Run 4 Your Life 5k Race Report

Another new race but in a location where I have run a 5k before (Cardiac Classic on Thanksgiving 2009). I haven’t run a 5K since December and I have had problems running with any speed. (Longer distances do that to you!!) I was lazy about my runs this past week. (I cut my 3.5 mi  to 1.5 and my 3 mi  to 2) So I had no idea how this would come off.  Unfortunately it was colder than it should have been this time of year too.

I had the same dilemma as my last race.  Do I try to PR or do I save some energy to run 8 more miles after the race????????????

So I did the same thing as my last race – run my fastest but be realistic about the results…

It was 23 degrees when I left the house. I tried not to over dress because it was sunny.  I left behind my thermal gloves & hat and wore thin gloves, baseball cap, tights, shorts, a turtleneck, vest and a red fleece .   Red because this race was to raise money for heart disease.

I got to the race about a 1/2 hour early. It was freezing!!!! It felt a lot colder because of the WIND! Luckily the pavilion in Central Park had 4 fireplaces where everyone was huddling to keep warm.

Then we had to walk almost a mile (at least it seemed that way) to get to the start of the race and wait in the freezing cold.  There were  almost 600 runners in the race – a lot of firemen and a lot of young runners.

I started out fast.  The first mile wasn’t as hilly as the 2nd & 3rd.  The course is pretty scenic but the hills weren’t fun and the WIND was a killer.  My hands didn’t thaw out til the 3rd mile.

I wanted to run a good race but also I wished that I could PR.  However, I ran out of steam at the end. When I saw 29 minutes on the clock, I was disappointed but I ran as fast as I could — I did  not want to finish over 30 minutes!!

Official time: 29:22  Pace – 9:27
Place – 270
2nd in AG (55-59)
6th in AG (50-59)

Splits (according to my Garmin):
mile 1 – 9:16
mile 2 – 9:54
mile 3 – 9:33
.1 – 6:48

Not even close to a PR but on this same course in 2009, I finished in 30:12.

I hung around for a little while.  There was soup, pizza, bagels, fruits, etc. They only gave awards (trophies) to first place in each 10 year age group. No hope there!

after the race

 I was debating on where or not to add more miles to make today my long run day but I was too COLD!!!  It was still 23 degrees when I left.

I called my hubby and we decided to go take pics of his plane (the one that was destroyed when the hangar collapsed from the snow).



 To cheer ourselves up, we went to a boat show and then to Lake George and out to dinner.

Tomorrow am I am subbing in a USTA tennis match. I hope to win this time.

Then I am going to do my long run.  I haven’t decided if I am going to run 11 miles or just 8 (since I ran 3 today).  Maybe  it will be warmer and less windy!! One can hope!!!

Where is spring???

Happy Running!


5 thoughts on “Run 4 Your Life 5k Race Report

  1. Congrats on the age group placement. Isn’t it cold? I ran 6 today and it was 18 degrees when we started and windy. I have had enough. Waiting for the race to start is the worst! We are doing 12 tomorrow so let’s hope it is better!


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