DBelt Review


DBELT was created by Danielle Etienne, a fashion insider with over two decades of experience in the industry and the practical knowledge of a mother of three, and Michael Rabinowitz, founder of the luxury lingerie line Le Mystère.
The DBELT is made of a cotton/spandex blend and is machine washable/dry-able. It comes in black and in sizes from P/S for 24-27 inch waists through L/XL for 36-40 inch waists.

The DBelt is four inches wide and closes with Velcro.  It has two zippered pockets – one pocket has a cord port and is big enough for most mobile phones. The other pocket can store ID and cards or some extra cash and coins. You can also wear the DBelt either way – with pockets to the front or the back.

Recently I was given the opportunity to test DBelt. I ordered a medium and it fit snugly around my waist. I wore it during a short run last week. I used the small pocket for my car key and the larger pocket for my phone.

my iphone is not in it since I used it to take this photo.

I had a hard time fitting my phone, which is an iPhone, into the larger pocket.  But I squeezed it in and then threaded the headphone wire through the hole. (You would have an even harder time if you use a Samsung phone which is even larger.)  I always carry my phone & use it to listen to music instead of my iPod.  The problem with a snug fit is that I like to take my phone in and out to take photos.  This was difficult.

Otherwise the the DBelt was comfortable.  It doesn’t move around and is very light weight and stretchy so you can wear it under your shirt or over.

The DBelt gives you the ease and access to take along your iPod, keys and extra money with you without having to worry of losing them. It would be a perfect alternative to carrying a small purse.

Dbelt gives you a hands free option  if you need to carry your iPod or keys while doing your  run or a gym workout.

You can purchase the Dbelt from their website @ Dbelt.com and also check them out at the following social media:


I will definitely use my DBelt for carrying my keys, phone & credit card when I don’t need to carry a purse.  I my continue to use my belt while racing since it can attach my bib & also carry gels.


Happy Running!  What do you use to carry stuff while running?


*I was sent this product free of charge. I have not been compensated for my review, my opinions are my own.


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