Let it go….

It’s funny how some distance
Makes everything seem small
And the fears that once controlled me
Can’t get to me at all!

Everyone loves this song, right?

I know you can all relate to my situation —

You have a hard/bad race and you play it over and over again in your head.  You wonder what you could have done differently. Should you have trained harder or should you have tapered more? Did you eat enough or did you eat the wrong things? Did you hydrate enough or too much? Was it the weather? Are you too old for this distance?  Should you stick to 5ks? Etc. Etc. Etc.

And then after a few days, you LET IT GO.


it’s over…I survived and I will do another, right?

Then you start to look for another half marathon.

Yes, I will surely run another.  I am just not sure when.

In a perfect world, with no friend/family obligations and lots of money, I would run every scenic flat half in the US (and maybe around the world).

But realistically, here are a few that I may run in the next few years:

in Fla in mid January

in Fla in mid January

in Fla in early Feb.

in mid March

in NH in early May – on my birthday in 2015

in RI in mid September

in Boston in late September

in NH in early October

in NJ in early October

in RI in mid October

Oh so many races and so little time…

But I am open to suggestions, if anyone wants to offer me a place to stay or wants to share a hotel room…. I may take you up on it.

Happy Running! What is you favorite half marathon ?



4 thoughts on “Let it go….

  1. I really enjoyed Smuttynose. Not flat, but it was my comeback race after a horrible half last May. Like I said, considering Jerseyshore for fall. And I really like Key West, so I have thought about that one for FL . . . hot though.

    Once I do PA, NJ, VT & CT, I’ll have run out of the states actually bordering NY! Of course there’s still NY, too.


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