First Bolton Landing run of the summer

How is that possible?  On August 10???

Since I started running in 2008, my favorite place to run has been Bolton Landing where we go boating every weekend.

I used to go up every Saturday, sleep on the boat and then run there Sunday morning.  Sometimes I would take Friday or Monday off and we would spend two nights on the boat and I could run two mornings in Bolton Landing. (In the beginning, we used to stay on the islands and I would make my hubby go back into town in the morning so I could run.)

This summer, however, I have been boating only for one day each weekend and not sleeping on the boat.  Many reasons….long runs, races, other things to do on the weekend, etc.

So I was really excited to spend the WHOLE weekend here this past weekend. And the weather could not have been better.

After my 10K race on Saturday, I drove around the lake to the marina and spent the rest of the day floating around and reading on the boat.

We barbecued dinner by the moonlight.


And then I got up bright and early the next morning.


After some breakfast, I headed out to run.

First I ran north to the public beach and then back out toward the Sagamore.


Unfortunately, it was too early in the morning for the waterlilies to be open.


I ran around Sagamore Island for a bit.



Then I ran on the nature trail.




Soon it was time to head back to the marina.


I only ran 3.8 miles and I stopped often to take pics.  After Saturday’s hilly 6.2 miles, it was nice to take it easy.

My hubby was patiently waiting when I got back to marina so we could take the boat out for brunch.


Maybe if it is nice next weekend, I’ll get to sleep on the boat and take another run in Bolton Landing. Like the good old days.

Happy Running!  Where is your favorite place to run?




7 thoughts on “First Bolton Landing run of the summer

  1. What a beautiful place to be able to spend time and go for runs. I so enjoy your pictures. I have to apologize for not taking part in your “Inspiring” post. I am short on time these days and feel like if I’m going to blog that I should stick to just capturing memories. I do love your blog, though! Just love reading about your running experiences and to me they are very INSPIRING! Thanks for thinking of me!!


  2. Beautiful photos! We just went home – tried to convince hubby to go to some trails but he didn’t want to. But we did eat on the patio of a Greek restaurant & stopped for ice cream at Guptils. 🙂


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