3rd Annual Holiday Giveaway Hop

Several years ago, I got this watch.

Well, it’s still in the original box.  I meant to try it but I use an app on my phone for everyday running and a Garmin for racing.

It’s a shame to just let it sit so I’m giving away this Timex watch to one of my blog readers.

According to the website, here are the good things the watch has to offer:

  • a powerful combination of innovative sport functionality and aerodynamic design for enhanced performance and comfort
  • tapscreen technology access advanced features without breaking stride
  • target time pacer gives distinct audible performance feedback when lap times are logged
  • lap management system allows easy access to dated training logs with lock capabilities
  • 150 lap memory recall for effortless review after workout
  • 100 hour chronograph with lap or split in large digits
  • 199 lap counter
  • hydration & nutrition alarms reminds to refuel at regular intervals
  • large screen with large digits makes the display easy-to-read at a glance.
  • on-the-fly recall of lap or split
  • interval training is easy with 3 workout sessions with 16 labelled interval timers settable for up to 24 hours: countdown/stop (cs) and countdown/repeat (cr)
  • automatic interval repetition counter
  • 3 customizable alarms: daily/weekday/weekend/weekly options
  • 2 time zone settings makes travel easy
  • all-day white reflector display
  • built-in setting reminders to quickly and easily set your watch
  • forward/backward setting for ease of use
  • co-moulded dura-strength breathable strap minimizes skin contact and maximizes comfort
  • dependable water resistance to 100m
  • easy to view in low light conditions with indiglo night-light
  • turn on indiglo night-light with any button with night-mode feature

So if you need an extra watch or know someone who does, this is perfect for you!!

It costs nothing to enter and the deadline is midnight on December 6, 2015.

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This is a Giveaway Hop, there are several other blogs participating, and lots of additional chances to win other great prizes too.

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Good Luck and Happy Running!


Monday Running Update

spring 2015 monday
Last Week: 

  • Monday– Today was my last 3 mile run with my Turkey Trot Challenge Group. Neither of coaches showed up so we were on our own.  Instead of intervals, we ran a SPEEDY 3.3 miles (Boy,  those ladies are fast I struggled big time to keep up.)

3.3 fast miles – race pace for me (not the others)

  • Tuesday – Just a normal work day with a lunchtime walk and played 1 1/2 hours of tennis followed by dinner out.
  • Wednesday I had the day off from work. I used it to cook for the holiday and squeezed in a yoga class in the middle.

2nd yoga class this month! WooHoo!

  • Thursday – First I ran a 10K race and then for fun I did the 5k after with friends.  I spent the rest of the day cooking since I was bringing Thanksgiving dinner over to my MIL’s that evening.

59:33 – not one of my best

31:28 – one of my slowest

this was happening in my house & I ran 9.3 miles and had to cook

and squash leek soup

gotta have pumpkin pie for dessert

  •  Friday – Another day off and I did NOT go shopping.  I rested from my 9.3 miles the day before (except for a quite 1 mile cuz it was 65 degrees outside) and made turkey soup (what else?)  I did go out in the evening to play mah jongg .
  • Saturday – I did debate going to a 5K race but decided against it and to rest another day. Besides it was cold and rainy. I did decorate the house for the holidays so it wasn’t so restful. In the evening, I went to the movies with a friend.

snowmen everywhere

  • Sunday – Today I did my last long run. I ran 2 miles and then Judy & I ran 6 miles together on the rail trail. And in the evening, I took Amanda (my mentee) and her sons out to dinner and then to the Holiday Lights in the Park.

IMG_7615 21.6 miles done with 3 runs and 4 rest days.

This Week:  (taper time – race week)

  • Monday-  3.1 miles after work
  • Tuesday – tennis
  • Wednesday – 3.1 miles before work
  • Thursday –  3.1 miles before, pack
  • Friday – rest, fly to Florida
  • Saturday – rest
  • Sunday – 13.1 miles!!!
  • Monday – rest, fly home
I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin.   See rules here.

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Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?


‘Tis the Season

Yes, 5 days off from work in a row… To me that’s a vacation or in this case a “staycation.”

Here are the highlights:

I cooked Thanksgiving dinner. (This is important because I don’t cook often.)


and some squash/leek soup


pumpkin pie

I ran a 10k and a 5K race.





My house is decorated.

I don’t go all out but it still takes time… a small fake tree & a menorah plus snowmen everywhere!!


I even made and wrote out my holiday cards.  I always make a photo collage card.


this isn’t it but I made one that is similar

I finally got to the movies.  I love going to the movies but really don’t go until winter when there’s nothing else to do.

It was good…Next on my list is Brooklyn, Room, the Danish Girl

I did some online shopping for my hubby and together we went shopping for a joint anniversary gift.

