Summer racing

is coming!

I love to run races in the summer.

It’s always a challenge to fit them in around our weekend boating.

But I wouldn’t give either one up.

I am hoping that this summer I am free of injuries.

That hasn’t been the case in recent years:

  • 2011 – 6 wks off for a strained achilles
  • 2012 – slowly recovering from ankle surgery (started running too soon & wound up with a 2nd metatarsal stress fracture)
  • 2013 – 6 wks off for a broken 5th metatarsal

So far, this is my summer racing schedule:

  • June 8 – Betar Byway 5k 
  • June 14 – Strawberry Festival 5K
  • June 22 – Adirondack Distance 10m
  • July 13 – Saratoga Half Marathon – doubtful but maybe
  • July 26 – Turning Point 5k 
  • August 2 – Race The Train (8.4m) – maybe?
  • August 9 – Camp Chingachgook 10k
  • August 16 – Jailhouse Rock 5k
  • August 30 – Care For Kids 5K Run – maybe?
  • September 7 – MBPK 5K
  • September 14 – Biggest Loser 10k

I am also looking for a fall half marathon.  I have a few possibilities and they are Sept 21 or 27 or Oct 5. That will mean long runs starting this summer.

Happy Running!  Do you race a lot in the summer?



2 thoughts on “Summer racing

  1. I don’t race nearly as often as you do at any time of the yr! Racing is hard! I don’t like the heat of summer, plus I’m doing my group runs with USAFit.

    Aside from this weekend, I don’t have a single race on my calendar! But I do plan on a fall HM & maybe one in December – all depending on how this race goes.


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