. Schedule/Plan Your Runs

This is especially important if you are training for a big race.

If you leave it to chance, you are less likely to get your runs done and/or get in enough mileage.

I put them on my calendar (and on my blog).

I pack my running clothes the night before to bring to work. If I plan to run before work, I lay out my clothes the night before.

3 miles after work and before a show when working in NYC

These scheduled runs are just a plan or a framework.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t switch days and mileage around.   But it definitely helps me organize my life.

5. Don’t Forget About You.

I have a hard time with this.

I often am tempted to refuse a dinner or social invitation because I need to get a run in. Rather than relax with a book or watch TV, I want to go for a run.

Sometimes, I have to bring work home 😦

Plan to treat yourself to some ‘you’ time. That means time that doesn’t involve work or running.

meeting my college roommate for a boat ride (instead of doing my run)

This not only lowers your stress level (at work), but it also improves your running performance.

(Next week, I am taking two days off from work and not to run – to hike and to go to the Botanical Gardens in NYC.)

Happy Running! If you working runner, any other hints to add?


TOTR: Running Items for Non-Running Activities

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This week’s Topic is: What running items do you use for non-running activities?


I wear my running clothes esp. my skirts to play tennis.  I wore skirts to play tennis long before I wore skirts to run. So it’s a no-brainer to wear them now to run, as well.



I wear my running shoes when I take a walk.  Comfort is key, as well as preserving my (old) feet.


Handheld Water Bottle –

I use my Nathan Handheld whenever I go for a hike. I usually do NOT use it to run because I can loop my runs and return to get a drink.  You can’t do that when you are hiking nor are there drinking fountains on a mountain.


Of course, anytime I need a pick me up at work, I grab a bar (even if it is a rest day.)

Image result for nature's Bakery fig barsGPS Watch –

If I am not racing, I do not track my pace.  However, I wear my Apple Watch all the time and it does come in handy if I want to track the distance when running a new route.

Running-Related Podcasts (on my iPhone) –

Of course, I have downloaded them to listen to when I am running alone. (My favorites are listed here.)  But when I travel for work, I often listen to them while driving.

Happy Running! Do you use running items when not running?


Running Update: 7.3.17-7.9.17


Last Week:

  • Monday – My hubby and friends were still at the lake but I was working.  I made the best of it by meeting Alyssa after work to run in the park and then my BFF to walk in the mall.

  • Tuesday 4th of July Holiday = day off from work.  Yay! Back up to the lake, of course.

Perfect weather for a BBQ with friends, a short hike and fireworks at the marina.

view from sitting on the back of our boat

  • Wednesday – Got home very late the night before due to watching the fireworks but had a short day at work before catching the train to NYC.  After I arrived, I rushed to my hotel, changed my clothes and took the subway to Brooklyn.  I had signed up for an evening 5k.

it was quite an interesting experience running with the Brooklyn “elites” but I managed to win my AG (27:52) & got my award from the 96 yr old race founder.

  • Thursday – Stuck indoors all day for work.  As soon as I was done, I changed into running clothes and ran a few miles along the river.

Then I ran back to the hotel to change and set out again in hopes of getting cheap seats to a show.

I had the best NYC pizza for dinner and the play was good too!!

  • Friday – Another work day in the Big Apple and a rainy one. At least I had a planned rest day.  I went for a walk at lunch (In the rain) but after work had to get my luggage at the hotel and then catch the train home.

it stopped raining by the end of my walk

  • Saturday – I had planned on a 5k on Sunday but hadn’t registered and decided to skip it and run for fun. But my mistake was believing the weather forecast which said rain early then clearing. Well it was clear early and then stormed on and off ALL day.  I did all my errands but at 5 pm I gave up trying to run.
  • Sunday – Instead I ran up at the lake before we went out on the lake.

I forgot how hilly this route was but at least it was not humid

just what the doctor ordered – a restful day with friends and a view followed by pizza & ice cream

16 miles done with 4 runs and 3 rest days

This Week:

  • Monday – 4 mile run, dinner with an old friend
  • Tuesday – rest, driving 4 hrs to Rochester, NY
  • Wednesday – work in Rochester, driving home
  • Thursday – 4 mile run with Alyssa
  • Friday – rest
  • Saturday – 7 mile run, tennis, fun with friends on the Schroon River
  • Sunday – tennis, fun with friends on the Schroon River

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Are you have a fun summer?


Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series 5K #4 Race Recap

Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series #4 – July 5, 2017 –  7:10 pm

If you follow my blog, you know that I often get sent to NYC for work.

Usually, I just try to squeeze in a run on the East River, Hudson River or in Central Park.

run from my last visit to NYC

For this trip, I found a race!!!!

Woo Hoo!

So apparently during the summer months on alternating Wednesdays at 7:10 pm, there is a cheap ($7.50 – in past years it was $5) 5k in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Here’s all I could find out about the race from the NYCRuns website:

We’re gearing up for another great summer of evening 5K races! You don’t have to be fast to enter, but these races will help you find out how fast you can be!
Big news for 2017: we now have chip timing! All runners will receive their actual race time.
Races will start and end at the Bluestone Cafe at Lakeside Center.