We’ve had a hot tub on our decks for years but it died. Of course, it hasn’t worked since I started running. My hubby really wanted it. So I said yes. I do have 2 race-cations planned for Florida. I can’t be greedy.

Speaking of the winter holidays…

Winter weather is back.  Just on Friday, the temperature was in the 60’s and this morning, it was in the 20’s!!! Brrrr!

I haven’t really run since Thursday (except a slow 1 miler on Friday) and I wanted to get in one more longish run before my half marathon next Sunday.

I waited until it warmed up to the 30’s but the sun made it feel even warmer. I ran on the street parallel to the rail trail and ventured off to some other trails.


a path leading to the rail trail


a path going under the rail trail



on the other side


enjoying some sunshine

After 2 miles, I went back to my car where Judy was waiting.  She  was nice enough to oblige and join me for the next 6 miles.

We did the same route as the last time – 3 miles out on the rail trail and then 3 miles back.




Although it was cold, the sun made it very pleasant. Our pace was actually the same as last time. So 8 easy milesmy last long run is done!!

Thanks Judy for the company!!

lightsinthe park

Then in the evening, I took my mentee, Amanda and her 2 sons to see the Capital Lights in the Park.  We go every year. It’s mostly the same but the kids still enjoy it. We have dinner before & hot chocolate after. They get balloon animals and their faces painted.





Richard is almost 9 & Matthew is 4

Now I need to go back to work to relax. LOL

Happy Running!  Has winter arrived where you run?  Have you started your holiday shopping?




Runfessions November

It’s that time again.  Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice
I runfess…
I can’t seem to motivate myself to run in the morning before work.  It’s not that I sleep in but I am lazy.  I sit around watching the Today show, eating breakfast and reading email/blogs.
Things gotta change.  I am missing those awesome sunrises and instead I am running in the dark.

my runs this year

I runfess…
I am a fair weather runner.  I don’t care how tired I am or how many miles I’ve run the day before but if it is nice weather, I want to run.
Take yesterday. After having run 9.3 miles the day before, it was 65 degrees so I had to run. (It was a very short slow one.)
On the other hand, when it is COLD or cloudy or BOTH, I hate to run.  If I didn’t have a race to train for, I don’t know how often I would get out there.

good thing I had company for this one

My first year of running, I quit running running from November to April. I didn’t want to run in the cold. Now I put up with it.
I runfess…
I hate to admit it but it is hard for me to run a race without trying to PR.
I did it TWICE recently.
For the GOTR 5k, I was pacing Kelly on her first 5k.  Yes, it was rewarding and I enjoyed being part of it.  But part of me wanted to see if I could PR on this fast course.

my just for fun 5k

Then on the Troy Turkey Trot 5k, I knew that I would be tired after the 10k and couldn’t really PR.  Again, I wondered whether I should do it at all or maybe just run the 5k and try to PR.

my oh so slow 5k

Sometimes it sucks being so competitive.
I runfess…
And speaking of PRs…
Although Thursday was Thanksgiving and I had to remind myself many times about how thankful I was that I was not injured and could run, I still was disappointed in my 10K finish time.

almost 3 minutes slower than last year :(

It was even more disappointing because I participated in the training group for this race and that I know I am capable of much more than I gave in this race.
I runfess…
I still drive by my FREE gym twice everyday. Every time I do, I say to myself “I should go!! It’s crazy not to.”
Yet, I do not! I think it’s because with exercising, the rewards are not tangible as they are with tennis or running.
I runfess…
I still  have not bought the battery for my scale.
There was machine in the grocery store that took your weight, heart rate and BP and I used it the other night.
I was shocked at my weight but then again, I was wearing running shoes, and several layers of running clothes.  They are heavy, right?
I runfess…
I am very vain…
I am picky about how I look when I run.  I never just go out and run.  I always plan my outfits.  I think I have spent more time on thinking about what to wear for my next half than the race itself.
So which one should I wear?

Happy Running! Do you have something to Runfess?


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Friday Five: Gratitude


Every Friday, three DC area bloggers Mar at Mar On the Run, Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! and Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC to host the Friday Five linkup.  Anyone can join with their own Friday Five post (yes, it must be a Friday Five!!)  They encourage you to visit other blogs on the linkup, comment, share and engage!

This week’s theme is GRATITUDE

This year (as in other years) I am thankful for…

  1. MY IMMEDIATE FAMILY (my hubby & my kitties)

My hubby allows me the freedom to be me. That means patiently waiting for me to run or race before we go boating during the summer months and scheduling our activities around my running. I am grateful that he is there to support me.



My 4 cats give me unconditional love with their lap cuddles and purrs.

