SPAC 2nd Annual Rock & Run 5k Race Report

I ran this race last year and it was my fastest 5k at the time.  I have since gotten faster so I was excited to have a good race. PR?  Maybe?

I remember the course being shady & flat with music and timing clocks along the course. It was also predicted to be the first dry day in over a week.  YAY!

at home before I left

The race was scheduled to begin at 10:30 but I headed up to Saratoga early to avoid the crowds. It was sunny when I left but it turned cloudy with a slight breeze and temps in the 60’s.  My boss Chris was supposed to be there but I didn’t see him but I did bump into Dede, a professor that I work with (She was supposed to race Thurs but didn’t).

I was a little chilly but opted to leave my jacket behind and run with just my tanktop. (I was glad I did since it was very humid.)

There were over 700 runners at the race. I started near the front.  The problem with trying to PR is that I knew I had to run faster than 8:51/mi.  I started fast but couldn’t keep it up.  Then when you know you can’t PR, you get depressed.

photo from The Saratogian

The course was a fun one.  There were local bands playing all throughtout the park.  There were electronic timers at  each mile and 3 water stops  (I drank at all 3!).

Although I was running faster than usual, everyone was passing me by including Dede who finished in 23 min.  (Who knew she was a runner?) I crossed the finish line at 27:48!!


mile 1 – 8:46
mile 2 – 9:22
mile 3 – 9:04
           .1 – 7:15

Not a PR but a good race.  I am very happy with it.  Last year I ran this course in 29:12 and I thought that was awesome.

They had bars, bananas and donuts (I ate 2!) but most of the good stuff (cupcakes, ice cream, pizza) cost money & I didn’t bring any.

They had the same photo booth as last year and I took some ugly pics of myself.

I stuck around the the awards ceremony. Unfortunately, the awards were given for 10 year age groups not 5.  I came in 6th for 50-59 but 1st for 55-59.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and I then added another (slooow) run of 2.9 miles before a belated birthday celebration with my BF- Blue Spice, Thai for dinner and then a movie – Water for Elephants.

Happy Running! Hope you enjoyed a good weekend of running/racing!


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