Tuesday on the Run: Injuries

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week’s topic is “injuries.”

Certainly not a pleasant topic but I am happy to say that I AM NOT INJURED!!!! Yay!

So I will re-post from when I was recovering from a serious injury.  Hopefully it will help some runner out there who is injured now.

11 Good Things About Being Injured

If you are new to my blog, this was me during my 10 mile training run on Dec 29, 2011:

and then this was me for 2 months after that day (note the surgically repaired raised ankle on the left):

Five months later, I am on the road to recovery (I can walk without limping) and I want to say that it hasn’t been all bad:

  1. Less laundry – no running clothes or tennis clothes or yoga clothes (and sometimes all 3) to wash each day
  2. Fewer bags to carry to work – no running gear bag or tennis gear bag or yoga clothes bag to lug into work
  3. Easier to park your car – my handicap sticker came in handy cuz it’s free to park with it at the beach
  4. More time with friends and family – I now eat dinner with my hubby every evening
  5. Save money – no race fees, no gels to buy, my running shoes are not wearing out
  6. Learn something new – I now know how to knit
  7. Discover other ways to exercise – I walk at lunch and ride my bike on weekends (I never did this before…)
  8. Eat healthier – in order for my ankle to heal faster, I started taking vitamins, eating more fruits & veggies- I didn’t have to carb load so although I haven’t run in 5 mos, I haven’t really gained weight
  9. Get more sleep – no getting up early to run before work or to race on Sat, no coming home wired from tennis & staying up too late
  10. Teaches patience – I am NOT a patient person…I do things right away and I want instant results so I guess this was a test (I may have still failed, though)
  11. Find out who  your friends really are – I am truly blessed…I have received many cards, gifts, meals, loads of support, etc.

Happy Running! If you have been injured, can you add anything to the list?


5 thoughts on “Tuesday on the Run: Injuries

  1. this is awesome that you can list POSITIVE aspects of being injured. that’s so impressive and speaks volumes about your optimism — i am sure i’d be a HOT MESS and miserableeee. the ONLY even semi positive thing about a minor injury i had last year right before the MH Marathon was that i totally lucked into a really cute physical therapist. 🙂


  2. Thanks for linking up with us! I love #2, at my work I am referred to as “the bag lady” because most days I have my purse, my lunchbag, my gymbag, my other gymbag, and my workbag (I am splitting time between two offices which is why I need the last two).


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