The Happy Runner’s Virtual Half Marathon

In honor of Amanda, Suzy, Felice, Janis & Bridget’s Half Marathon race in Queens, NY yesterday, I completed this virtual one.  Yesterday, I ran 2.1 miles. It was sunny and windy.  I was hoping that today would be calmer and beside I had plans.

I spent the afternoon with my mentee, Amanda and her 4 yr old son, Richard (She is having another boy on Aug 20.). First we went to the park to see the ducks, geese and goldfish but it was too windy to play on the playground.  Instead we went to the mall where they were having their annual  “Journey Through the Body” activities for kids.

After playing in the mall playground, we ended by having ice cream.  We shivered but it was worth it.

Today was my scheduled long run of 11 miles. It was sunny again but even windier than yesterday.

flag blowing in the wind

I overdressed because it was so breezy with gloves & a windbreaker.

before my run

with Slater, one of my cats

This was a run of firsts:

  • wearing my new Spi Belt (to carry water & GU)
  • wearing Reebok sneakers (that I got for free last summer)
  • a new route  – down the bypass, past the high school, down Delaware Ave, to the golf course and back)

The wind was brutal at first since I was running into it and it was hard to move forward.  After 3 miles, it got better since I turned right but then I got very WARM.  I stopped to take off the jacket & gloves.  Even my legs were warm – I wish I had worn  shorts or capris.

Interesting sightings:

  • a hawk (2 men pointed it out)
  • a hearse
  • someone running around the HS track (Tempted? Nope)
  • 2 runners (wearing the Albany Last Run orange jacket)
  • several joggers (could be runners)
  • several bikers
  • boys playing baseball

Around 7 miles into the run, I got tired.  My legs felt like lead.  I started to slow down.  I took walk breaks…this is always when I start to doubt my ability to run a half marathon. I took another Gu but it didn’t help.

I did finish strong.  But it wasn’t a very good run.


Positives – I love this new running route.  I will take it again for the next and last long run – 12 miles (YIKES!!) The spi belt didn’t move around though if you put a lot in, you feel pregnant.  I guess if looks better than bulging pockets. The front sides of my feet (where they always hurt) didn’t hurt at all with these cheap Reeboks(???)

So here’s the stats on my virtual (2 day) Half Marathon:

2.1 – 19.37
11 – 2:07:40
13.1 – 2:27:17

I still burned a lot of calories so my hubby took me to get this:

Coffee & Cream

at the Jericho Drive-in which incidentally is only 3.1 miles from my house… (I see a 10k run in my future!!)

By the way, Suzy, Amanda, Felice, Bridget and Janis all ROCKED their Half Marathon in Queens yesterday 🙂

Bridget, Felice, Amanda, Suzy, Janis

Happy Running!


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