Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I was pretty psyched after my ladder drills at PT on Monday.

Yesterday I had PT guy R. He is the gentler, more cautious one who doesn’t push me as hard.

He asked me how my ankle felt after J’s ladder drills and I said “Fine.”  So he gave me some hoop drills to do.

It involved jumping in and out of the hoops on BOTH feet.  Definitely a reality check.  Very difficult for me to do …I put most of my weight on the uninjured foot when I land.  It is very hard for me to lift off of both feet. I also realized that is because I cannot hop with my injured foot. 

In other words, not moving as quickly to running as I thought.

So again R & I had the talk about whether or not I’ll ever run again.  He thinks yes (but won’t promise that it will be fast or long).  He says I am doing extremely well but that it is a long slow process.

We ended the session with 20 minutes on the treadmill (at less of an incline than usual).

The glass is half full…he said that next week after doing the ladder drills again, he may start me running A LITTLE on the treadmill.

On an unrelated note…Have you seen the new Nike commercial – I Will Run to You?  If  not, click HERE.

It’s great..the girl runs across the country to meet her guy.  The guy tries running to her but ends up in the hospital.


Do you notice how we BOTH wear a running skirt over our capris?? (I do it to hide my fat thighs.  That is obviously not her problem LOL) 

Happy Running!  Have a great weekend!


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