Irony and My Famous Feet

 When I was training for my first Half Marathon, I complained about my feet. It seemed like I was getting bunions and I was worried about my running future.  Well, Good Housekeeping must have read my blog post, because they called me up and interviewed me about my feet.

So if you read this month’s magazine (comes out on Tuesday), read the article called “My Feet Hurt!”  I don’t really remember what I said.  I’ll have to read it too.

The irony of the story is that my bunions stopped hurting completely! I kept running and ran my first half marathon and a second half marathon.

Then the bottom inside of my left ankle started hurting (after 3 miles).  I’ve ignored it and kept running.

As of yesterday, my right Achilles is sore!!

So I did what any runner would do.  I stretched this morning, took ibuprofen and went for a run!

Ok, I wanted to do 8 miles. I’m not stupid. I compromised and I ran a SLOW 4 miles and iced it afterwards.

Happy Running! Hope your feet are happier than mine!


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