Back from vacation!!


The trip was great! If you are from the NE, you know that it has been raining eveyday!  So just having sunshine and warm weather was a boost for me!

I will post photos at a future time but here’s the vacation summary:

  • Tennis Lessons – 5 days of clinics from the awesome Billy Bob
  • Tennis Playing –  6 days of doubles- so much fun playing with my friends
  • Days at the Beach – 5 – sunshine, slight breeze, water temps 85, what could be better?
  • Dinners or Lunches in Restaurants – 5  – Yum Yum – most included drinks & dessert
  • Entertainment – 1 show (Beehive, music from the 60s), 1 Movie (Bridesmaids – hilarious) & touring/shopping in Sarasota
  • Shopping Purchases – 1 tennis skirt, 2 tennis tops, 1 running shorts, 1 running top, 1 pair of sandals, 1 shirt for hubby
  • Running 3 times – 3 miles each time – too hot, too humid, needed to be fresh for tennis lesson, my friends wouldn’t run – enough excuses??
  • Books Read – 1 1/2 – no time – having too much fun
  • Scrabble Games Played – 4 on the beach
  • TV Shows Watched – 1 (The Good Wife finale)

Tomorrow I have 3.5 mile race…. and Sunday a 5K!!! Yikes!!!

Happy Running! Glad to be home!


2 thoughts on “Back from vacation!!

  1. Two races close together. I am just back from my Corporate Cup. Lots of fun but disappointed with my time. Have fun at yours. Let me know if you register for the 10 miler.


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