Jerry, the oldest (18 years old in March/April)

Honey & Billy, the youngest (10 years old)

Slater (about 12 or 13 years old)


Of course that means being healthy enough to do the activities I enjoy — RUNNING, tennis, walking/hiking, occasional yoga class. I don’t take it for granted.  I have been NOT able to do it too many times. I am so grateful to be healthy all of 2015!!





I am still in contact with a few friends from high school and college.  It is great to connect with them and reminisce (about the good old days.) I have also made a bunch of GREAT friends as an older adult from the activities that I do…tennis friends, boating friends, quilting friends, mah jongg friends, running friends, etc.  And I also have several from work (all 3 of my careers.) All of these people are precious to me and I am grateful to have them in my life.






4. SOCIAL NETWORKING – (Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, etc.)

The people I connect with are my virtual friends.  I have met new people and can connect with ones that live too far away to see. I have learned a lot from Facebook and from my fellow Bloggers.  Sometimes I have been lucky enough to meet them in the flesh.  So I guess I am grateful for the Internet and those smart folks who have invented software that can connect people.





post race


Running has changed me.  I discovered it late in life (at age 55). It has made me more confident, independent and I feel healthier and younger than ever.  I am most grateful to this sport and what it has given me.

Running down the Bump N Grind Trail in CA



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Happy Running! What are you most thankful for?


Troy Turkey Trot 10K & 5K Races Recap


This was my 2nd time running this 10K and my second time being part of the Turkey Trot Challenge training group.

I really enjoyed this race last year (in spite of the snowstorm) so was looking forward to this year’s race.

happy because it was and still is my 10K PR (check out all the snow!)

The course was the same as last year:

I picked up by bib on Sunday so I didn’t have to rush on race morning.


A cotton tee shirt! what were they thinking?

But I did want to arrive early to get parking.  I parked in the bowling alley parking as I did last year and walked a few blocks to the Atrium where I could wait for the race to begin.

I checked my jacket and pants since I wouldn’t need them until after the race.

At least this year, it hadn’t snowed the night before but as usual for this time of year, it was cold – in the 40’s. And of course, you had to be careful not to overdress because you will get too warm.

I chatted with members of my training group until it was time to brave the cold.

The 10K started at 8 am followed by the kid’s one mile race & a one mile walk and then at 10 am the most popular event, the 5K.

pic from a previous year

Last year, I had problems with my Garmin so I made sure to turn it on early. I squeezed in to the crowd at the 9 minute pace group with Stan, Nancy & Jackie from my training group even though I knew that I would lose them quickly.I just tried not to start out too fast and to run at an even pace and to save some for the last mile.


Jackie is in gray to the right

For some reason, this race seemed a lot more crowded.  For my pace, it never thinned out.  I was running in a crowd the whole race. My legs never seemed to get going.  I just couldn’t run fast today.  And for some reason, my skirt/capris kept falling down.  This bugged me and I kept pulling them up. (I have run in them before but I think it was the race belt that kept pushing them down.) I’m not sure that this slowed me down but it sure was annoying.


near the beginning because I am smiling (& my half-zip is zipped up)

The course is pretty flat.  You run over the Green Island bridge twice near the beginning and then run through Troy before you turn around and run back.


There was a lot of crowd support.  There were even guys handing out bottles of beer.

I saw an old tennis friend who was volunteering and I high fived her. That was cool since I haven’t seen her in years.

There were quite a few water stops. I skipped the first one and even the second but I questioned my judgment because I was dying for a drink by the 3rd one.


Timing clocks were placed at every mile. I didn’t have to look at my watch to know that I was slow and had NO chance of a PR.  I wasn’t sure that I could even finish under 1 hour.

Finally, I stopped to walk at the last water stop and take a GU.  It was a little after mile 4.  I walked for a while.

This walk gave me a second wind, I think.


must be toward the end (I am warm now)

As usual, it seemed to take forever to run the last mile….

But as soon as I saw the finish line, I gave it everything I had (which wasn’t much at this point) & I crossed under 1 hour!!   (My chip time was 59:33.)

Not a PR but really not a decent time for me but I tried not to get too bummed about it.


10K Splits:

mile 1 – 9:18
mile 2 – 9:35
mile 3 – 9:25
mile 4 – 9:45
mile 5 – 10:02 (water & gu)
mile 6 –  9:32
.22 – 8:30

This year, unlike the previous year, I signed up to run a second race, the 5k about an hour later.


yes, that’s how they ran and faster than me

I got some refreshments but really wasn’t hungry so I just drink some chocolate milk. Then I went back to the Atrium to stay warm.

Boy, was it crowded… 5 thousand or more runners squeezed into a small building.

