Tall Mom’s 3 High Fives Virtual 5K Race

Better late than never. I had to do it on May 7 (not May 5). Sorry Mel.

Albany, NY is famous for its Tulip Fest each Mother’s Day weekend so I decided to do  my 5K in Washington Park (the day before the festival takes place this year).  I brought my running clothes to work and planned to leave from there at 4:30 pm sharp!!

The day was warm and sunny but when I left work, the sky was cloudy so I left my hat & sunglasses in my car. I don’t work very far from the park so I decided to leave my car at work and carry my keys, camera & iPod in my new pink Nathan belt and run to the park.

Within minutes, the sun reappeared & I wished I had my sunglasses  and/or cap.  I headed to the park which was in a state of commotion.  All the TV stations were there filming stories about tomorrow’s Tulip Fest.  All the vendors were setting up their tables, the bands were setting up their equipment on the stages, etc. 

The best part was seeing all the tulips. 

I ran around them once and asked someone to take my photo.

Then I headed for my run around the park where I passed the lake and other beautiful sites in the park.

I finished my run back at the tulips ..

and asked someone to take another photo.

I finished my 5k with a time of 33:40.  I may have run faster if I weren’t so mesmerized by the beautiful flowers….

Happy Running!


3 thoughts on “Tall Mom’s 3 High Fives Virtual 5K Race

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