It’s Monday and My Birthday!

Yup, I am 58 years old today!!

If you asked me 5 years ago if I would run in a 5k race, I would have laughed in your face.  If you asked me one year ago if I would run a half marathon, I would have done the same.   I am thankful that I am healthy and have friends and bloggers that support my craziness.

my proudest moment



Finishing is Winning‘s Brain Exchange #35:

This Week’s Topic: Handling Set-Backs

This Week’s Question: What kind of set-backs have you experienced when it comes to your sport?  Have you had an injury, financial issue or other stress that has interfered with your training and how did/do you handle it?

I am pretty lucky to not have had major injuries.  I have had a slight knee issue and a foot problem. In both cases, I just cut back my running and paid more attention to icing & stretching & ibuprofen. I know if I had to stop running for any length of time, I would be totally bummed.

Both boating and tennis have greatly impacted my running time. My hubby has so far been agreeable to let me work around our weekends on the boat & I have been able to squeeze in my training runs and my summer 5ks. I will also try this summer to schedule my long runs on Thursdays.

Tennis is another story.  I try to not run & play on the same day so my body doesn’t fall apart.  But sometimes I have to.  I also don’t play on many teams anymore and I have to explain to my friends why I want to run rather than play on their team.

My husband was forced to retire before we were financially ready so I have been conscious about the cost of races. Racing is important to me so I try to cut back on other things.

Last week update:

My goal was 13  miles and I ran 4 times for a total of  13  miles. YAY!!
I ran  a 5K race.(actually it was 3 mi) and had a BIG PR!!
I played tennis twice.

Goals for the next 2 weeks:

This week’s schedule:

Mon – tennis after work
Tues – tennis after work
Wed – leave for Naples, Fla
Thurs – tennis, beach
Fri – tennis, beach
Sat – tennis beach
Sun – tennis, beach

Next week’s schedule:

Mon – sightseeing
Tues – tennis, beach
Wed – return to Albany, NY
Fri –  mah jongg
Sat – my hubby’s b-day
Sun – my belated B-day dinner w/BF

This week’s running:

Tues – 3 mi before work
Thurs – 3  miles before tennis
Sat – 3  miles before tennis
Sun – 3 mil before tennis

Next week’s running:

Tues – 3  miles before tennis
Thurs – Workforce Challenge 3.5 mi Race
Sun – SPAC 5k race 
2 Week Running Goal = 21.5 miles 
May Monthly Running Goal = 60 miles, a race or 2 or 3 or 4

Yearly Running Goal = 1011 miles

Happy Running! Florida here I come!


8 thoughts on “It’s Monday and My Birthday!

  1. Happy birthday Darlene and may I say you don’t look 58! I actually thought you were around my age (which is 42).

    Have a great day today.


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