Jailhouse Rock 5K Race Report

As I said in my previous post, I had run this race before & was familiar with the course.

Though I am still recovering, I prepared for this race like it counted…rested and carb loaded on Friday.  I even skipped a marina party & mah jongg to go to bed early (sans alcohol.)

The race was about 40 minutes away but unfortunately I left later than I wanted to.  I still got there 15 minutes early and got my race (tech) shirt & bib.

Brookside Museum & runners before the race

The weather was absolutely perfect…sunny, in the 60s and low humidity.  There were only 300 or so runners.  I recognized many faces but didn’t know anyone personally.

Me before the race

I was prepared to give it my best shot (but not risk getting injured).

We walked up the hill to the start and I stood near the front but not too close.

jjh12 jhr12

The first mile was rolling hills (I hesitate to even call them hills after the last race.) I glanced at my Garmin and it said 9:06…whoa…too fast…so I slowed down.  The course was an out and back and there was a water stop a little beyond the turn around.

I walked through the water stop but that was it… I ran the rest.  I actually felt strong the whole time.

Throughout the race, it seemed that everyone was passing me by.  I was relieved after the turn about to see that there was runners behind me…whew!  I started at that point to play leap frog with a gray haired runner.  I thought that she must be in my age group and I wanted to beat her.  She looked familiar but I wasn’t sure if she was fast or not. When she walked, I ran past her and then she ran past me.  (In the end, I did beat her but I was disappointed to see that she was not as fast as I thought.)

When it came to the end and the big downhill…I was very afraid to run all out…I took it slow and then sprinted across the finish line.

My official finish time was 30:58 (30:55  Garmin time)

the finish

I was pleased to break 31 minutes…not fast or  a PR but a post-surgery PR!

I realized that I didn’t even break a sweat and that I probably could have run faster but:

  • miles 1 & 3 were under 10 minutes
  • I only walked once
  • I felt good

Unfortunately no AG award for me. (Next year, I hope.)

So I had some refreshments and visited the quilt exhibit at the museum before heading up to Lake George to spend the rest of the weekend.

quilt poster

How did I do on my race goals?

  • Have fun. YES!
  • Finish. YES!
  • Run faster than my previous 5Ks this year (beat 33:30 or 32:50). YES!!
  • Run faster than my JHR 5k times (beat 31:04 or 29:49) – this is a real reach! Beat my 2009 5K time!!

Happy Running!  How was your weekend?  Did you run?


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