Silks & Satins 5K Race Report

This was my 3rd year running in this race so I knew where the race was and that it was a flat course. I was pretty excited since I usually run alone but this race I was meeting 2 women — one who I met at my last race and one who I’ve only met online – both started running in their 50’s so we have a connection!!!

It had rained all night and when I left my house it was  very HUMID.  I was surprised that at 6:45 am it was already 72 degrees – Oh No!!

This 5k coincides with the opening of the Saratoga Racetrack which draws people from all over the world. I got there early enough to find parking.  Last year there were about 1200 people but this year only 800 or so…the weather??

I looked for AJH and luckily for cell phones, we found each other before the start.

Then I found Mary, as well.

AJH & I started near the front.  Since the clock starts when the first runners leaves, I don’t like to hang back.  Mary, however, headed toward the back.

I quickly lost AJH.  I knew that I couldn’t keep her pace. My first mile, however, was faster than it should have been in this weather (under 9 min).  I think I continued to get slower each mile, as a result. This is a flat course so I was hoping to PR.  As I approached the finish line, I saw 29… and  I was disappointed.  I wished I had kept my mile 1 pace & didn’t walk at the water stop.  My final time was 29:34.  At least I was under 30 minutes and faster than last year 🙂

There was a lot of food at this race but I was too hot to eat much. I found AJH who had a SUPER race. (26 minutes os so) Her fastest 5k this year!! She is amazing!!!

We hung around for the awards.  There were a lot of  FAST runners at this race (esp. in our age group).  AJH came in 6th and I came in 10th so no awards for us…  I never found Mary but I spoke to her on the phone later.  (She felt sick and was disappointed at her 31 minute time so left right away.)

AJH & I hung around for awhile watching the horses warm up and chatting about running. 

She may even have convinced me to run a longer race some day… Hopefully, we will connect again for another race in NY or VT…(Check out her blog for her race report.)

Mary & I made plans to run together this Friday and she signed up to do the Fasig Tipton 5k with me on Aug. 7.  She wants to do a 5k in under 30 min and I want to run a longer I hope we can help each other.

Happy Running and Have a great Weekend!


7 thoughts on “Silks & Satins 5K Race Report

  1. It was so great meeting you! I know we will be racing together again! It’s great that you are going to run with Mary! Man, it is still so hot and sticky! We did very well! Saratoga was a fun place to be today. Glad you mentioned on your blog how much you like this race! You and I are alike in that we both like to race a lot!!!


  2. How cute are you girls all racing together? I love that you got together. When are you gonna make it over my way? Or I suppose I could head east one of these days…


  3. Nice job on beating last year’s time, Darlene. It was so awfully hot. I was sweating by the time we started lining up. At the end I poured half my water over me, instead of in me. I was looking for you at the race but never saw you. My brain was burning up from the heat anyway.


  4. Wow – finding all these people who did this race 😀

    So hot! I have done the S&S 3 times now, and this was the most humid of all. It’s funny how we all have pics of the horses. Guess we all parked in the same lot LOL!

    I’m up north in the GF area. Not sure when my next run race is, but I will be doing some biking ones.


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