There, we will offer:

  • Bib pickup starting at 6pm
  • Bag check
  • Lockers available for a fee
  • Bathrooms (real ones!)
  • Water after the race
  • 5 year Age group awards ceremony after the race

Plus some free photos off their site (from the last 5k):

Sounds like fun, right?

There were almost 600 runners at the last race!!! (but only 3 in my age group 🙂 )

So all I had to do is take a 2h45 hour train ride to Manhattan, check into my hotel, figure out what subway to take and get to Prospect Park by 6:30 pm or so.

suffering from a back ache during this inaugural poorly planned race (10/10/15)

I have run in Prospect Park once before for the RNR Brooklyn Half Marathon and I remember it being very hilly – like Central Park.

Below is the course map. However, I didn’t remember where the hills were…


But no worries. This was purely for another racing experience and hopefully a fun one.

So this time, there were no snafus in getting to the city from Albany. No problems with the hotel.  All I had to do was figure out how to get to the race.  No one at the hotel was helpful.  I wanted to run over the Brooklyn Bridge and then go to the race.

F train to the B train

Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be a way if I did that I could also get to the correct subway (at least I wasn’t sure how to) to get to Prospect Park.

So I played it safe and took 2 subways and arrived at the entrance of Prospect Park.  Very Early.

I walked over to the Botanical Gardens across the street but they were already were closed so I just walked into the park.

I had no idea how to get to the race start in this huge park but luckily I bumped into a race volunteer whom I followed.

I did a little exploring before I got my bib.

those are turtles (I hoped that I would not be running like one LOL)

yes, that algae is pretty disgusting

Finally I headed to the Lakeside Center (where there were local kids cooling off in the pool/fountain) to get my bib.

I was able to check a bag, use the (real) restroom, get some water and relax at a shady picnic table.

It was still an hour before the race was scheduled to start so that’s exactly what I did.  It was very warm (in the mid 80s) and I made sure to drink water to remain hydrated.

Little by little, the runners arrived.

Definitely an interesting experience running in a new place where I knew NO ONE!  The runners all seemed to look like the stereotyped “serious runner”.  You know what I mean.  (Later I would notice that 25 of them finished with less than average 6 min pace per mile!!)

Finally it was time to migrate toward the start in the park.  It was quite a walk (close to a mile, I bet)

heading to the start

This year for the first time, the race provided chip timing. I still lined up not too far away from the starting line.  Then chatted with some runners about the race. I found out that it started with a long uphill (but not steep like CP), then there were rolling hills and eventually it looped back to finish.

looking bored while waiting to begin

I should have warmed up but I didn’t And after sitting on the train for almost 3 hours, 45 min on the subway and then sitting at the café, my legs were stiff.

and I’m off…

I started running the first mile and I just couldn’t get going. Or maybe it was the heat or the uphill, but I was running so slow.

Mile 2 was better but there were no water stops.  You had to stop at a water fountain in the park.  I did not and by mile 3, I was crashing.

I had a walk a few times but when I saw the clock at the finish line, the competitive me came out.

I got up enough energy to sprint and finish a few seconds over 28 minutes (which turned out to be 27:52 chip time.)

No water at the finish line.  You had to walk back to the café.  So I just sat in the shade for a while to catch my breath.

Once I felt better, I started walking following the runners.

Well, it turned out they were leaving the park.  I was walking in the WRONG direction.

I had to return to get my bag and I wanted to check the race results.

By this point, I got a second wind and ran back to the finish and to the café.

I checked the results and was surprised that I was FIRST in my age group.

27:52 – finished 250 out of 378

I didn’t have to wait long before they started the awards ceremony.  The finish times were amazing!!

And the founder of the race, Al Goldstein was there and took a photo with each winner.

BTW: He is 96 years old!!

A nice lady took my photo and I hers.  She won her 65-69 age group.

We chatted for a while.  It was her first summer series race. She was babysitting her daughter’s apartment nearby. And she was nice enough to walk me to the subway.  (A much shorter walk if you entered at the right entrance.)

It was late by the time I got back to my hotel. (And I got to see the Brooklyn Bridge from the subway as we rode outside over the East River!)

But I did enjoy my first Brooklyn 5k!!

Race Splits
mile 1- 9:15
mile 2 – 8:45
mile 3 – 9:04
.14 – 7:09

Yes, my Garmin finally  recorded my lap times!!

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My topic for this Friday is: Why Run an Impromptu Race is a New City

  1. It gets you moving (running.)
  2. You don’t have to figure out a safe running route.
  3. You run in a new place.
  4. You meet new people.
  5. It gets you out of your comfort zone.

Of course, I was tempted to relax in my hotel room, enjoy a nice meal in a restaurant, visit a museum or even take in a show.

But I am glad that I took on this new adventure.  (Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?)

Happy Running! Ever run a race solo in an unfamiliar place?