I wanted to find my friends and my hubby (who was running his FIRST 5k with a friend)….and rest my weary legs.

cotton shirt #2

I had already picked up my bib but I needed to get it from my checked bag. And I was so sweaty that I wanted to change my clothes.

I did find my tennis friend but I never found my hubby.


I got rid of my jacket and put a dry tee shirt under my sweaty shirt.

This was the first time that I had run the 5k race.  But it was just an out and back course.

Finally it was time to squeeze into the starting area. I found someone from my training group in the “gray” bib area and we chatted until the race began.

pic from a previous year

Of course, my legs were tired from having already run 6.2 miles (at race pace) so all I wanted to do was finish.  Of course, I was hoping to come in under 30 minutes but I wasn’t sure that was possible. I didn’t want to push it since I had a half marathon to run in a little over a week.


waving to the camera (already lost my hair scrunchie)

It was so crowded that I had no problem slowing down in the beginning. Like the previous race, it was crowded the whole race.


And my legs were not cooperating.  They wanted to run slow. And so I did.


I crossed the finish line around 32 minutes which was 31:28 chip time.

I got some more chocolate milk and then went back to the finish line to wait for my hubby.  Then I got a text that he pulled a muscle and quit the race.  I didn’t say “I told you so.” (He never trained.  In fact he had never even run before.) His running days are officially over.

5K Splits:

mile 1 – 9:58
mile 2 – 10:12
mile 3 – 10:08
.14 – 8:22


9.3 miles in the books!


last year 57:03


slowest 5k in years

So not to be a Debbie Downer…

The Good:

  • The weather – not too hot or too cold. If the sun came out, I would have been too warm. It was perfect running weather.
  • Race organization – considering the number of runners, it was very well organized.
  • Race location – place to stay warm indoors with indoor bathroom and bag check
  • Chocolate Milk at the finish
  • Medals for both the 10k and the 5k
  • 15K PR – each of my race times were disappointing but if you add them together, it was 1:31:01 which is a slight PR.
  • Good preparation for my half marathon in 10 days
  • Running 9.3 miles lets me eat more Thanksgiving food
  • NO PAIN…no blisters…lower back and feet felt great.  Thumbs up to my Nikes! (and I didn’t wear compression socks.)

The Bad:

  • my 10K time – considering I was in a training group for this race and I ran this course last year, I should have finished faster!!
  • post race refreshments – I would have liked pizza or bagels or cookies
  • same medal for both the 5k and the 10k (if you run both, you have 2 of the same medals)
  • cotton tee shirts (in my case, 2 cotton tee shirts)
  • my 5k time – the last 5k at the Stockeadathon 15k was faster and there were huge hills
  • my hubby’s racing is over before it began
  • for some reason, I didn’t push it…I was never out of breath..I never ran fast

Overall, I enjoyed the races.  I am glad that I ran them.  I think I will do both next year too.

After the race(s), I had to rush home.  There was change in plans.  Instead of going out to a restaurant, I was cooking dinner and BRINGING it to my MIL’s. (Hopefully for all my efforts, I will get to bring home some leftovers.)

Happy Thanksgiving To You and Your Family!!!

Happy Running! Did you run off that turkey?


Tuesdays on the Run: Runner’s Gift List

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week’s topic is: Runner’s Gift List

Here are my recommendations:

  • a Watch

Forerunner 10

Forerunner 220

If you are a runner, you know how important it is to track your distance and pace especially during a race and training for an important race.  I couldn’t survive without one.  I have the Garmin 205 which is rather large and I am not sure how long it will last.  I would love to have a new one, Santa!

Or maybe an Apple Watch!?

  • Running Shoes

Mizunos Wave Rider 19s – so pretty!!

“I have too many pairs of running shoes,” said no runner ever!

I loved my Mizuno Wave Rider 18s and now the 19s are coming out.


PR in black/blue 18s


PR in pink/white 18s

  • Running Skirts

I can’t believe that I ever ran in shorts.  Skirts are so much more comfortable and they look so much better (especially if you don’t have a perfect body.) Those from Skirtsports are my favorite.  I love their length and that they have 2 pockets.  I have a few but never enough….

And now that it is getting colder, I need ones with tights…

ss long

  • Running Jewelry

Every girl likes bling! And how nice would a charm with a message or commemorating a race distance be…


I am wearing one that says <3 Running

  • Socks

Having the right socks are almost as important as the right shoes. I love compression sock or sleeves. The only time I don’t wear compression is when is very hot or with capris. I get blisters so I heard that Feetures are a great low sock to buy.  I also like Balegas.

For some inexpensive gift ideas, click here.

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Happy Running!  What is on your list?