Where Do You Run?

I get bored easily.  So I like to run different routes:


on the track

I run on the track if I am injured because the track is easy on the feet.  Also it is close to where I work so I run there when I have to squeeze in a quick run during lunch.  It is also good for speed workouts.

in town (Delmar)

in the city (Albany)

I work in the city.  So when I run after work, that’s where I usually do it if I don’t feel like driving.  The downside is the traffic and having to stop at lights and in the winter, the icy sidewalks. In the town where I live, it is the same.  I do my long runs or early runs there because it is convenient not to have to drive somewhere.

Washington Park

The Crossings

I love to run in the park.  I can run to Washington Park or it’s a short drive. I love the flowers in the spring and summer and the leaves in the fall.  There are hills so that is either good or bad.  I like the Crossings also but I don’t go there often because I have to drive, and there is a lot of traffic getting there.


on the Delmar rail trail

Elm Ave park fitness trail

I am not much of a trail runner. But there is a rail trail not far from where I live.  It is 4 miles out and back (and they plan to extend it.) Again, it is easier on the feet.  There is no traffic so an easy out and back route.  I also enjoy the foliage of the different seasons on the trail. I run on it frequently.  Occasionally I have run on the fitness trail but I find the exercise stops distracting.

on the treadmill

I hate the treadmill. But I run on it when it is raining or too icy to run outside.

Nisky Bike Path

Corning bike path

Colonie park bike path

For any run longer than 5 miles, I love to run on the bike paths.  They are flat and there are no cars.  There are usually bikers, runners, and people around.  The scenery along the river is beautiful.  Unfortunate in a winter like this past one, they were not cleared of snow.


Nope, not lucky enough to live near the ocean but if I did, I would be running there most of the time.

Bolton Landing

But as soon as summer comes, you will see more pictures like this when I am running.

Happy Running! Where do you run?





3 thoughts on “Where Do You Run?

  1. I do wish I had more variety! I generally run in and around my neighborhood. There are some things I can do to change up my route, but it’s easier to just walk out my door than get in the car and drive somewhere for a change of scenery. I’m sure that as summer comes, I’m going to need small changes in routine to keep my motivation up. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful places where you train!


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