Why Do You Run?

I was running in the first annual Runners World 5k in Bethlehem PA while visiting my best friend from high school & college.  Can you tell from this photo that I was in agony? I was running with a stress fracture in my foot.  I could hardly walk but I was running AND I was happy.  I forgot about my pain.  I was approaching the finish line and my friend was there cheering me on.

I am not saying that I was smart to run with an injury. But what I am saying is that when I have problems and things aren’t going well, running boosts my spirits.


I was 60 years old in this photo.  I was recovering from another injury.  This time, a broken foot. Since I started running, I have felt stronger and more fit.  If I have an injury, I know that I will recover.  I think that because I am a runner, I recover faster.  I also feel younger and healthier.  That doesn’t mean that I always eat healthy because I don’t.  But running has kept my weight in check, despite my love for all things carb.


When I seriously broke my ankle and needed surgery, the ortho said I may not run again and if I did, not long distances. Well, I did run 3 half marathons after that injury.  (The first one is this photo.) And I am proud.  I am proud that I tried and proud that I succeeded.  There may come a day that I can’t do it.  I am proud that I still can.

So on the subject of running, I have another race tomorrow.  I had signed up to the 10K and then chickened out.  I want to work on speed and the 5K is flatter so I switched. I promise to  do a 10K in May.

My goals are similar to my last race’s and will be the same for upcoming short distance races:

  • run the whole thing without stopping
  • finish under 30 minutes
  • keep each mile’s pace under 10 minutes
  • win an AG award (they’re giving out baked goods!)
  • have fun!
  • stay healthy!

Happy Running!  Why do you run?



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