14 in 2014


I had no problems running 13 in 2013. In fact.  I ran 22 races even though I was out with a broken foot for 2 months.

I even ran 12 in 2012 when I was out for 5 months with a broken ankle and then 2 months with a stress fracture.

So of course, I am committing for 14 in 2014!  I usually run at least 20 races (barring injury.)

I would like this year to run 14 NEW races.

Here are the races that I am thinking about:

1.  Mayors Race & Wellness Festival 10 miler in Palm Springs, CA


2.  Lighthouse 5k in St. Augustine, FL

3. LoveRun Half Marathon in Philadelphia, PA


March 30, 2014

4.  Cherry Blossom 5k in Niskayuna, NY

April 27, 2014

5.  Spring Run Off 5 K or 10k in Albany, NY


May 3, 2014

6.  Mom’s Day 5K in Albany, NY

May 11. 2014

May 11. 2014

7.  Adirondack Distance 10 m in Lake George, NY

June 22, 2014

8. CARE FOR KIDS 5K Run in Chestertown, NY

August 30, 2014

9.  Flashlight 5K in Lake George, NY


September 21, 2014

10.  Race the Train (8.4 mi) in North Creek, NY – if it is held

August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014??

11.  Great Pumpkin Challenge 5K or 10K in Saratoga, NY


October 18, 2014

12.  Troy Turkey Trot 5k or 10k in Troy, NY

November 27, 2014

13.  a fall half marathon (Palio in Sartagoa, NY, Smuttynose in Hampton, NH, Seacoast in Portsmouth, NH, Hartford in CT, Diva on LI, NY??????)


October 5, 2014

14.  a race in NYC (Melissa Fund Sun Run 5k??)

sun run

May 18, 2014 – date change

All 14 may not happen but I know that I will run 14 races where most of them will be new.

If you interested in this challenge, click here for more details.

Happy Running?  Did you participate in the 13 in 2013 Challenge? Are you going to do the 14 in 2014? Do you run new races each year?


8 thoughts on “14 in 2014

  1. Thanks, Darlene – you’re a true inspiration! I’m struggling with a strained adductor muscle – fearing I’ll never be able to run again. You give me hope!


    • #4 – Start and finish at Congregation Gates of Heaven, 852 Ashmore Ave, Niskayuna, NY – near Schenectady
      #14 – on Riverside Drive along the Hudson R


  2. I was doing a search for the Flashlight 5K in Lake George and came across your page. Do you know if this is definitely going to happen? (I haven’t seen it posted anywhere else.) I have a running goal this year, and that looked like a fun run. Thanks for any info you can share!


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