Tuesday Update and the Ladder

The weekend was filled with LOTS OF EATING!!! Passover Seders and Easter dinner at my MIL.

Italian pastries, my downfall (obviously not observing the Passover no flour rule)

In the past, I could justify the extra food (and desserts) by my running mileage! 

Not this year….

I did walk on the treadmill and I did go for a bike ride (solo on the Corning trail).   Here are some of the things I witnessed on my ride:

green grass & a runner

Hudson River & a fisherman

a goose crossing the road

The calories burned are not the same.

Oh well…I’m not stressing.  I think I have gained some weight but not a lot (cuz I can still fit into my clothes.)

This is week 8 of PT.

Usually at the end of my PT sessions, a local HS track team uses the facilities.  The kids do these ladder drills that make me drool.  I always joke about wanting to be able to do them.

So yesterday PT guy J took out the ladder.  I said “Are you serious?  I’m not ready to do that!”

Well, he had me do a variety of drills and it was hard at first but little by little I was able to get faster and pick my feet up higher.

That was follwed by the ellipical (with resistance for the first time) and then the treadmill.

It’s not running but it sure felt good. 

Happy Running!  Are you working off Easter eating?


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Update and the Ladder

  1. Just got out of PT myself for biceps tendonitis. Know what you’re going through. I couldn’t do any upper body exercises (except for the ones in PT). Very frustrating but necessary. Here’s to continued recovery!


  2. I love photography while biking. That is definitely the best way to get some pretty great nature shots! I look at those pictures, remember I was on a bike, and that makes me feel awesome.


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