How to get Motivated for a Half Marathon?

How do I get motivated? 3 weeks to go!!

 Most people just go out and run more often or run longer.

Not me! I get pysched by planning my running outfit!

first half marathon outfit

That was my first skirt and I loved racing in it. I liked the pockets to carry my phone, camera, gu but my hubby said it made my hips look HUGE!  I will wear my ASICS shoes again and the Compression Socks! Why ruin a good thing?

So here’s what I have:

running skirt

shirt if it's warm

shirt if it's cool

a black Spi Belt (to carry my phone, camera, gu)
and a black baseball cap or visor.

What do you think?

Oh and the hair thing:



Happy Running!


7 thoughts on “How to get Motivated for a Half Marathon?

  1. Love the new hair – and still long enough to do those other thrilling hairstyles! Also love the outfit – I totally have to feel good about my race day attire too – the race is for a day, but the pictures live forever!


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