Another day off and a new trail

Monday, I had the day off from work. (Originally it was planned so I could do my long run.)

Anxious to test out my foot, I decided that an easy run was the order for the day.

I was going to stay nearby but then again, I had the day off. Why not drive somewhere new?

I had heard about Five Rivers and that it was a great place to hike.

I got a late start and it was humid but otherwise, it was a great day to run or run/walk as in my case.

I wish I had downloaded the trail maps here to be better prepared but I just winged it. There are supposed 10 miles of trails so I just started with one and continued until I got to 4 miles or it started to rain.

I started with the Woodlot trail which was pretty short.



Then I did the Wild Turkey trail but did not see any wild turkey…just lots of butterflies and birds.






At times, I got off course and I am not sure I actually did the whole trail.

Next was the North Loop trail.






I ran when it was safe to do so like on dirt and grass, I walked when it was too dangerous and a big chance of tripping and falling.

The Old Field trail was next.


This one was an easy loop to follow.



The last one I did was Vlomankill trail.


I enjoyed this one – a lot variety – bridges, stairs, water …




It looked like it may rain so I quit at this point – 4.5 miles covered.


rain clouds?? nope. only felt a few drops and then the sun came out

Now that I look at the map, there are a few more trails that I missed.

I am definitely going back.

As for my foot. It didn’t really hurt.  It felt a little sore.

When I got home, it did hurt a little but then that went away and I was pain free for the rest of the day. I played tennis on Tuesday and was okay.

Fingers still crossed!

Happy Running!  Do you mix up the surfaces that you on?




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