Tuesdays on the Run: Fueling Options & Tips

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life!

This week’s topic is: Fueling Options & Tips

This is so individual.  Everyone has different tastes, flavor preferences, digestion issues, fitness levels, etc.

But here is what I use for fuel when I run…

Before a Run:

I never go out for a run on an empty stomach. If it is in the morning, I eat a bowl of hot cereal (2 packets.)

unfortunately they don’t sell this flavor anymore

If it is in the afternoon, I usually eat some type of protein/energy bar.

During a run:

  • Gels– I usually take one gel before a race and every 4 miles during a long run or race.

I prefer peanut butter or salted caramel

I like these but you have to order them online

  • Chews & beans– These are not my preference but I have taken them. I find them too sweet and too much like candy.

  • Water supplements – I prefer just plain H2O. But I know many people like to add electrolytes to their water.

If I did, I would use Nuun.

After a run: I like carbs such as bagels and cookies and fruit especially bananas and watermelon. If I have the choice, it would be ice cream!



  • Be prepared.  Carry fuel with you just in case.  (I have forgotten to bring something & it’s not fun.)
  • Never try anything new during a race. Always try new products during your training runs.
  • Dieting is not a good idea if you are running.  Rather than skimping on food to lose weight, just eat healthier.
  • Do what feels right for you. Some runners don’t eat before they run, gels upset some runners’ stomachs, etc.
  • When you find what you like, buy in bulk.  FleetFeet sells gels – buy 10, get 2 free.  You can buy online.

Happy Running! How do you fuel your runs?



11 thoughts on “Tuesdays on the Run: Fueling Options & Tips

  1. Agree completely that fueling choices depend on the person’s likes/dislikes/digestive systems. I think we can all agree that fueling is essential to getting in quality runs and not burning out during training. Once you find what works for you fuel-wise, it is very beneficial! Personally, I prefer the Jelly Belly Sport Beans. I like the taste and they are easier for me to take in compared to other energy products. I’m a bit of a “queasy” stomach runner, so something that’s easy to take and gives me an energy boost is perfect for me! I also prefer the fruit flavored gels. Gels aren’t my favorite taste wise but they always help. I’ve made the mistake one too many times of not properly fueling for runs and by trial and error I’ve found what works for me. Great advice and happy running! 🙂


  2. You can run & loose weight, but it is tricky & not easy. I’m down10 pounds from my heaviest while running, but I’ve also gained weight training for a half.

    I try to time my runs so that I’m not eating anything extra, but even not working that’s not always possible.

    I’m one of those weird people who actually likes GUs, but I don’t use them much. Right now I’m not using anything during my long runs, but I carry gogosqueez (applesauce) & a gel with me just in case.

    I like honeystinger waffles with espresso PocketFuel before races; the Powerbar crunch wafers are good, too.

    One of my favorite post run snacks is greek yogurt with a protein cookie or brownie crumbled over it & drizzled with PB2.

    And my fav pre long run breakfast is pancakes. I mix up the batter the night before & then just have to fry them up the next morning. I even brought some precooked ones up to Lake George – all I had to do was warm them up! I top them with PocketFuel & the pancakes have an entire banana in them.


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