Run-gry Has Turned to Hungry

That was fine when I was running long on the weekends.  I started in August to train for a October Half Marathon, then there was a 15K in November and one in January, as well as a 10 miler in January.


There were many posts that included pics like this

I was still Run-gry after that because I continued to train for a March 30 Half Marathon.


still more of this

Eating everything in sight has become a habit.

I still run at least 3 times a week.  Usually after work.  I am hungry all the time and eat frequently.


This is what I eat on an average weekday:

  • oatmeal – 7 am
  • bagel & biscoff –  9 am
  • yogurt – 11 am
  • apple or pear –  12 pm
  • string cheese – 2 pm
  • protein bar – 4 pm
  • dinner (meat, rice, vegetable) – 6:30 pm
  • ice cream – 8 pm

I run on the weekends but my races have been 5ks and 4 milers.  The problem is that I am carbloading like it was a long run and I am still ordering desserts like I was running 25 miles each week.


work temptations

I don’t know for sure that I have gained weight but my clothes are tighter so I probably have (or the weight has just moved to my hips.)

With bathing suit season just around the corner, (I am going to Florida on May 14.) I’ve got to change something!!

A. Eat less and shrink my stomach so I’m not so hungry?


B. Run more and continue eating what I want?

I’m thinking B!

Happy Running! Anyone else have a similar eating disorder?






4 thoughts on “Run-gry Has Turned to Hungry

  1. Well I don’t really think A is real option so if B is your only other choice, go for it. Running long certainly does bring on the hunger. Most of my friends who do distance running struggle all the time with their weight. I gained almost 10 lb. when I trained/ran my first half a couple of years ago.


  2. I wished running more helped me control my weight. Even with your clothes feeling tight, you are thinner & faster than me. Life is not fair!


  3. My insatiable appetite is a huge joke with my coworkers! During really hard training weeks, I’ve been known to get up during the night and grab a snack because my hunger wakes me up! They think it’s hysterical the amount and frequency I eat–I tell them it’s the running!


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