Rabbit Ramble 4 Mile Race Report

April 19, 2014 10 am Guilderland, NY

Another weekend, another race.  I did 13.1 miles, then 5 miles, then 3.1 miles.  This weekend, it was a 4 mile race. And a new one. So no idea if it would be a fun one or a hard one.

It was advertised as an out and back course on country roads and because this was the 20th year they would be giving out Special 20th anniversary t-shirts, along with live music, door prizes, special 20th year medals and awards to all overall and age group winners. In addition to all this, if you registered early, you would receive a pair of Rabbit Ramble running gloves. Sounded like a fun race to me.

(After I registered, I found out about a closer and flatter new race.  Oh well, next year.)

at the Corning Preserve

After a warm weekend, the weather cooled off this past week. It was almost 80 degrees on Monday and it snowed Tuesday night and went down to 30 degrees. Today it was back to normal – that is, in between weather – 40s to start and then a little warmer (but with lots of WIND.)

I decided to wear similar clothes to my last race — long sleeve shirt, skirt, compression socks & bring a jacket.

The race started at 10 am so I could sleep in and it was only about 30 minute drive.

This race was so close to a DNS.  I spent the morning in the bathroom.  I had eaten the same foods yesterday as I did Thursday but at mah jongg I ate several gluten-free pastries.  Maybe that was it. Who knows??

But I had severe cramps and I wasn’t sure I could stay after from the bathroom long enough to run. But I left and figured that I could just get my shirt & gloves and come home.

It was chilly and very WINDY.  I immediately regretted not wearing an extra layer.


I was starting to feel better and decided to run the race. (If I felt bad I could walk.) At the last minute, I wore my race shirt over my long sleeve tech shirt and in the wind, I was still cold.


The race was a little informal with no starting line and no chips.  There was also a 2 mile walk that started at the same time but just turned back after one mile.

Since I felt crummy, I just wanted to finish. The route was out and back along a country road.  It was not flat!! Rolling hills which somehow always felt to be uphill.

But it was pretty out there:

Running into the wind was very tough.  I vowed to muscle through it and not walk!! I was tempted many many times. There weren’t any mile markers or any water (a table with cups but no water.) I just ran and every now and then glanced at my Garmin to make sure I was still running under a 10 minute mile.

Amazingly I was keeping a steady pace. It was better without the wind gusts but they kept coming.

Of course, since I was feeling better, I looked around for older women.  I spotted two.  One was way ahead and one was within my view but I couldn’t catch her.

Finally the finish line was in sight.  I started to feel very nauseous but I didn’t care.  And believe it or not, my nose was running too. Blood, ew!! I had a bloody nose but gross or not, I just wiped it with my hands.

I wanted to pass the gray-haired lady.  I got closer and closer and at the last second I did!! And the clock said 37:XX. (I’ve never run a 4 mile race under 38 minutes!)

However, without a chip, you just handed in the tag from your bib.


My official finish time was recorded as 38:06.  Not a PR!! (4 seconds too slow.) But my Garmin read: 37:53.

So I’ll call it an unofficial PR. But considering how I felt before and after race, I am happy!

I stuck around chatting with old friends and new.  They had raffle prizes.  I wound up winning a Road ID.  This was great since I recently lost mine.

It took quite awhile for the results to be posted and all they had for refreshments were cookies and water.

Eventually they did post them and it seemed that there were quite a few (more than 3) women in my age group who finished ahead of me.  I was going to leave but someone said that the walkers’ results were mixed in the the runners.

Glad I did stay.  I won 2nd in my Age Group! WooHoo!


silver medal

Definitely turned out much better than I expected.


mile 1- 9:23
mile 2 – 9:43
mile 3- 9:30
mile 4 – 9:15

(YAY! negative splits!)

My goals for this race were:

  • run the whole thing without stopping – YES!
  • finish under 40 minutes – YES!
  • keep each mile’s pace under 10 minutes – YES!
  • win an AG award – YES!
  • have fun! – YES!
  • stay healthy! – YES!

After the race, I had planned to run 4 more miles but I was beat!  I stopped off at the rail trail but all I could muster was 3 slow slow miles.


Happy Running! Are you running or racing this weekend?




2 thoughts on “Rabbit Ramble 4 Mile Race Report

  1. I’m willing to bet your “slow” miles are way faster than even my fast miles. Hope you are feeling better today! I definitely think you can call it a PR & I’m envious of the gloves, but from your account I think this is a race I’ll pass on most likely. Funny, I was wearing a short sleeved top & a light coat & after 1 mile I pushed the coat down around my waist & left it there the next 7 miles.


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