Boating & My Running Mojo

The Boating season is winding down and the Running season is gearing up.

Although I am running again, the heel pain still persists.  Not so much while I am running but before & after.  This fact allows me to run but makes me be very cautious when I run.   It also makes me sad as I cross off races from my calendar 😦  But at least I AM RUNNING!

The sunshine came out finally on Friday after a week of rain.  After work, I had to choose between my weekly Mah Jongg game (which I LOVE)  or a longish run. 

Yes, my Running Mojo is back – I ran 5 miles around the park.  I hadn’t run there since Mother’s Day when the park boasted thousands of beautiful tulips.  I was surprised at how nicely it was landscaped & wished I had brought my camera.

Saturday, we headed up to Bolton Landing to spend the weekend on Lake George.  It wasn’t going to be warm but it was going to be dry!!

We spend the day with lots of boating friends at a new spot – near the Ranger Station on Long Island. We didn’t swim but had lots of fun!!

In the evening we headed to the village to watch the Car Show parade (There were thousands of vintage cars on display this weekend) and fireworks.  I could care less about the cars but the guys were in their glory oohing and aahing.

Afterwards we battled the traffic & returned to the marina to sleep on the boat.  Mind you it was 53 degrees & I could have sleep at 3 different friends’ houses in Lake George village.  Well, you know why I returned to the boat.

Sunday morning, I woke up early to go on a long run.  Long run for me is only 7 miles but I knew it still would be a challenge.

I wanted to take a new route as I always run around the Sagamore hotel.  I decided to run south on  9N. It was a little chilly so I put on a  jacket (Big mistake, I was warm in 5 min) and took along my camera.

photo stop on Huddle Bay

I ran the rolling hills for a few miles.


pretty painted building

When I passed a cemetery, I decided to take a detour toward the lake. Boy am I glad I did!

road less travelled by

lst sign of fall

I stumbled into roads in all directions with awesome houses, tennis courts, new home construction, cottages, beautiful lake views.

nice home, huh?

my reflection in the mirror

my new house LOL

one of several tennis cts


like this house too


view of the Sagamore in the distance

 Another road brought me to the Rainbow Association (lots of camps, docks, beach, etc.)

this is a cute one

Finally after probably getting photographed in many surveillance videos, it was time to head back to the marina.


shortcut through the cemetery

In Bolton Landing, I had my own mini car show.

I got back just in time to go out on our boat with friends.

Lake George Kayak Co.


beautiful day on the lake

Happy Running!  Are you looking forward to Fall?




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