Kinderhook Bank OK 5K (or Beat the Rain) Race Report

This was the 2nd year I’ve run this race.  Last year, I didn’t know anyone there.  This year, I was excited to run with Mary, a race addict like myself.

This past week was hot and humid, but yesterday, the weather cooled down and today promised to be great for racing (except for the chance of showers 😦 )

I remember the course being flat and being my first under 29 minute race!!!

I woke up to the sound of rain…oh no would it be another Lake George Half kind of day??!!  I changed my clothes 3 times.  First a tank & skirt, then a sleeveless top with another skirt and finally, a short sleeved top with the original skirt. I also brought a hat, a jacket, pants, and a change of shoes & shorts.

I was prepared to get wet!! The rain continued as I drove 40 minutes to Kinderhook.

When I arrived, it was a downpour!!! I debated about staying in my car or running the race.  I texted Mary and she said she was racing no matter what.   PRESSURE!!!

I waited until the last minute and dashed to get my bib and timing chip.

I found Mary, I stashed my pants & umbrella under a table, tied my jacket around my waist and ran to the start.  No time to use the restroom, or take my Gu or drink some water.

Miraculously the rain stopped!!!!!

We started near the front and I was caught up with the fast runners (unlike last week).  Not good!! By 1 1/2 miles in, I was dying.  Hard to breathe (humidity??), nausceous…had to stop and walk.  I hate that!

I struggled for the rest of the race!!! I forgot about my goal and just wanted to finish before the rain came!!

Finally I saw some flashing lights.  The finish line?? False alarm  Just cop car.

And so I dragged myself through the finish line not sprinting like last week! But excitedly I was under 28 minutes!!! 27:57.  Hooray!

I waited for Mary and then had some refreshments – bagel, donut, watermelon…

They give out handmade pottery as AG prizes so I waited around till they put up the times. It appeared that there were at least 3 women  ahead of me in my age group and it was now raining HARD, so I left.

Race Splits:

mile 1 – 8:43
mile 2 – 9:11
mile 3 – 9:11
.1 – 8:15

So glad, it didn’t rain during this race and that I beat my last year’s time of 28:42.  No PR but under 28 minutes.  I’m happy with that.

No boating this weekend.  After a hot, sunny week, it may be raining all weekend.

I hope to squeeze in more miles later or tomorrow!

Happy Running!  Good luck on any weekend races!


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