Run the Perfect 10 Miler With Me on October 26th!

A few weeks ago, I heard about a women’s-only ten mile race at Mercer County Park, New Jersey in October, called the Perfect 10. It’s put on by CGI Racing, which also organizes the Rutgers Unite Half and the LoveRun, among other events.

Except for the rain, the Love Run was a fun event and so well organized that I wanted to run another CGI race.

I have a college friend that lives in NJ about an hour from the race so I registered and plan to stay with my friend for the weekend.

Until the end of May, it’s $50, which is pretty good compared to half marathons and other area races around that time of year. Also, there will be a chocolate fountain at the finish – how can you say no to that?!

The Perfect 10 race is an event that is not only a running competition but a celebration of our own positive image as women, both inside and out. The organization encourages you to share your inspiring stories of why you are a perfect 10, and those featured monthly will have a chance to receive the Perfect 10 Honor on race weekend.

In a Runner’s World article by Kristin Armstrong, she wrote, “you are most beautiful when you are doing what you love.” That is a message I hope runners everywhere will understand, especially those who are self-conscious when taking their first strides outside the door.

So, if you’re in the NJ/NY/PA/DE area and get excited about the prospect of a mid-fall ten mile race, chocolate, or men in tuxedos, please visit the Perfect 10 website to check it out further! Also, follow their Twitter and Facebook pages for the latest information and inspiration!

Check out this video, too!

Happy Running! Anyone running this race or have run it before?



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