Two for Tuesday: Plateaus & Chocolate

  1. A study just released showed that frequent chocolate consumption is linked to lower BMI.

Excerpt: Study participants consumed chocolate a mean 2.0 (SD, 2.5) times per week and exercised 3.6 (SD, 3.0) times per week. Frequency of chocolate consumption was associated with greater intake of calories and satfats and higher CES-D scores (P < .001 for each of these 3 associations); these all related positively to BMI. Chocolate consumption frequency was not associated with greater activity (P = .41), but it was associated with lower BMI (unadjusted P = .01). This association remained with and without adjustment for age and sex, as well as for calories, satfats, and depression.

Good News, right!

fav #1

fav #2

I’ll stop there. I’m actually not a chocoholic.  For dessert, I prefer Coffee ice cream and pies, etc.

     2.  I know there is a weight loss plateau. 

Is there a healing plateau?

If so, I think I hit it.  I went from non-weight bearing to walking with boot to walking with crutches to limping without anything (in weeks) and then lately my ankle range of motion feels the same!

I am doing my stretches everyday, riding the exercise bike, walking on the treadmill (faster & faster), doing the elliptical (longer & longer) but the ankle is still stiff and painful and I limp

Enough whining! Give me a piece of chocolate!!

Happy Running! Are you a chocoholic?


5 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Plateaus & Chocolate

  1. You’re no doubt healing on the inside, and since you are pushing your efforts on it up a notch, it is probably feeling the same way because of the increase. Of course, if you really are where the desert plateau picture puts you, at least you have a nice view. 😉


  2. I’ve been enjoying your blog, and following along in your healing progress. I broke my ankle last April, and I’m still healing as well. I have not been able to participate in any 5K races since–I had done 5 of them, at one per month just before my injury. I’m sure I could have walked a couple, but it just didn’t seem the same. But, I have been able to go hiking. In October I hiked in the Great Smokey Mountains–a couple of 11 mile days. And, next week we set out on a great adventure. We’ve rescheduled the trip out west that we had planned for last year–I broke my ankle on a little warm up hike the day before our 5 week trip. So, we’re trying it again. And, next race season (October-April here in Florida) I hope to be back to my one race per month routine.
    Just a little tip for ankle flexibility–I found a bosu ball good for nice slow stretching. Turned round side down, so you stand on the flat side with feet spread apart, you can practice balance, or, to increase flexibity, slowly lean in all directions. A nice gentle stretch,and you control how far you go. Hope that helps.


    • Thanks for the ball idea. I think I use it in PT. Wow last April and you still are not running 😦 I will go nuts if I have to wait that long. I hope to race this summer but I may be dreaming. Hope your hike!! And good luck returning to running.


  3. I see you improve day after day. Biking, swimming and doing the elliptical were part of my daily routine after the operation on my broken femur. For the treadmill it was different: I had to pay attention not to limp and to maintain the rhythm (the doctor said you must count 1-2-1-2 while walking or your will limp forever).
    i love chocolate!
    I cannot wait for reading of your first running outdoor.


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