Turning Point 5k race report


Another new race for me. Besides being new for me, it was moved to a new location. (So no reviews to read up on.)

It took place in Hudson Crossing Park, centered around Champlain Canal Lock 5 Island, just north of Schuylerville, on New York State’s Historic Scenic Byway, Route 4.

I passed by the park after the Bacon Hill 5K (which influenced to me to choose this race.)

photo from the triathlon there in June

I was a little nervous about the trail portion.  I had never run a trail race and my last trail run resulted in a fall.

There also weren’t many runners running this race…Would I be last?

The good news was the perfect weather…sunny and not too warm and no rain (just a little humid.)

The race was about an hour from my house.  I got there plenty early.  I picked up my race packet (another cotton tee shirt to give away) and used the rest room (a real one!)

I walked around a bit..what a pretty location.


part of the one of the trails

The race was called the “turning point” because the battle of Saratoga (nearby) was won by the Americans and was the turning point of the American Revolution. (In case you were wondering.)


me & Elisa before the race

Soon I ran into a running friend, Elisa and then a few others that I knew.


the beginning and end of the race

Soon it was time to begin.  They explained the course which sounded very complicated–Down the road and sharp right onto the trails…to the end, turn around and run the same trail back…run another trail and go over a bridge and turn around and then return on that trail but turn off half way to head to the finish.

It turned out that there were volunteers on the course directing runners and it was very easy to follow.


on the grass

part of the trail – runners going both ways

running past the water stop

the bridge

another part of the trail

The course was not easy for me.

I am very clumsy so my plan was to take it easy and make sure I didn’t trip and fall.

That wasn’t a problem because it is hard to run fast on dirt and rocky turf (at least for me).  It was mostly flat with a few hills.  The tricky part were the downhills.  I slowed right down on those.

So I didn’t fall but my competitive self was disturbed by my time.  I was tired quickly.  I walked through the first water stop, then walked several times during the next 2 miles. (only one being up a hill.)

Was it the humidity or the trail or what?  How did I do a half marathon 2 weeks ago if I can’t run a 5k without stopping.

Anyway, my friends were waiting at the finish line and I managed to look good sprinting across it at 30:47.

I can’t remember the last time I finished a 5K over 30 minutes!!! (I think it was after I had surgery on my ankle and hadn’t run for 5 months.) I have run faster with a broken foot and a stress fracture.


we all won medals.–2 firsts, a second and I won third

Even so,  I won in my age group…the perks of a small race and being old.

The refreshments were bananas and granola bars.


mile 1 – 9:40
mile 2 – 9:59
mile 3 – 10:09
.14-    8:15

Race Goals:

  • Run the whole thing. NO. Walked 3-4 times.
  • Not fall and get hurt. YES.
  • Not finish last. YES.
  • Finish under 30 minutes. NO but close.

Still I had fun.  Racing is always fun for me.


But with the cotton tee shirt, the food and the distance to drive, this is the first of my NEW races that I may not repeat. The course was very pretty. I would like to come back and run on it for fun.

Happy Running!  Do you like trail races?



2 thoughts on “Turning Point 5k race report

  1. Here I was thinking it was the casino . . . I haven’t really done trail running, but from reading about it I know it slows you down. I really don’t think you have to worry about being last; I, OTOH, have a real chance in smaller races! So what?


  2. I love trail races! They are my favorite. Don’t beat yourself up over the time. Trail running is MUCH slower!! I run 9-11 min. pace on roads, in training, and as slow as 15 minute pace on trails!


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