Spring Run Off 10K Race Report

spring run off

I signed up for the 10k which was to begin at 8:30 am.  The 5K would begin at 10 am.  Again I was tempted to switch & sleep in but I switched for the Bacon Hill Bonanza and I promised myself that I would suck it up and run 6.2 miles for this race.

I am familiar with the course.  It is where I do most of my long training runs.

Last night this race included a free pasta dinner & packet pick up.

same tech tee shirt as last year (unfortunately unisex)

The food was really good.  It was catered by D’Raymonds, a local Italian restaurant. There was salad, bread, pasta, wine, and lots of homemade desserts. It wasn’t a buffet.  They actually served you.

My hubby was supposed to come but couldn’t so I was alone. However, I got invited to sit with two lovely older runners.  We had some great discussions….about running, of course. We exchanged emails.  They said they would come early to cheer me on in the 10K and I would stay for the 5k and cheer them on.


Ilsa from Conn. (in her 70s) and Sue from Albany, my age.

pasta dinner before the race above

As it has been in recent weeks…fickle weather.  Unseasonably cool, breezy cloudy and chance of rain.

I wore a similar outfit to last week – just different colors. (long sleeved tech shirt with a shirt over, running skirt, compression socks, cap – extra jacket, gloves, and pants to stay warm before and after).

I arrived early to make sure I got parking and to look for some SRMs (Strong Running Mamas group) that I knew were running the race. I found parking in the closer lot and then walked over to the start to get my chip (They didn’t hand them out last night – haven’t run a race with a chip in a long time.)


It was quite cool waiting for the race to begin.  But I immediately met so many racers that I knew — Michelle, a student that I taught years ago (you would never think that she ran but she does & marathons), Valerie that I met last week, another runner, Nancy, that I meet at races all the time, the brother-in-law of a friend. I even chatted with runners that I met for the first time.  Runners are so friendly at some races.


If you are wondering – that’s a beaver!

Eventually Felice, Bridget, Janis and some other SRMs showed up (They had been running before the race.) and it was about time to line up.

At this point, I got rid of my jacket and pants.  The sun had come out and it was getting warm.


this course has nice river views

I started toward the front but not too near the fast runners.

Unfortunately, I forgot that this was a 10k not a 5K or that I am 60 not 40. Plus I felt really sluggish and tired this morning.

I went out too fast!!!!

I was already walking through the water stop at 1.5 miles.  I haven’t walked in a race in weeks.

But this was a sign that the race would be going downhill.

I willed myself to keep up an even pace until the turn around of this out and back course.

I did and then I died.

I walked and then ran and walked some more and then walked and ran, etc. etc. I walked  7 times, I think.  (I had no problems running the Delmar Dash 5 miler several weeks ago – what gives?)

Plus I developed a big blister on my right foot (damn old sneakers!) and I was very hot (wish I had worn just a short sleeved shirt.)

Finally, I decided to have some Gu to get more energy around mile 5.

It may have helped or it was just sheer determination to finish the race well.

I knew I would PR since I have only run a few 10ks and my best was 1:06:10 but secretly I wanted to finish under 1 hour!

As I approached the finish line, I had a few runners cheering for me – new friends Ilsa & Sue and some SRMs.

#8 Darlene Cardillo

nice face – this photo is featured on the race site – springrunoff.com – UGH!

I crossed at 1:00:52.



Race Splits: (1:00:44 – Garmin time)

mile 1 –  9:12
mile 2-  9:35  (water stop)
mile 3 –  9:26
mile 4 –  9:59 (walking has begun)
mile 5 –  10:24 (lots of walking)
mile 6 –  9:59  (less walking)
.24 –  8:46

I had some refreshments and waited for the 5k to begin.  I wanted to cheer on my new friends and the SRMs that were running it. (I did miss the infamous SRM photo op when I was talking to some others.)


Jennifer, Janis, Felice, Kara, Bridget & Elisa

I also began to feel better about my race.  My time wasn’t bad.  It was a PR!!  I should learn from this — pace myself better and prepare better.

It was fun cheering the 5k finishers.  I rarely do this because I usually only go to to races when I am running in them.


I only got a pic of Ilsa finishing

After the 5k was over, they had the awards ceremony. Some of the SRMs had left but many had stayed.  So many of us got medals – Felice, Bridget, Elisa, Jen, Valerie, Nancy, Ilsa, Sue.


Even I got 3rd in my age group!!



All in all, not a bad race but not what I hoped. Do I wish I had signed up for the 5k?  Maybe (I would have won 1st in my AG!) but I think it was good to try the longer distance.

My Race Goals:

  • run the whole thing without stopping  – Not quite – I walked a lot – too much
  • PR (under 1:06:10) – YES!
  • finish under 1:02  – YES!
  • keep each mile’s pace under 10 minutes  – Nope but only mile 5 was over
  • win an AG award – Yes – 3rd
  • have fun!  –  YES!
  • stay healthy! – YES! just a blister.

I had planned to run more miles after the 10K but after the awards, it looked like rain so I headed home. I may run again tomorrow if the weather is good.

Happy Running!  How was your weekend? Did you run or race?



4 thoughts on “Spring Run Off 10K Race Report

  1. Congrats Darlene on a great race. I love seeing that other “older” runners have success and enjoy the sport too. Have a great week!


  2. Not a bad race at all Darlene! Pretty great IMO! Yeah, going out too fast gets me every time. Not sure if I’ll ever shake that habit. Aren’t you glad you did the 10k now? BTW we are skirt twins.


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