New shoes!

This is my current collection of shoes:


4 Brooks, 1 Saucony, 2 Mizuno

But I haven’t bought any new shoes since Oct-Nov. I usually alternate my pink/white Brooks Adrenaline (long runs & races)  and my blue/white Mizuno Sayonara (short runs). My previous favs, the purple/white Brooks Adrenaline & yellow/white Saucony Guide are very worn. The others in the pic are usually just worn for walking.

So I think it is time for new shoes.

I went to FleetFeet and tried on quite a few.

They all felt good.  I was tempted to get an Adidas pair but I didn’t want black & pink (how shallow!).  I could have gotten an pair of Brooks Adrenaline in a different color but the store clerk convinced me to try a light shoe.

I ended up buying these:



New Balance 870W B3

Here’s what they about them:

The evolution of the 870 series continues to deliver the fastness of Revlite and security of the foot during every day runs. Intelligent geometries of the 870V3 allow for a stable footprint with flexibility, torsional stability and a mild post at midstance. Enhanced features such as Tbeam, aid in the stability quotient of a surprisingly light and flexible shoe.

A larger Abzorb crash pad extends from the heel into the midfoot area, ensuring shock absorption for a variety of foot strikes. When transitioning into midstance, the runner is met with ground contact as well as TBeam technology for increased torsional stability and arch support. Dynamic midsole shapes not only create a beautiful sidewall design, but lend themselves to the inherent stability of the shoe.

The 870v3 upper is constructed of a secure, breathable mono mesh and thin film overlays to lock the foot in place and ensure any slight movement is controlled. Dynamic material choices and construction are complimented a range of bold, inspiring colorways. Grounded in performance – the 870v3 is the ideal shoe for runners in need of mild support seeking an exciting, REVlite experience. 

You’ll notice that there are no New Balance shoes in my photo. I was hesitant & I will probably still use my Brooks for long training runs.

I ran in them yesterday and they felt fine. My run was the worst.  I could hardly pick my feet up, I was so tired.  I planned on 4 miles and barely made it to 3.  I can’t blame the shoes.  They are lighter than my Brooks. I haven’t been running or playing tennis a lot so I am not sure why?  Maybe the heat & humidity??

My real test will be tomorrow in my 5K race.


Happy Running!  Do you replace your running shoes frequently?  Do you rotate your shoes or wear just one pair until they wear out? Does color matter?





6 thoughts on “New shoes!

  1. Hi Darlene,

    It’s the heat and humidity..Yes. Takes the starch right out of you.

    Color matters little for me but I guess I do tend to like bright green/yellow…Kinvara 4’s came in that and I got fond of it 😉

    I mess around kind of randomly with the 2 or 3 types I have. Mostly I have a favorite and run in those. Sometimes if I’m really beat I’ll wear cushier ones. I try to buy a new pair of shoes about 4 weeks before a marathon so I can break them in but have max cush on race day.



  2. I ran my half in NB. Brooks is my fav, but they’re so expensive . . . I can get NB at about half the price. I was a little worried because I’d only been running in them about a month but they worked out great!

    One of my friends raves about Sketchers Gorun 2 & now I’m dying to try them.

    I didn’t particularly like the one pair of addidas I tried.

    Function over form, but hey, if it comes in a cute color it’s a plus!


  3. Those are some pretty shoes! I like New Balance as well (own a few pairs) but don’t regularly train or race in them. I look forward to hear what you think long term! Thanks for linking up today!


  4. I’m a very serious runner and color doesn’t matter at all. LOL, no, I’m totally just kidding! While it’s not the only reason I pick a pair of shoes, I’ve certainly been drawn to or away from a pair based on the color and appearance! I tend to rotate between two pairs in two different colors of the same style. Your collection looks great and I love that first meme, my husband always gives me grief about my massive running shoe collection! Thanks for linking up with us today!


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