I Suck at Hills

Hills are my downfall in running.  I avoid them at all cost.  As a result, when I encounter them in race, I am unprepared.  Then what do I do?  Walk, of course.  And there goes my race pace.

Here are some strategies that are supposed to make hill running easier:

  • Lean into the hill from your hips with your chest out.
  • The steeper the hill the more you lean.
  • Shorten your stride and lift your knees.
  • Think of picking up your feet more and stepping lightly.
  • Drive off your back foot.
  • Pump your arms but no need to exaggerate the action.
  • Look straight ahead and try to focus on something a few feet in front of you. This will help pull you up the hill.
  • Try to run relaxed, you mightn’t feel this way but don’t worry you’ll soon be at the top.
  • Keep an even and steady rhythm.
  • Try to maintain the same breathing rate as you would on the flat. Of course on very steep hills you’ll probably be breathing harder.

from: http://www.women-running-together.com/hillrunning.html 

So my goal is to get better and…

And the only way that is to happen is to practice.

Hill repeats, here I come!

I have some hilly races coming up this summer so hopefully I can get more comfortable with hills.

Happy Running?  Do you do hill repeats? Do you practice running on hills?




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