Strawberry Festival 5k race report


Another new race.  I am continuing my quest to run new ones. I had several choices today including a rhubarb 5k or a strawberry 5K. The strawberry one was closer.

According to the website: “The course takes runners through the picturesque Old Niskayuna, a stunning and fast course.”

I planned to race, check out the Strawberry Festival on the same street and then run more miles on the Nisky Bike trail (in preparation for next weekend’s hilly 10 miler.)

The weather was perfect for running except for the wind – cool and cloudy.

It was about 60 degrees when I got to the race but it felt colder.


like by DIY arm warmers (cut knee socks)

I easily found parking on the street, got my race packet and walked to Mac Donalds to use the rest room. The race start was on a street with lots of shops and eateries – pretty convenient.

also 2 coupons for free ice cream!

The police stopped traffic to start the race.


The course was very nice.  You race through the neighborhoods…it was not totally flat but not too bad. The bad part was running into the wind.  Although it was cool, I quickly warmed up and rolled down arm warmers.

My plan was to run the whole thing without stopping and if possible have negative splits.

My first mile was too fast so I slowed down for the second.  I didn’t stop at the water stop.

Strawberry fest 5K

I started to speed up during the 3rd mile and then…

it was over!!!

Apparently, the police had blocked off part of the course so it was NOT 3.1 miles. It was more like 2.25 or so.

I was shocked when I saw the end. I crossed around 20:19.  (I hadn’t even broken a sweat…)

Everyone was very annoyed.  They apologized and promised to give us a discount on next year’s entry.


That’s not a 5k!!!

I hung around for the awards.  They were only giving one for first in each age group so I wasn’t sure if I would get one.


I DID!! (age group 60-99)




mile 1 – 8:57
mile 2 – 9:25
.25 – 8:33

I might have had a PR in this one…GRRRR!

After the race, I walked up and down the street sampling all the free food for the festival.

Then I drove to the bike path that was nearby. Instead of running 5.9 miles.  Now I had to run 6.75 – ugh!

The sun had come out but it was even windier and I really didn’t feel like running.


I ran in the direction of Lock 7 this time and promised myself a free ice cone if I ran the miles.


my new friend told me that he could run faster

I struggled.  I walked.  But I did it and got a free cone (thanks to the race) and it was a BIG one!  I headed to Target to do some grocery shopping and then rushed home to get ready for a work party!

Looking forward to a relaxing Sunday on the boat!

Happy Running!  What are your plans for the weekend?  Ever run a race that was short?





5 thoughts on “Strawberry Festival 5k race report

  1. That’s such a disappointment. My first ever race was a charity 10k. A friend agreed to pace me as I wanted to get under an hour. I was absolutely delighted to reach the finish line in 58:30, but my friend killed the mood somewhat by pointing out that according to his Garmin it was only 9.5km 😦 Luckily, it wasn’t long before I ran another 10k that was actually 10k long and I got a PB!

    In some ways an overlong race is even worse. My first marathon had to be rerouted because of flooding. I wanted to finish in 4:30, but nearly a mile was added on and I finished in 4:32:01 – gutted!


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