1. New York -5K, 10K, 15K, 4m, 5m, 131.
  2. Florida – 13.1
  3. California – 10m, 13.1
  4. Vermont – 5K
  5. Pennsylvania – 5K, 13.1

I wish I started running earlier. I used to have a job that allowed me to go to conferences all over the country. There was a 5k at each conference. They always closed out in hours. At the time, I thought people were nuts to get up at 7 am to run.  But for the last conference that I went to (2006), I registered and walked the 5k (in 45 min.) I started to see how much fun everyone was having.

I visited 8 cities/states for those conferences (San Diego, Seattle, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, San Antonio, Philly, New Orleans). Too bad, I wasn’t a runner then.

Now I am 61. I have run in 5 states so far.  

Run in all 50 states?! Not likely.  But I will do my best to run in some more different states.

I’d say my goal is 15 states.

Many bloggers are pursuing the goal of running in ALL 50 states:

Happy Running! How many states have you run in?  Do you plan to run in all 50?



11 thoughts on “#Run50

  1. As you know, that’s my goal. But since I only do 2-3 a year & I started at 50 – you do the math! I’ve done HMs in NV (twice), TX, RI, NH & will add MA next month. So only 5 states so far. Montreal doesn’t count as a state, obviously.

    I have run in more states – just run, not race.

    I do far less shorter races than you – you race every week! That’s part of how I can do it. That & my husband has a lot of frequent flyer miles. 🙂


  2. Inspiring post, I would like to race in the countries where I go for work but I never stay there for the week end. However I have raced in Scotland (twice), Germany, Greece and made workouts in many countries: China, England, Sweden, Scotland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Wales, England, Ireland, Greece, USA (N.Y., Washington dc, Virginia, West Virginia, California, Nevada, Illinois), Spain……..


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