Lake George Half Marathon Post Race Report

I am warmed up and dried out so now I can reflect on this 2nd Half Marathon experience.

The Positives:

  1. I got a PR and I didn’t run my best.
  2. I got a medal.
  3. I came in 2nd in my age group.
  4. I completed my 2nd Half Marathon.
  5. I left my comfort zone – I hate the rain.  I hate the cold.  I ran the race anyway.
  6. I learned that I need to train for hills.
  7. I know that I need my Garmin to run well but can survive without it.
  8. I want to run another half  marathon & I know I can run faster.
  9. I spent a beautiful afternoon in Lake George (the day before)

The Negatives:

  1. poor organization of race
  2. the weather
  3. $60 – no chip timing – no Pasta party (Naples HM cost $30 & had both)
  4. lonely without friends or husband sharing the experience
  5. I gave up too easily when I thought my time was slow (should have pushed harder the 2nd half)
  6. I needed more race fuel (1 more GU or gatorade)
  7. Spent too much $ at the outlets Ha! Ha!

See – there are more positives than negatives!!!

Next Half Marathon is Sept 25No training for 2 months! Yeah!

Today I am doing laundry, grocery shopping, having Easter dinner at my mother-in-law’s and then maybe taking in a movie.  A day to relax!


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