Monday running update

20140625-122436-44676505Last Week:

  • Monday – DAY OFF, 3 4 recovery miles

on bridges & trails

I love my new NB 870s. These 770s were on clearance at DSW for $45 – had to buy them! Love them too!

  • Tuesday -2 walks at work, rest, tennis

AM walk


PM walk

  • Wednesday – 3 mile run at lunch before work,walk at work, concert (rained out), yoga

first run in my new shoes. It was a HUMID one!

AM walk

AM walk

PM walk to the park

PM walk to the park & then the rains came

  • Thursday –  3 mile run before work, 2 walks at workmovie

beat the rain – boy was it humid

AM walk

AM walk


PM walk – picture tells all

not as good as the show but still enjoyable

  • Friday – 2 walks at work,  4 miles, rest, mah jongg
AM walk

AM walk

PM walk

PM walk

  • Saturday – 11 miles

what a God awful run

  • Sunday –  boating

perfect day!

This Week:

  • Monday – 3 miles
  • Tuesday -resttennis
  • Wednesday – 3 miles , yoga
  • Thursday –4 miles
  • Friday – DAY OFF – rest, boating
  • Saturday- 4 miles, boating
  • Sunday -rest, boating

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?



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