My New Lunch Routine

I didn’t participate in this challenge but it’s a great idea.

Before my injury, my lunch time routine was going to McDonalds or  Subway or Paneras or one of the 3 nearby school cafeterias.  My eating choices were fast food so no matter how healthy they seemed, we know that they were not.  While I ate, I usually read a variety of newspapers and magazines.

First after I came back to work from my injury, I couldn’t drive so I had to bring my lunch.  Then when I started driving, I still couldn’t walk so I had to bring my lunch.

Now that I am more mobile, my new lunch time eating habits have remained with me.

I eat at my desk what I bring from home. It’s usually Greek yogurt, a wheat bagel, a fruit & a drink. Then I go to our gym and spend 45 minutes on either the bike or the treadmill (watching TV on my iPad).

New  lunch routine:

  • save money,
  • eat healthier and
  • get exercise.

So there is something positive that came from my injury imposed running layoff.

Happy Running! Do you eat fast food or are you a healthy eater?




6 thoughts on “My New Lunch Routine

  1. Good for you! Injuries are awful, no getting around it. But–I do think there are benefits that you can find (always in hindsight, of course!). Glad you are onto better habits.

    Thanks for the root canal encouragement–I leave in about 20 minutes!


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  3. To eat healthy food is very important but sometimes we have to eat what we want and what we like even if it is not appropriate.
    However I am lucky because I live less than a mile far from my office so I have always lunch at home.


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