Running, sipping and painting

I didn’t run on Tuesday, a beautifully warm almost 90 degree day.  I played tennis instead.

On Wednesday, I had plans after work.  I took a walk in the morning. It was gloomy, misty and cold – 50 degrees!


And then during my lunch break, it looked like rain so I decided to run around the track.  That way, I cold stop if it started to pour. I also decided that I would do modified tempo runs. For me, that means, run fast twice around the track, stop for water and continue that until I reach 3 miles.

even on the track

beat the rain and my pace was decent (however the timer was paused when I stopped for water.)

Then I was free after work for our monthly tennis girls night out – this time we went to Saratoga Paint and Sip.


You sign up for a class and you are instructed how to paint a certain painting (Ours was called “Water Me.”) While you paint, you listen to music and drink.


getting started


backgrounds done


adding the flowers


making progress


and we’re done!

What a fun time.  It is harder than it looks (unless you are artistic.) And the paintings look better in the photo than in reality. We laughed and laughed. I totally recommend it.

The night wouldn’t be complete without some dessert.



Yesterday, the weather was perfect – sunny and cool.

I decided to run on the Delmar Rail Trail which I have done in the past. But this time, I decided to run in the opposite direction.

I wasn’t sure what I would find.

The trail was very narrow in parts.  Parts were covered in stones which made it difficult to run on. I ran under bridges. I saw a group of baby red foxes.  Then I saw an large grey fox.  I stopped at 1.8 miles because I wasn’t sure if the trail continued and returned.

I was glad I was adventurous but it was a little scary running it alone.


Happy Running! Are you artistic? Are you daring in your running routes?




6 thoughts on “Running, sipping and painting

  1. I didn’t run on Tuesday either since it was so darn hot. But then the next two days it was much cooler when I ran, so that was a nice change. That dessert looks so yummy! The paintings look so much fun but I am the most non artistic person ever!


  2. Wednesday was SUCH a miserable day to run; Thursday was so nice – today, too, until tonight, of course. Painting was my hobby for quite some time . . . I haven’t painted since we moved here (5 years ago). Now I run. 🙂


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