Monday running update

20140625-122436-44676505Last Week:

  • Monday – walk around the hotel, work at the bar exam, 4 mile run after



  • Tuesday – walk around the hotel, work at the bar exam, rest


  • Wednesday – 3 5 mile run before after work, walk at work, yoga after

20140730-205033-75033077.jpg 20140730-205033-75033498.jpg

  • Thursday – walk at work, staff picnic, mile run(rain)
  • Friday & Saturday-  tennis. hiking (in CT)

3.5 mile hike


  • Sunday – 5K race + 3 more miles, boating, 6 mile run

Hot, Hilly & Humid

This Week:

  • Monday – breakfast at the track, rest
  • Tuesday – 3 mile run before work, walk at work, tennis
  • Wednesday – walk at work, 3 mile run, yoga
  • Thursday – walk at work, 4 mile run
  • Friday-  walk at work, rest
  • Saturday –10 K race, boating
  • Sunday – rest

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?



One thought on “Monday running update

  1. nice workout line up! i ran both Sat and Sun this week and am still trying to decide if i’m gonna run a full in the fall. not beating myself up about the training SO we shall see how i feel. 🙂


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