Rest day on the island

The island I am talking about is “Staten Island.”

It’s no secret that I love New York City.

So I decided to take the day off from work & take the MegaBus to the city with my friends Eileen, Mary Pat & their sister Susan.

Eileen & I had visited Staten Island last year during the winter and wanted to visit again in the warmer weather.  MaryPat & Susan had never been.

The day started out pretty grey but we kept our fingers crossed that it would not rain.

So we hopped the subway (I am getting to be a pro at this) to the ferry.


Eileen, Mary Pat & Susan on the ferry


view of Lady Liberty


NYC skyline with the new WTC tower

When we arrived in Staten Island, we decided to buy sandwiches to eat at the gardens. Then we took the bus to Snug Harbor (this time I knew to use your metro card rather than quarters.)


at the entrance

We ate in the park in front of a fountain and then walked around the botanical gardens.


I have been to several other botanical gardens – NY, Montreal so maybe I am spoiled but these were not that impressive – needed a lot of weeding.


poppies are one of favs


Next we wandered around the Chinese Scholar garden (that I had been to previously.) That was lovely.




At this point, it started to rain lightly. So we got back on the bus to the ferry and took another bus in the opposite direction. I wanted to visit the Alice Austin cottage. The rain stopped by the time we got there.


Alice Austin was a very prolific and talented woman photographer.


photo of Lake George

photo of a bunch of tennis players

We looked at her prints & watched a video on her life…an amazing lady.


view from her house

Soon it was time to catch the bus boat to the ferry and head back to Manhattan.


The best value in NYC – free ferry ride.


When we arrived back on land, the sky had cleared and the sun came out.  Unfortunately it was too late to do much but have dinner.


one of my favorite buildings (Flatiron) – restuarant is on the right

So we hopped the subway and then walked to Eataly. (Someone recommended checking this out.)

Wow. It was overwhelming – lots of indoor shops selling Italian foods and ingredients as well as restaurants specializing in different kinds of Italian foods. We choose the pizza and pasta restaurant. And it was delicious.


ravioli with asparagus

Afterwards, I really really wanted to buy some Italian pastries but the lines were too long.

We walked back to Penn Station and arrived just in time to catch our train.

A long day but not long enough.

I always leave the NYC wanting more and planning my next trip.

Happy Running!  What is your favorite city to visit?




3 thoughts on “Rest day on the island

  1. Just found your blog while searching for running inspiration from women in their 50’s and 60’s. I love most cities I visit but NYC is among my favorites, as well as Hong Kong, Munich and London.


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