Third Annual Secret Santa Sock Swap


Thanks to 3x A Charm Runner for organizing this.

I was paired with Judy from Confessions of an Empty Nester.  She and her sister have an amazing blog.  She is not a runner but a fantastic cook which I am not.  What we do have in common is that we both like to read, quilt, knit and of course, blog. I am glad to have been introduced to her blog and I hope to try some of her recipes.  (If you need some recipes for Christmas cookies, go there now!)

This is what I bought her:


I was also paired with Julie from Healthy Wealth and Wise Not but Learning. She is from COLD Minnesota and is just getting back into running. She loves to sew and make jewelry and sounds like a really interesting person.

She sent me the gifts below:


Julie  really outdid  herself.  I can’t believe that she  made some of the gifts–crocheted the potholder, made the soap & made the paper cutouts.  I have already worn the socks and the gloves and used the coffee mug.

Thanks Julie for the awesome gifts.

Happy Running!  Did you participate in any holiday gift exchanges this year?



One thought on “Third Annual Secret Santa Sock Swap

  1. You are so very welcome. It really was fun being apart of this swap. I wish you the very merriest Christmas and a most blessed New Year. I plan of following you and reading all about your races and good things you do. Take care Darlene and have a great day!


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