Lacking the Long Run Motivation?

to run o

Ever since my March half marathon, I have been trying to get my speed back.  As a result, I have been racing 5Ks and mostly running 3 miles with an occasional 4 miler thrown in.

I definitely feel more confident about my speed (although it isn’t or may never be totally back).

Moms Day 5K

Moms Day 5K

relieved to see the finish line ahead

Betar Byway 5K

So now, I need to run longer.

And I can’t find the motivation!!

Luckily I decided to run the Adirondack Distance Run last Sunday.  That was 10 miles.  I did it and I didn’t die.


I have a Half Marathon on July 13. That’s 2 weeks away!!!!

Long slow distance

The problem is that I can’t find the time on the weekends!!

It is easy to squeeze in 3 miles and then do other things.  Long runs take time!


the boating season is too short and too expensive not to take advantage of it every weekend that the weather is nice (it is the one thing my hubby & I do together …)

I guess that’s why I usually run 5ks in the summer and train for long races in the winter. (What was I thinking when I signed up for a summer half marathon??)

In the meantime, I am going to have to get creative about fitting in long runs this summer – take time off from work, run after work, get up super early on the weekend, etc. (and the weather better cooperate!!)

In fact, I have already taken Monday, July 7 off to do my 12 mile training run.

Here are some tips for getting your long runs done:

  • Run somewhere scenic – a park, a bike path, along water.  Beautiful scenery is motivating. Vary your routes. Running on the same road gets boring. (I never do my long runs on a treadmill!!!)

at the Peebles Island State Park

  • Grab a running buddy or  join a running group.  Chatting makes the miles go faster.  Having to meet someone gets you out the door.

These guys helped me last winter. Unfortunately, this summer I am solo.

  • Put some new music on your phone or iPod. Playlists gets stale. It’s nice to have some new summer tunes to motivate you on these warm humid days. Good music can help make the miles less painful.

I just added some Zac Brown & some Jimmy Buffet

  • Eat enough. A long run is hard enough but it is much harder when you have no fuel in the tank. I always eat a good breakfast and then carry gels to eat every 4 miles.

salted caramel is now my new favorite

  • Wear comfortable clothes especially good running shoes. Chafing makes a long run seem even longer. I also train with my most supportive shoes. Never wear worn out shoes. And remember to dress for 20 degrees warmer than it is. The more miles that you run, the warmer you will get.

I also wear compression socks on my long runs.

  • Rewards! Promise yourself something good to eat when you’re done. I usually head to Starbucks for a cold frappuccino or to get some ice cream.

Stewarts – YUM!

  • Sign up for a summer or fall half marathon or marathon. Knowing that a race is coming up will hopefully push me through these hot months to stay in running condition. Running a long race without the proper training is a recipe for an injury.

And do as I say not as I do

Yesterday I stayed home from the lake to do a long run – I ran solo on a boring city route, with chafing, uncomfortable shoes, an upset stomach (new fuel).  I left too late so it was very hot out.  I got home and collapsed – too tired & sick to reward myself.  Yes, that long run SUCKED!


at least there were sidewalks

My next one will be better. I promise!

Happy Running!  Anyone else have the long run motivation blues?? Any other tips on getting it done?



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