SF Scare and Boating

After my long long run on Saturday, the top of my left foot was sore.  It hurt to walk and it was sore to the touch.

Of course, my first thought was 2nd Metatarsal STRESS FRACTURE!

I am not a hypochondriac.  But I am unlucky when it comes to getting running injuries. I seem to get one that puts me out of commission every year.

And I had a similar injury in October 2012 from overuse.  So I was trying to remember how it felt.  At that time, I ignored the pain and ran on it for 3 weeks until I went to the doctor.

I put ice on it and took ibuprofen and relaxed for the rest of the day.


went out to dinner with old roomies to take my mind off of my foot

Of course, it was on the back of mind.  But I did remember that the tongue of my shoe kept moving so I tightened my laces on the that shoe. Maybe my foot was sore because of that!?

The next day after a sleepless night (I kept thinking about my half marathon and all my upcoming races…), my foot was still a little sore but I had no problems walking on it.

Luckily it was a planned rest and the plan was to take my friends on our boat.


our boat & my hubby


it was a windy day for their first boat ride

We gave them a little tour.


And then went out to lunch at a restaurant that we could dock at.


at our table

Finally we bid them farewell


and continued our day on the lake with our boating friends.


hanging out in the bay

And my foot was fine all day.

I think I am okay.

However, I plan to have a very easy week… fingered crossed!!

Happy Running! Do you freak out at every ache and pain?




3 thoughts on “SF Scare and Boating

  1. I have actually had pain in the same place on & off for a few weeks – but more off than on. I think it’s my shoes – my regular ones, that is, not my running shoes. I wear a lot of different shoes during the summer.

    Not bothering me one bit today, for instance & I’ve been very busy & on my feet almost all day.

    Take it easy. If you can do a 10 mile race you can definitely do a half. Here’s hoping it’s just one of those mystery pains.


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