Runnin’ of the Green Race Report and More

Another new race for me.  Not a new distance because I already ran a 4 mile race last month.  So I was hoping to have a better time.

That is the course map – but had no idea if it would be hilly or flat.  This is a very popular race.  Around 800 registered which was a record.

The forecast was: Cloudy periods with scattered wet snow and/or rain showers. Nothing heavy. Highs 43-48

I was hoping for an hour of dry weather. (I’m a wimp about rain!!)

It was a challenge to decide what to wear and not be over dressed. I decided to wear tights, shorts, a turtle neck under my lime green half marathon shirt and bring a green sweatshirt, hat, gloves, just in case.

 I received an e-mail that the parking would be difficult so I left extra early.  I got a spot in the closest lot and hung out in the legion hall till the start of the race. I bumped into several runners that I knew.

I took some pics before the race and didn’t have a pocket to carry my camera during the race.

You can see that you don’t run this race for the scenery.  Green Island is an old factory town.

The weather seemed colder than I had thought – it was damp and cloudy.  I decided to wear my green sweatshirt, cap & gloves  for the race.  I was fine – just a little warm toward the end.

The course, though not scenic, was pretty flat.  I thought that I would not race since I had planned to run 10 miles today.  But as soon as the race started, I wanted to do well. I also wanted to do better than my last and 1st 4 mile race.  So I just ran!!!

When you finished, there was a screen with the LIVE results – mine said: 37:56.

My splits according to my Garmin were:

mile 1 9:06
mile 2 9:46
mile 3 9:40
mile 4 9:24

I got nervous after the 1st mile than I would run out of gas so I slowed down.  Then I wanted to PR so I sped up during the last mile.

My Garmin time was 37:56 but the clock time was 38:02.  I’ll take it.  It’s a PR by 2 minutes 9 sec.!!

You can watch me cross the finish line on video (at 2:35):

I grabbed some food and water and left to complete my long run.

I parked my car at work and ran into Albany and ran around Washington Park and through the streets for 6 more miles.

The St Patrick’s Day parade had ended and there were a lot of drunk people and people wearing funny green outfits & accessories! Pretty entertaining.

I didn’t continue at my race pace, of course. (The 6 miles were all over 11 min/mi) But it is my best long run ever.  I didn’t need to walk much.  I think the 4 mile race was just what I needed.

Last week I ran 9 miles in 1:54.  Today I ran 10 miles in 1:45!!

To celebrate, I stopped at Starbucks.  A cocoa cappuccino and a tiramisu cake pop – YUM YUM!!!

On the way home, I stopped to watch my USTA tennis team play its first match of the season.  We lost 3-2 (in a tie breaker). I play next Sunday.

Now it’s time to spend time with the hubby – restaurant and maybe a movie.

Happy Running!


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