Status Quo and a New Month

Wow — it’s April already?  Where did March go?

So here’s my March update:

  • no running hence no races.
  • no tennis so no tennis matches.
  • PT 2x a week so there a bi-weekly treadmill walks & elliptical use 2x a week.
  • stationary biking everyday and even some real biking.

This is fun but it is depressing seeing
ALL the runners on the trail…

  • limping less I think but still limited ROM and pain & swelling nightly.

Yes, PT guy R confirmed my plateauing

February was filled with big gains – weight-bearing, then bootless & crutchless events.

March is status quo.

I am hoping April brings improvement because something is wrong with my life and:

My next ortho appt is April 23 and after that,  PT guy J says I may be able to start running on the treadmill.

My New Compression Socks are anxiously waiting…

Happy Running!


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