A day off to explore a new running route

I took Monday off in case I was too sore after Sunday’s 10 mile race.

I was not.  I felt great.

I decided to use the time to run somewhere new.

I never can.  Either no time before work, too much traffic after work, boating or a long run to do on the weekend.

So today was the day and the weather was similar to the weekend’s – PERFECT!

I drove to Peebles Island. I heard there was a park there with trails.

When I got there, I got sidetracked.

In addition to lighthouses, I love bridges.

So I kept running over them.

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Then I finally arrived back at the park to run the trails.  There were two loops – an inner and an outer.  I wasn’t sure which one to do and I was kinda nervous to be running by myself.

I decided to do the outer one but I think I may have made a wrong turn.  Anyway it was beautiful & I saw some baby deer.

Luckily I bumped into a couple and asked them.  They told me to do the outer loop because you get to see the falls.

Score.  Love waterfalls even more than bridges.

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I continued to run (and stop for photos).  It was was beautiful – water views all along the trail and hills to climb for better views.  Also tables for picnicking.

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An almost perfect day.  I was getting too cocky about trail running and down I went.

Nothing broken – just bruises and a bloody arm.


Luckily I was near the end.  3.8 miles done – (I would have done 4 miles if it weren’t for the fall.)

So I won’t be signing up for a trail race anytime soon.

Happy Running! Do you run on new routes often?  Do you do trail races?



3 thoughts on “A day off to explore a new running route

  1. Ouch! I am a bit clumsy at times so I avoid trail running. I tend to run in the same area most of the time, just out my front door with as many hills as I want to run in one direction or I can avoid them in the opposite direction.


  2. Ouch!

    Wish I’d known; Monday was my easy run – I would’ve joined you!

    I’ve done almost zero trail running. I have a runner friend who just moved into a house near Pinebush. The ticks kind of scare me, though.

    Have you been to Cohoes Falls? Nowhere to really run around there but I heard they were supposed to be putting something in around there.


    • You were done running by the time I got out there. I don’t do much trail running- too much of a klutz. I haven’t been to the falls. That would great if they added a path to run nearby.


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