TTT: Eight Already?


You may say already but for me, it seems like an eternity…

  1. I am now working!  I even drive to work!! It’s great to be independent!!!
  2. I can walk with my boot and one crutch.  (That means I can carry somethng & open a door!!) It is very awkward since the boot has such a high heel. I had to dig out an OLD shoe with a higher platform.  Still swells a lot by the end of the day.

    this is what it feels like...

  3.   I went to my first PT appt…ouch!

Actually it went very well. I went to the same place as I did last summer for my achilles issue.  I had my favorite PT guy, R.  He did all the usual measurements of my range of motion (or lack of).  Of course, he remembered that I run.  He was very positive about my return to running.  Because of the hardware, the sideways motion will not return all the way but the forward motion should and that’s what important for running.

So first there was massaging and heat and then painful bending & pulling  followed by measurement and then ice. He said things improved already.  YAY!  He gave me 5 sets of exercises to do twice a day.  Heat before & ice after.  That should keep me busy. 

For now – Drop the 2 crutches and only use one with the boot.  The goal is to ditch the boot (before it destroys my back & hip) and walk with 2 crutches…then only one.  Hopefully in the next few weeks.

exercises in my future plus more

Happy Running! Any PT experiences to share?


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