Read this if your feet hurt…

Today the article about How to take care of your feet came out in Good Housekeeping:

I am only quoted in the first paragraph but I found the article very informative.

Click HERE to read the rest of the article or buy it at the newstands.

Speaking about my feet, my right achilles is no worse.  YAY!!

I played tennis for 3 1/2 hours Sunday and also for an hour last nite.  Now I have a BLISTER on my left  foot which bothered me on my pre-rain run this morning.  😦

Time to switch to a different pair of running shoes…

Happy Running! Do your feet hurt??


9 thoughts on “Read this if your feet hurt…

    • Good for you. There are at least 6 from my area doing the Half. Still debating about the 10 miler since I haven’t put in the long runs yet.


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